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  1. I ran thru the wash today and when I got home I noticed that one of the plastic bronze inserts for my grille was missing. Anyone know the part number so I can order another? UPDATE Parts guy is telling me that the reason I can’t find a part number is because it doesn’t exist. Said I would have to buy a whole new grill. Guess I’ll start searching junk yards. if anyone knows of a better way I would appreciate the advise. The part snaps on, I know this because I snapped the one on the other side off to see if I could locate a part number. super frustrating.
  2. Battery being low also throws. Has happened twice to me.
  3. That’s the only thing holding me back at this point! Will be excited when a fix is tested and in place
  4. Is there by chance any videos showing the swap for a 2019? I want wireless CarPlay so damn bad but want to make sure I don’t lose anything. 2019 High Country 360 cameras HUD Bose XM Onstar remote access
  5. Anyone get an answer here. Exact same issue. USB-A no problem. USB-C dead. The one in the armrest works fine, but no go on center just like original poster
  6. Anyone happen to have a pic of this on a High Country? Even better if it has the 22" wheel option. Curious and greedy!
  7. Ditto. I've tried every adapter known to man. I haven't got a single one to work. My understanding is that the 19 is missing an antenna/radio that it needs and they are trying to figure out how to reliably add that before they offer it up for the 19's.
  8. If they sold it as an accessory that would retrofit to your truck for the same price - that would be impressive. Unfortunately, I don't see them ever selling these as an accessory. Only an option to add on.
  9. Haha thats all with the under driver passenger seat clear. Where it says driver/passenger underseat storage, its under the rear seat behind the driver/passenger seat. I could see where that would be confusing. It's clean and you can't see anything stored. Disclaimer I have the OEM accessory storage box for under the rear. The little bump thing they had there was garbage.
  10. I'm super OCD about what I have in my truck. I like to keep things organized in there so I can get in as much as possible. What I found is that I would find myself needing something and say - I think I have that under the seat, then I would rummage around looking, move everything around and not be able to re-pack it the right way. My solution was keeping a detailed list and general idea of where they are stored, so now when I need something instead of rummaging around, I pull up the note in my notes app on my phone and check and see if its there. So here is my list in all of its glory: Driver Side Driver Rear Seatback Cold Weather Gear Under Armour Mid Gloves (Zips Side) Ariens Beanie Carhartt Fingerless Gloves With Mitten Foldable Ear Muffs (Grey) Car Cleaning Stuff 4 Tire & Time Shine Packs (Individual Wrap) Big Pack Wheel Cleaning Wipes (16 Wipes) Big Pack Wash Wipes (12 Wipes) Big Pack Glass Wipes (20 Wipes) Driver Under Seat Cheap Walmart blanket 6 Pack Cooler Weedeater Line Packable North Face Jacket M12 Impact Wrench (with lug for truck tires) Emergency Jump Starter 1.5" Width Retractable Ratchet Strap 2 Extra Long Bungee 2 Long Bungee 2 Medium Bungee 2 Small Bungee 1 Adjustable Bungee 4 Double Loop Ended Straps 2 Lashing Straps 2 Master Lock Combo Locks Zip Ties with Snips 2 Blue Ratchet Straps (Complete Set) 2 Packable Winding Ratchet Straps (UX 300) 1 Packable Winding Ratchet Strap (UX 500) Driver Seat Back Pocket Wet Wipes iPad Mini Inflatable Pillow Passenger Side Passenger Rear Seatback Survival Blanket 2 Ratchet Straps Firestarter Trailer Pins (Clovis Pins) Passenger Rear Under Seat (Room Still Available) Cig Lighter Tire Inflator First Aid Kit Tow Strap Emergency Diaper Pack Tarp Camping Axe Toilet Paper 4 Bottles of Water Utility Knife Utility Saw Emergency Underwear Rope 2 Python Locking Cables Chain Passenger Glove Box Top Milwaukee Pivoting Rechargeable Light Radar Detector Battery Bank w/ Micro USB and Lightning Attached Folding Scissors Wheel Lock Key Passenger Glove Box Lower Binoculars Face Gaiter Tactical Gloves Battery Bank Registration Mask Umbrella Plastic Bags Small Field Notes Notebook Hot Hands Passenger Seat Back Pocket Tissues Disposable Masks Paper Towels (Folded) Napkins Center Center Under Seat Storage Duct Tape Yeti Blanket/Tarp Snow Brush DeWalt Charger Milwaukee Charger 18 Pack Cooler Center Console Top Tray Hand Sanitizer (Liquid) Advil Streamlight Pen Light Long USB-A to Lightning Retractable Primary Sunglasses Loyalty Cards Fuel Card EmergencyCC Loyalty Card Car Wash Card Keys Trailer Hitch Lock Trailer Security Lock Padlock Brinks 1 & 2 Python Cable Lock 1 & 2 2 Pens Sharpie Loose Change (Silver Box) Change Organizer Spare AirPods Altoids Altoids Tin With Random Medicine (dayquil/nyquil/claritin) Lower Cavity Blue Zip Pouch Shout Wipes Butt Wipes Hand Sanitizer Wipes Sunscreen Body Shower Wipes Clear Waterproof Case USB-A Light 6in USB-A to Micro USB Cable 2M USB-A to Lightning Cable 4 AAA Rechargeable Batteries 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries Radar Detector Charger USB-C to USB-C Retractable iPhone 12 Pro Max Encased Rugged W/ Holster Case Medium MicroFiber Cloth For Cleaning Quick Detailer Cleaner Wipes American Flag Koozie Sunglass Cleaner Toothpick Mouthwash Contact Solution 45W PD USB-C Plug 2 Hat Clip On Rechargeable Head Lamps 2 Small Rectangle Cough Drop Packs Lighter Matches Gerber Multi-tool Wife Extra Sunglasses iPhone 6 Spare
  11. My 2019 Silverado HC is fine on tires for now, but I'm starting to shop around and look at what options I do have so that way I can budget for the expense when the time comes. As I started to search around I quickly discovered that the 22" wheel package doesn't afford many options. I know that with 22's on a HC, my truck is more a street truck, so save those comments Essentially if I'm looking for the most aggressive I can get, my options are the Toyo Open Country HT/II or the Birdgestone Dueler H/T. I'd love a Cooper AT3 tire, but no luck there. Anyone know of any other options that I would have with the stock 22's? I love the look of them. Follow-up if I were to buy 20" wheels, I know that opens up the options for tires a lot and I am not entirely opposed to having summer and winter setups. Stupid guy question - If I do buy 20" wheels, what all has to be done? Just straight swap and alignment, or is there more? Assuming if I did summer/winter setup, I would need an alignment each time I swapped back? Appreciate the help!
  12. This would suck if true. I've been waffling back and forth on buying the GM lift for my 19' HC. My only hesitation is if any sensors or cameras need to be recalibrated and if so, if the dealer does that when they do the install (assuming I choose dealer for install).
  13. This question is going to come off ignorant, so I apologize ahead of time. I have a high country with the optional 22" wheels. As I start to look at replacement tires, my options are severely limited. I can find Toyo Open Country AT2's and those are alright, but there isn't a lot out there. Is it safe to say that if I'm looking to open up to additional tire options I would need to buy 20" wheels to pair up to them?
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