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  1. Is this the same upgrade as come with the Z71/X31 pkg?
  2. mafd2, Thank you for your service in the FD! Did you paint your RST bumper to color match or replace it from a High Country? I have not seen any RSTs with parking sensors. I have a 21 LTZ on order and I want the RST street look vs Z71 look. Will remove the Z71 badges and add an RST to the rear. I need to know the best option to cover up or replace the chrome bumpers.
  3. Is Chevy's Northsky Blue TRUELY the same as GM's Pacific Blue Metallic? I had the call the dealer call their body shop and they said the RPO codes and the paint codes are the same. However may be that my doubt could be that this color (colour for those up north) varies how it appears so much by the amount of light on the paint. When I was trying to decide on GMC vs Chevy and the color, I really felt like these were different. I even asked the Chevy dealer if I could order in the GMC color. I body a separate body shop, independently, and was told that the codes could be the same but that diffe
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