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  1. I think they are starting to standardize on the low voltage line. I took mine in for the second time and was told the same thing. The battery was low and that caused the computer to trip. They got everything checked and cleared and told me not to use the app, but can use keyfob to remote start. Picked up this afternoon. Then about 10 minutes ago, my service advisor called me and said they heard even more from GM and that GM is advising not to remote start the vehicle at all (either fob or app) and that GM is aware and is expecting a software recall within the next 2 weeks. Told me to be on the lookout in my app for the recall and schedule as soon as its out. I hope that's true. Can't say I'm pleased that I can't use remote start on my $67K truck in the middle of January though...
  2. are there any guides or tricks to removing the air dam? I might end up doing this.
  3. Question for those of you who are on your second or more return to dealer to fix... I know in some cases, the dealer is just keeping your truck while they wait for a fix. Others are claiming they have it fixed and giving it back for the same issues to pop up. What is your plan for the long term? I ask because im taking mine in tomorrow for the 2nd time. I know that they are going to clear the CEL and say they did this that or the other to fix it, claim its good to go, and its not going to work. Do I just keep playing the back and forth game with the dealership and hope for the best?
  4. Same exact thing happened to me with the same behavior. I was all good for about 10 days using the app etc. and then it went to CEL. I was waiting for them to have another Silverado in stock for me to use as a loaner so going to pick up tomorrow. I wasn’t about to take another Trax or Equinox.
  5. Funny. I was told the exact same. One other person. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s widespread or not
  6. Wonder if one of the features of this $95,000 truck is the complete and total loss of brake control after a recall. New feature GM has been adding to a lot of trucks.
  7. I think I would be okay not using the app if they could pinpoint that as the problem, but only for a certain amount of time, and I would of course expect credit back for not being able to use the functionality I pay for. Bottom line - Chevy needs to get this fixed in a hurry. Saying don't use a feature of the $67K truck you bought because it could cause you to lose all braking control is 100% inexcusable. I'm starting to get curious. Are we in a minority here, or are there thousands others out there that just don't know about this forum and are having this issue?
  8. Extended Cab Silverado - try a Chevy Trax on for size... that was my last loaner.
  9. I emailed my service advisor last night and she emailed me this morning telling me to bring it in. Here is my question, I now know the trick to limp along with the CEL on. If that is working out and I have my brakes back, should I just wait out a software update or bring it in? Best case scenario I bring it in and they claim to fix it only for the issue to recreate in a week or so. it’s abundantly clear that Chevy has no idea how to fix the software and until they do everything else is a bandaid.
  10. Mine was “fixed” 2 weeks ago. All has been perfect since then, complete with remote start via the app, and tonight it came back. restarted the truck 4 times and good except for CEL. anyone know if there is an issue with driving with the CEL on until a fix is there?
  11. Hoping you might be able to help. I have the same Opt 7 kit as you. I have a spade powering it and connected to the open prong next to the 50. That works fine. I ran the aux wire from the Opt7 control box to the grey wire in the BCM and T tapped into it as I want the lights to power on and off with dome. I have everything connected and grounded properly, but can’t get the dome feature to power on and off with this kit. what am I missing? Do I need a different power source since this one is switched. Super frustrated.
  12. Bump reminder! Curious on what you paid for install and how it looks!!
  13. I tried for a while with the nylon non mar tools. 3 times I got close and before I could slip another one in to pry all the way out it would pop back in. I lost patience.
  14. Finished blacking out my Chevy badges on my 22” HC rims
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