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  1. Yep, page 2 on the 2019-2020 sub-forum. Can also be found via search, of course.
  2. Consumer Reports predicts "poor reliability" for the Silverado/Sierra. But if you dig into the recent trouble spots, it's mostly around non-critical items, such as in-car electronics. Otherwise, only time will tell as to it's long-term reliability. Looking at the history, it's no Toyota, but not terrible. Room for improvement, but nothing I'm going to worry about.
  3. Mine is an 8/16/20 Build, also light interior. More concerned that there wasn't exactly a lot of rain when I noticed this. Which was actually during the test drive, but thought somebody left a window open, until I saw this post (and related TSB's). If they think they can fix it, I'll let them do what needs to be done and then just make sure they put it back together correctly. Assuming they even make an attempt.
  4. Concerned my new 2020 Sierra Denali 1500 may have this leak as I saw a small amount of water on the plastic portion of the passenger side C Pillar. I couldn't find signs of water anywhere else, but supposedly the dealer is looking at it. Not exactly reassuring when they claimed to have not seen that issue yet, even after linking the TSB. If they can't find a problem, I'll try to reproduce myself. And get a case/complaint open with GMC directly. Given the repeat TSBs and countless owner reports, they clearly don't seem to be prioritizing the fix for their broken processes that's causing this to happen in the first place.
  5. I'm quite interested in the hummer EV. But not sure if I want to jump in on an early reservation, or do the smart thing and wait it out a bit. Hah. That would give them a couple years to work out issues, improvements, and most certainly add discounts once the hype dies down a bit.
  6. From my own research, the big problem is length. The new trucks are too long for many garages. Width may be OK, but not something I'd want to do every day. The RAM 2500 is shorter, but then more concerning on height. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  7. They're standard component style speakers, right around 6 1/2" or so. Some ext cabs had the oval speakers in the rear doors. Here are the stock speakers from mine. They weren't entirely crap.
  8. Usually depends on the particular stereo in the truck (there are premium variants) and what source music you're listening to. FM, XM will naturally sound worse. CD, Aux-in with high bit-rate MP3, way better. Each generation, they do get noticeably better. Although even the latest "top end" system won't compare to a descent after-market setup. But yeah, all about expectations. I recently added a small sub to mine, thinking that'd be enough. Nope. Now I've replaced most of the system. Happy now.
  9. In addition to the cabling and port, at the very least it seems like you'd also need to have some kind of update to the HU to be able to accept the new signal for USB input and provide on-screen controls. Assuming it's not a different model. But I'd love to see this available as an "upgrade" option for earlier GMT-900's. Especially considering this should have been standard when the new trucks came out.
  10. omegafiler

    2009 GMC Sierra Denali

    Brand new, AWD, loaded, 400 miles, just waxed and detailed!<br /><br />Mods include Fiberglass Tonneau cover, Bedrug, Wheel Liner, GM 6" Oval Chrome Side Steps, Tint and Nifty Floor Mats.
  11. Yeah, I too have ordered many things from them over the years. More recently was the Nifty floor mats for the SD. Got here in about a week. The only thing that might take more than a week is something custom ordered from the manufacture that they have to make, or if it's on backlog. I've even had to return some custom ordered floor mats before and they were quite helpful, even dealing with the manufacture for you. After the manufactures suggestions didn't work, they told me to throw them away and gave me a full refund. Very nice. Hopefully you have better luck with them in the future.
  12. I wet/damp towell does the trick. My leather does the same thing.. wipe it down with a wet/damp towell, it works wonders. This should always be the first option. A damp towel is the best bet, and many times works quite well. However, sometimes water just isn't enough. In these cases, do the following: Purchase some Woolite. I believe it only comes in an HE mixture now. Dilute it with water at ~10:1. If you can find regular Woolite, dilute it to about 6:1. Put the mixture in a spray bottle, and spray it on the seats. Don't saturate the hell out of them, but make sure the affected area covered. Take a towel (microfiber, cotton, terry cloth...whatever you have) and wipe the seats down. This will clean most leather seats right up. It may take a couple applications, but it works. If the stain is very persistent, try saturating a Magic Eraser in the cleaning solution. Be careful, though--using a Magic Eraser when it is too dry and/or applying too much pressure can damage the leather. After the seats are clean, there's really not much you can do to prevent this from happening again (other than sitting on a towel). Regular maintenance is your best bet to keep the seats looking good. Another thing you and your girlfriend can do is stop "sliding" in and out of the seats. Most people have a tendency to do this, especially on vehicles like trucks (because of the height of the seats). This will not only exacerbate the dye transfer problem, but cause excessive wear to the seats. Good luck Yep, what he said. I had the same "issue" with my previous Yukon and CTS, both of which had tan leather. And I've seen many various makes of vehicle with tan interior have stain issues with folks who wear jeans. I had to start telling passengers to just stop sliding in and out of the seats in my Yukon. I mean forget about the staining issue, that'll wear out the seats in no time. There are handles and steps - use them! Also using a good leather cleaner and separate conditioner did seem to help protect the leather and make it easier to clean; but it can only do so much. Tan looks great, just gotta stay on top of the cleaning. Just like you clean and protect the exterior, same goes for the interior. Oh, and yes, that's another huge reason why I went with Ebony this time. That, and it looks awesome.
  13. omegafiler

    2006 GMC Yukon Denali - SOLD

    Latest pictures of my '06 YD. Fully loaded. Mods include GMPP Air Intake, Corsa Touring Exhaust, Wait4Me Custom Tune, Antenna Delete, and Michellin LTX MS Tires.
  14. omegafiler

    2006 GMC Yukon Denali - SOLD

    '06 YD. Mods include GMPP Air Intake, Corsa Sport Exhaust, and Wait4Me Custom Tune.
  15. You'll just want to search around for BT hands free cell kits for various vehicles, such as the Parrot systems. You may also want to check out Costal Tech. They have a lot of stuff for the 900 series, including an adapter that easily integrates your separate BT kit (ie. Parrot) with the Onstar speaker phone system. http://www.coastaletech.com/ http://www.coastaletech.com/onstar.htm
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