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  1. It’s a subscription based service. call OnStar and they will negotiate.
  2. From what I can gather there are two big brands. I tried both of the $120+ brands and neither work in our T1’s. I’m relatively techy and spent a lot of time fiddling with both. I have no doubt they work, just not with MyLink in our T1’s.
  3. Stay away from the adapters. They don't work and are a pain in the butt. I bought one that shipped from China that simply didn't work. When I tried to return they tried to get me to tap into the device and make changes and update it claiming it should work. The return process took 3 weeks. Beware.
  4. That's my bad. Was typing from mobile. 2019 High Country - Crew Cab 5.3 4X4
  5. I have a 2019 and my local dealer is telling me that because it doesn’t show up for my VIN they won’t do the install. Anyone ran into this and have advice for work around? I know I could go elsewhere for install but the whole purpose of the OEM kit is to retain warranty.
  6. That’s exactly what he is looking at. 2.7 and all. “No Haggle Price” of $34,650 in Cincinnati. Good benchmark to aim for.
  7. Does it have the heated steering wheel and seats and dual climate control? I think that comes in the convenience package.
  8. I'm helping a friend shop for an LT as we speak. $32,500 is a hell of a deal. What packages did yours come with? That helps me understand a good market while helping him.
  9. I still can’t figured it out. Mine stay on and I use the remote to turn off.
  10. I still can’t get them to come on and off with the door. I’ve tried everything. I have to manually switch them off as they come on every time when I open the door.
  11. holy hell! you got a really good deal. My dealer was talking $1200+ If you remember, see what it does with your MPG.
  12. Golden question. What was your install cost?
  13. I think they are starting to standardize on the low voltage line. I took mine in for the second time and was told the same thing. The battery was low and that caused the computer to trip. They got everything checked and cleared and told me not to use the app, but can use keyfob to remote start. Picked up this afternoon. Then about 10 minutes ago, my service advisor called me and said they heard even more from GM and that GM is advising not to remote start the vehicle at all (either fob or app) and that GM is aware and is expecting a software recall within the next 2 weeks. Told me to be on the lookout in my app for the recall and schedule as soon as its out. I hope that's true. Can't say I'm pleased that I can't use remote start on my $67K truck in the middle of January though...
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