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  1. I have the same howling noise as well. Only happens on strong windy days and I swear, I can literally feel the truck move a little likes it’s taking in wind when it happens. Been waiting for a call back from my dealer for 3 weeks now with new door to Body seals.
  2. I agree. I’d like a full replacement but not bulky and overly aggressive. Thanks for the input.
  3. I am looking to upgrade my front bumper on my 2020 AT4. I have been searching for pics but have had no luck. Has anyone on here done a full replacement and have pictures they can share?
  4. I have an AT4 with a motofab 1.75” level, 285-65-20 KO2’s. No rub what so ever.
  5. I just recently purchased the Lomax cover and installed the rails. It was a little rough at first but once you get the hang of it it’s quick. I then took the cover and laid it on the rails to install, then noticed the edges on both sides of the cover were missing paint in many places. I also noticed the seals were not as good as I had imagined considering it’s a 1k cover. Some of the seals were coming apart from the aluminum. I am in the process of returning, I think I will be going with a Bak and making it fit as others have done. I was very disappointed with the quality of the lomax, maybe I received one that was returned? Idk but I am pretty uspet with the time that has been wasted.
  6. I ended up using a zone off road 1.5” spacer and it is perfectly level imo. I did not install anything in the rear. I thought about going the sst route but after talking to my installer, they convinced me on just the 1.5”. I also did my research on the new upper control arms and if you do get them, you will need to be careful your rim does not contact the new “beefier” ball joint. It is considerably bigger than stock. CV angle is almost level and I am happy with the look and geometry of the suspension. I have a 285/65/20 installed and feel confident a 295 would have fit but did not want to go that route. Good luck with your decision and keep us posted.
  7. Here you go man. Not the best lighting due to overcast.
  8. Hey bud. It has the AT4 kit from the factory that you are referring to, I installed a Zone Off-road 1.5” level. The truck is perfectly level, which I like on my trucks. The tires, to me, make the ride better than the tires from the the factory since there is more sidewall. The Rancho shocks are a little too soft IMO, I plan to upgrade to FOX or ICON’s later down the road. I like a more planted feel in curves like I had on my 2016 F150 with upgraded shocks from an Eibach level kit. I will post a better picture later on today for you.
  9. What’s up fellas? I just purchased a 2020 AT4 with the duramax. Love it so far! First thing I did was put 285/65/20 KO’2’s and leveled the front end. No rub what so ever.
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