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  1. They Might not make it yet since it’s a fairly newer oe size
  2. 4g lte at the bottom is how the vehicle is connected. 5g will show at the top left where it shows your phone connection in Apple car play. At least that’s how it is in the 2019 model year. Love the new iPhone 12 pro too.
  3. Get a better tire do you do off reading? All terrain tires sacrifice some on road performance for there off road performance. Also I wouldn’t run the LT LRE tires they are stiffer for heavier loads. Get a good P metric tire. That’s my honest opinion I work in a tire shop. Personally if you did change them I would look at the Nokian they make both AT and Ht tires in that size excellent tires and they use canola oil instead of petroleum to keep the rubber softer and help with traction.
  4. Sounds like something electrical bad connection, ground, battery. It has had 2 trips to dealer for same issue one more and you can Lemmon it.
  5. I’m thinking about asking for a solid the slider is pretty useless too me. I’ll never open it. The sealant seems to have stopped my leaking but was just done last week. But I can’t accept knowing there’s cracks in the frame just waiting to crack through and leak.
  6. Kind of have to zoom in to see it. Idk why the camera has a hard time catching it looking at the window it’s plain as day.
  7. I had mine serviced last week they filled it with the sealant and since we’ve been getting rain here in Texas the last few days I’ve been looking it over real good and it’s not leaking but it’s only been a week. Since it’s been serviced now I see 2 good size cracks in the plastic window frame needless to say I will be calling the dealership to get another appointment there gonna have to replace the window I didn’t spend the kind of money to have a cracked rear window also I see lots or rust on the window as well.
  8. I had a gen5 harness fail in my Colorado for the led brake lights. They told me it was the resistors despite me having changed them out prior to calling them and basically had me try a bunch of stuff knowing my warranty at that point was up in about a week. After all that failed wanted me to buy another harness. The harness for the front turn signals I never had a problem with it,
  9. Yeah slider isn’t important for me either even with it being powered I’ll never use it.
  10. Yeah that’s my fear is they just pump it full of sealer and it looks like crap when there done. Or they break stuff trying to fix it. The popping was annoying but I could live with it. It would only do it a few times and wasn’t very loud. I agree I think a design change to the cab would fix it. I think the spoiler is the weak point. Also i think someone said some of the window leaks were from cracked frames.
  11. As you can see it’s a very small leak doing the exact same thing on the drivers side in the same exact spot
  12. Well add me to the window leak list owned it for almost a year a week shy of a year to be exact small leaks in the corners going to make an appointment today and since the windows leaking gonna have them look at the spoiler that’s popping I wasn’t going to mess with it since the window wasn’t leaking but now that it is they can fix the spoiler issue. Also my truck was bought as a service loaner and the window has yellow number on the drivers side makes me wonder if they tried to fix it before won’t let me upload both pics
  13. I do Occasionally haul stuff in the bed my truck was a dealer demo and had some scratches already in the box. And personally I think a spray in Liner looks a lot cleaner and the bed rugs that cover the whole bed are expensive as well and I just don’t like the look of them.
  14. I had line x premium in my Colorado witch was cheaper to get done. My Silverado standard bed double cab line x wanted $800 bucks to do it so I went with rhino it was around $500 to do and tbh they both seem about the same the line x seems harder the rhino seems a little more soft/grippy. Either way I’m happy with it it’s under a tonneau cover so fading wont be an issue. Don’t really haul anything either.
  15. I’m gonna run the kicker key 200.4 200 watts with new speakers all around. Non Bose. It’s all getting installed Saturday and Sunday.
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