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  1. Yeah, I found both the front and rear wheel-well snow build-up to become rather problematic during the TX snow storm this past week. The snow/ice would then make contact with the tires even after a relatively short drive. Keeping in mind these aren't plowed roads or anything. I had to keep removing excess snow build-up to prevent it from icing up and then being even more stubborn to remove.
  2. I couldn't wait to burn through the 87 octane the dealer put in my 6.2l when I bought it. It sounds and feels very noticeably better when running a top-tier 93 octane fuel. But back to the OP... I knew I had a need for V8 sound and power, so the 6.2l was effectively locked in before I hit the dealer lot. But I did drive the 3.0l and have to say I was more impressed than expected. For a daily driver that low-end torque, combined with fuel economy, is hard to beat. And if you aren't planning on putting on an aftermarket exhaust, the V8 sound is super muffled on these new
  3. Sounds like the same thing SiruisXM have done for years. Hah. Usually for them it was the 3rd push-back before they finally got to their ~$5/mo offer. Eventually I stopped even accepting that as with music royalty fee and taxes, it wasn't worth it. Especially now that we've got Android Auto and Carplay. I'm still not really driving all that much to justify paying for the Onstar services. I'll probably just add them "as needed," such as taking a long road trip. Then just pay for a month of the top package, add in hotspot, etc.
  4. Yeah, I saw that extra few months offer, which I didn't bother with. Although I'm curious just how little they'd accept for an extended contract. I was wondering if they'd even proactively offer something more reasonable after I let it expire.
  5. 2020 GMC Sierra Denali 4WD 6.2, Ultimate package. MSRP: ~69k - Rebates, Dealer Discount, Costco, no dealer adds Paid: ~59k + TTL in late Oct. Important to note location, as trucks are in high demand and limited supply in central TX. Most dealers aren't discounting much. At least not without dealer adds. They also went ~$4k over allowance on trade, which did require some tough negotiating. So with equity and tax savings, OTD price ended up being a solid deal.
  6. Agreed. It's ridiculous that they only give you a 30-day trial, which is the shortest I've seen from any manufacture. Heck, I won't pay for it out of principle alone. The full connected services should be included for 3-5 years, if not longer. The safety and security plan could be useful on a long trip, but that's still too much. Sending a message to GM/OnStar aside, I think most folks will still find it overpriced unless they rely on it every day. But as usual, only you can decide if the features are "worth it."
  7. With all other things being equal, lower profile tires will rider firmer/harsher. How much, depends on the particular vehicle and suspension. For example, a good air suspension can compensate quite well. I'd suggest driving a few back-to-back on a dealer lot and it's easily noticeable. Given I'm staying on pavement, I'd normally go 20's for a full-size truck as a good balance between looks and practicality. But I went 22's because, you know, "Denali Ultimate."
  8. Based on my experience I'm not convinced any of the big 3 are more or less reliable than the other. They all have their various own special issues, or worse, if you happen to get a lemon. It happens. Although I did drive a new Ram 1500 before buying the GMC. With the Limited in particular, it looks nice... on the surface. Everything creaks and pops. And that was with two different vehicles. The middle or lower end trims are much quieter and would be my target if I went back to FCA. But not today... ?
  9. The Denali has the adaptive ride control (ARC) suspension which uses sensors to dynamically adjust itself depending on road condition and drive mode selection. I drove the 2020 Denali back-to-back with an SLT and AT4 and noticed the Denali felt more planted and secure. The ride was a little smoother, but not much. It still rides like a truck, just a very well controlled one. https://gmauthority.com/blog/gm/general-motors-technology/gm-chassis-suspension-technology/gm-adaptive-ride-control-technology/
  10. Yep, page 2 on the 2019-2020 sub-forum. Can also be found via search, of course.
  11. Consumer Reports predicts "poor reliability" for the Silverado/Sierra. But if you dig into the recent trouble spots, it's mostly around non-critical items, such as in-car electronics. Otherwise, only time will tell as to it's long-term reliability. Looking at the history, it's no Toyota, but not terrible. Room for improvement, but nothing I'm going to worry about.
  12. Mine is an 8/16/20 Build, also light interior. More concerned that there wasn't exactly a lot of rain when I noticed this. Which was actually during the test drive, but thought somebody left a window open, until I saw this post (and related TSB's). If they think they can fix it, I'll let them do what needs to be done and then just make sure they put it back together correctly. Assuming they even make an attempt.
  13. Concerned my new 2020 Sierra Denali 1500 may have this leak as I saw a small amount of water on the plastic portion of the passenger side C Pillar. I couldn't find signs of water anywhere else, but supposedly the dealer is looking at it. Not exactly reassuring when they claimed to have not seen that issue yet, even after linking the TSB. If they can't find a problem, I'll try to reproduce myself. And get a case/complaint open with GMC directly. Given the repeat TSBs and countless owner reports, they clearly don't seem to be prioritizing the fix for their broken processes that's ca
  14. I'm quite interested in the hummer EV. But not sure if I want to jump in on an early reservation, or do the smart thing and wait it out a bit. Hah. That would give them a couple years to work out issues, improvements, and most certainly add discounts once the hype dies down a bit.
  15. From my own research, the big problem is length. The new trucks are too long for many garages. Width may be OK, but not something I'd want to do every day. The RAM 2500 is shorter, but then more concerning on height. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
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