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  1. Because of this issue of discomfort. Also Cabin feels really tight. Other than that I love this truck.
  2. The seats are too narrow and the seams atop the bolsters of my leather seats dig into my thighs, especially on the left side. I love this truck, but this discomfort is making me want to get rid of it. As others have posted, I don't want to go to a RAM because of the horror stories, but man are the seats and the cabin in general are SO much more comfortable.
  3. Add me to the club. I have had the truck for about a month+ and just took it up to mountains today (about 4hr drive there and back), and OMG I was ready to drive it off the cliff. Like I genuinely had disdain for this thing today. This a huge problem, I am road-tripper. For me specifically two areas KILL me. Driver seat, left front corner.. OMG this think just stabs me the whole time I am driving, and then the right side of my thigh (left side of the console), another OMG pain.
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