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  1. Ended up ordering the Ronin. Looks fantastic.
  2. I like the idea of the stubby antenna... anyone have a link to a particular one that has worked for their At4?
  3. Thanks @amxguy1970, I've read many of those threads but it often leads to more questions than answers. The only constant is the push for new UCA's on this style, which has pushed me to the two options mentioned in the topic. FYI- I called Ready Lift today and they seemed to be very CYA with their answers in regards to the questions in my OP. I'm hoping the shop that installs for me is a little more open and will provide better guidance. Seems to be a ton of unknowns in lifting or levelling these vehicles.
  4. Looking to get a level kit installed in my AT4 and narrowed down to these two kits. I’m leaning towards the 1.75” kit with new UCAs as that seems like it will make my truck almost perfectly level. Besides the 1” rear spacer in the SST kit, is there any difference between the two kits? Leaning away from the SST to avoid rake. The 1.75” level kit states max tire size for AT4s is 275... Has anyone been able to run 295 size without issue? Pics appreciated.
  5. Yeah the dealership definitely tricked this one out. Drove it off the lot without any modifications needed.
  6. @Supercup thanks for the pictures. I ended up purchasing a white At4 with 20" & 275 sized tires. This truck is an absolute beast and I love it.
  7. Heading to the dealership tomorrow to potentially buy a AT4, and trade in my 2014 LT. I currently am running some 275 KO2 on the stock 18” wheels on my Chevy and looking to duplicate this setup on the AT4. Anyone have pics of this (or similar) setup they can share?
  8. Started to notice a leak recently and took my 2014 Silverado in to be looked at. The diagnosis was a $450 oil cooler line replacement, and the leak was actually oil. They also told me to replace my radiator for another $500 which I declined since it isn’t a radiator issue. The argument was that “the new fittings could cause a crack in the radiator”. Very CYA. Anyways, I’m going to pick up the truck and was wondering if anyone else has had a similar issues. 104K miles.
  9. Hi All, I don't post here often but I've learned a lot from reading here. I have a Summit White 2014 Silverado z71 w/ 18 inch wheels and stock Goodyear Wrangler SR-A tires (Double Cab). I do have a 2" RC leveling kit in the front that I had installed shortly after I purchased the truck. The time has come to purchase new tires, and I think I've narrowed my search to the Duratracs or BF All Terrains. Anyone have a similar setup they could share pictures of so I have an idea of what the truck would look like? Also, with the level kit, how big can I go without risking rub?
  10. Thought I would update everyone on the status of my issue- I picked up my truck earlier this week. After following the instructions laid out in this forum, the dealership offered me a price tag of $307 out the door after discussing my claim with GM. With an original quote of $1,400+ and a truck at 84k, of course, I took it and I remain a happy customer. One thing this does tell me, if GM is willing to go this far for my truck they know it is a huge issue. For those that find themselves in a similar situation, I started my case on GM chat where the agent created a claim #. Once the
  11. Unfortunately, add me to the list as well. I am taking it in next week and have already opened a case ID for this issue. Quoted $1,300+ tax over the phone for the repair. This one really frustrates me. It is the second issue that I have had that is a known issue to GM. The first issue was the faulty electrical that left me stranded. After a tow and $300 repair, I was not a happy camper. This seems to be a bigger $$$ issue- hoping I have success as others have had on this forum as well.
  12. Perfect, exactly the definition I was looking for. Thanks for the info. I had never heard of a "PI" before.
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