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  1. There’s a lot of 4wd here in Texas too several 4wd parks in the Dfw area. I was just saying to call a rwd truck a fleet truck with low resale value isn’t accurate.
  2. And those statistics come from where?? I see way more 2wd trucks on the road then 4 wheel drive personal vehicles not counting stripped down work truck models. Also depends where you live live in the mountains or where there’s a lot of snow i can see the 4wd models being more popular.
  3. I just go back to the stock audio menu when listening to music looks better then the CarPlay player imo.
  4. You can refresh the diagnostics in the app. The TPMS sensors are within 1-3lbs accurate.
  5. It’s a closed pcv system that’s designed to burn the blow by also idk about this motor but some have a injector that’s sprays the top end to help stop the build up so in theory a fuel treatment could help with this same as a can it’s all theory until proven though and really the only way it could be proven is in a lab because I can be controlled where as if you did it based on real world then how it’s been maintained and driven comes into play.
  6. Mines affected too. Guess they will do it in a few weeks when I bring it in for an oil change
  7. I just had mine swapped I did a mangapro had them cut out the flapper and gonna do the clamps on the mesh in the back by the spare. Sounds a lot better then stock don’t really hear it to much in the cab unless you get on it.
  8. Get enough people to email them about it and they probably would make it. I don’t understand the dislike of the auto stop system I had it on my 2015 Malibu it never bothered me my 2017 Colorado didn’t have it and took me time to adjust to it not having it. I have The 2019 Silverado with the 5.3L and to be honest I feel the same as I did with the malibu unless I look to see its cut off I don’t know it’s off and turns back on smooth as well.
  9. Finally got my mangaflow installed with the flapper removed sounds good but still kinda quiet I’m gonna try the exhaust tape and clamps on the resonators and see if that makes it any louder sounds a lot deeper the stock.
  10. Catch can I’ll pass on that I can understand why they use them on a high end sports car. I talked with a mechanic that’s next door to where I work been in business 30 years said if the engineers thought or said it needed one it would have one FWIW.
  11. I can believe that I traded in my 2017 Colorado and got 23500 for it and I paid 27000 for it 2 years ago.
  12. If you’ve had that many problems with it and it’s been down that long why not have GM do a buyback on it and start fresh
  13. Sounds like a troll, no specific problems mentioned no vehicle info. When I make an appointment to get my truck looked at they tell me to drop it off first thing and ask if I need a loaner depending on how long they think it’s gonna take.they tell me the appointment is the time to look at the vehicle and not the time to bring it in. It’s first come first serve the appointment really doesn’t matter. Never had problems with that dealer and have had zero issues with my Silverado I do need to get the brake pad life updates I have 4500 miles and 48% brake life lol
  14. See post above I’m going with the magnaflow #12259 will get it installed this weekend yes just swapping out the muffler and I have a new tip to go on as well https://www.magnaflow.com/products/12259-performance-muffler-magnaflow-5-x-8-oval-centeroffset-straight-through-performance-muffler#
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