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  1. I just bought a Comp cam 224/224-112 w/ lift .581. I want to put it in my V8 6.0L 'Burb and was wondering which valve springs and pushrods would do the trick? Also if there's a good tutorial on swapping cams feel free to post.
  2. I just replaced my clutch fan to OEM electric fans w/harness, and finally the AC works properly @ idle again. Haven't heard of someone going back to clutch fan after having electric fans. What difference are you noticing for the better?
  3. I have a 05 'Burb 3/4 ton w/ 6.0L in need of some new tires. As long as I don't tow with it can I use Kumho AT51 P265/75/16SL 114T tire? I noticed several reviews where people mentioned they used this tire on their 2500's. How bad of an idea is this?
  4. Well bending it did the trick. However now the car (4L80e) feels like it drives a little rough at all speeds. Completely fine at idle, shifts all feel smooth (revs acting normal) and reverse fine. But it feels a little rough just driving, like a slight shake at all speeds (not idle), hard to explain really.
  5. I have a 2005 Suburban with the 6.0L while trying to remove the transmission pan I noticed there is a heat shield cover on the passenger side. I haven't seen this in any of the tutorials or videos out there. Can someone please tell me how to remove this cover? I couldn't find any screws to remove it and without removing it I can't access the transmission pan bolts on the passenger side...

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