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  1. I recently purchased and installed the GM Performance Borla Exhaust on my 5.3L Silverado. The sound is great. My question is, did anyone notice a difference in sounds and power when also adding cold air intake? Specifically wondering for those that went in the same order, exhaust and then later CAI. Thanks!
  2. Got the installation done this past Friday. I'm very very happy with the sound and overall it feels like a little more zip. I didn't notice any drone noises on the highway. I'm now contemplating the GM cold air intake. Can anyone tell me what I should expect adding this when I already have the performance exhaust?
  3. Well shit! I bought a Borla exhaust last week with 20% off. Do you think GM would refund me the extra 5%? It's $83 difference that I would love to have back.
  4. ive noticed that the TPMS is drastically different than actual. My actual tire gauge showed me 35psi, the TPMS readout says 33.
  5. Bought on Saturday. Was delivered to my dealer yesterday for install! Going to be able to roll all of it together this Friday. Super fast delivery.
  6. Yeah the fit is fantastic. I had to get in there and close myself in the tailgate and then adjust a little. My goal was to get the seal as close and tight as I could at the tailgate, but still allow it to open and close as designed. Once I got it just right, I tightened that thing way down so it wouldn't move an inch! I love the look. In the past I had used the $150 soft folding Tonneaus from Tyger, which were great, but were not a premium product like BakFlip makes. If you end up getting one, a install tip. They give you drain tubes that let water from the track run towards the cab and then go down a drain tube that you insert into a bed plug so the water goes outside of the cab. The drain tubes are way long. If you try to install as is, the water will just sit in the drain tube and eventually wash into your cab because they just coil up and don't have any slant or grade to promote water movement. Cut them down so they are almost perfectly straight (obviously leave a little give). This will allow the water to flow freely through the plug and out of the cab. I attached a picture that shows the drain tube they gave me (really long) along with the size I actually cut down to!
  7. Call me weird but I love cleaning my truck. Nothing like a clean, shiny, sleek looking truck! Over the years, I've developed some absolute go to products that I use, but am always looking to learn more. I wanted to start a thread to see what other people are using and what is working well for them. I get it that it's a truck and they are supposed to get dirty, etc., but save those comments. Just looking to share with others who are into cleaning their truck as much as I am! Below are the products I use for detailing. Hand up - won't lie, I generally go through a soft car wash to get the majority clean, then use the following products to finish it off. ***I swear I'm not sponsored by Meguiar's, I just love their products!*** Liquid Products I Use (where/how): Meguiar's Quik Detailer Mist & Wipe This use to be my all around go to. It's not too harsh, but does a great job and has a pleasant smell. Now I use this in two ways: I use this to get water spots out of the exterior I use this on a microfiber towel to clean leather surfaces (I don't want those to be shiny or protected) Meguiar's Natural Shine Protectant I hate armor all because of the greasy residue it leaves. This stuff has a high shine, protects well, and smalls great. Be sure to shake the shit out of it first to let it mix together! I only use this on hard plastic surfaces (think dash and parts of the door), I avoid leather with this stuff. Meguiar's NXT Generation Insane Shine Tire Coating I've tried a ton of tire dressing. All of it looks great when you first apply, but the NXT product from Meguiar's is the first one that I found that will hold up a week or so. Great product in an aerosol can for easy application. I also use this with a small foam applicator pad and run it down the side "seals" of my BakFlip MX4. The "seals" are a faded black color and stand out on my black truck in a bad way. Running this down the seals, brightens them up and make it look fantastic. Meguair's Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner I rotate between Invisible Glass and this stuff. Whatever is on sale is what I go with. I can't tell a difference between the two. Shine Society Wheel Cleaner You can use this in between washes and/or in combination with a wash. Spray it on and then spray it off during a wash, or in-between, spray it on and use a microfiber towel to shine up the wheels. Latest and greatest addition to my arsenal. Rain X Glass Cleaner I use this on my windshield after a good clean. It leaves a "coat" of RainX on my windshield and really helps out during rainy days. Hard Products I Use (towels, drying sheets, etc.): Meguiar's Supreme Shine Foam Applicator Pads I use these guys when I need something with a little more "edge" to clean. Side mirrors that collect bug guts, the front grill, etc. Microfiber is great, but sometimes I need something with a little more grit to clean up hard to clean areas. I also use these pads to put the tire dressing on my BakFlip seals Meguiar's Blue Perfect Clarity Glass Towels Hear me out on these. I for the longest time used paper towels and though I was getting a great finish and was happy enough. I caught a 3 pack of these on sale for $12 and thought why not. They make a ton of difference in both the finished product and the effort put into cleaning windows. I can't recommend investing in these enough. After I clean all my windows with the Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner, I take this towel and wipe down each camera on my truck. There is enough "cleaner" left on the towel that it provides a quick good shine and works fantastic. Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels I use these everywhere! On the exterior, I'll usually get one side really wet with Mist & Wipe and wipe down spots, then flip it over to a dry side and buff to a high shine. I think they leave a finer shine than a standard microfiber and have been happy. I consider these "premium" microfiber towels". I use these for my wheels in-between washes along with the Shine Society Spray. Meguiar's Water Magnet Microfiber Drying Towel I moved from shammy clothes over to these a few years back and never looked back. They retain water great, are pretty large in size, and are easy to pup in the washer/dryer. Walmart Hand Cloths Great more abrasive product to really scrub floor mats or areas where you don't want to take your microfiber towel. Microfiber Cloths These are what I consider run of the mill. I will use these to scrub down my floor mats (when I don't want to take them out) along with Mist & Wipe (the cure all!) Carrand Contour Tire Wipe Pad While the NXT tire dressing is aeresol and easy to spray on, I like to use these to lightly work the dressing into the tire to avoid it slinging all over when I start to drive. The plastic handle keeps my hand free of the actual tire dressing and does a good job spreading. Dyson V6 Cordless Vac I picked one of these up last year on Black Friday. Refurbished for $60. It works on Max suction for about 10 minutes and is great to do quick clean ups (I vacuum at least once a week, so I rarely need more than 10 minutes at a time). I love that it is cordless. It has a crevice tool to hit those hard to reach places. AmazonBasics Microfiber Car Applicator Pads These came in a 12 pack for $6. I use these for all of my exterior chrome finishes as a last step. I'll spray some Mist & Wipe and then wipe down the steps, the handles, the grill, the back bumper, and all the badging. Does a great job. I'll also use these on the black parts of my side steps. Helpful Tips: Even a 5 minute clean once a week can make the entire task seem easier. This is especially true with vacuuming. That's why I made the investment for a quality cordless vac. I can take 90 seconds and clean the front driver passenger seat without dreading it. Keep all of your cleaning "gear" together. Who wants to go hunting around for that one piece they need. Wash your cleaning gear - trying to clean with a dirt towel doesn't help! Watch what you are cleaning. This is a great chance to examine any dents/scratches/broken parts that might be critical in the safety/performance of your truck I'm hoping this becomes a sticky and people out there can tell me what they are doing and what they like. I'm also willing to learn and try different stuff. Let's hear it!
  8. Those are actually drive mode settings. See the below for some quick descripts.
  9. Kind of dark, but I did my best. This is the MX4 on my 2019 High Country
  10. I scuffed a rim pretty bad (at 750 miles - grrr) and wanted to get it replaced ASAP.. I purchased a replica from OE Wheels and was very happy with the result. Great price and free shipping. Liked them so much so that I'm contemplating buying another set of 4 with tires from them. https://www.oewheelsllc.com/
  11. So I decided to buy from the official Chevrolet Accessories store with the 20% off discount. Upon checking out I got a notification that the order had been sent to my dealer for them to place the order. Seemed strange. This included the $75 install option, so hopefully they honor that and not try to charge me more for labor. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to fight them on it. After tax and install - $1494 I already had an appointment for this Friday to fix the seat belt tensioner and then check out a weird shimmy and noise in my driver side window (when rolling down), so I'm going to see if I can talk them into installing (given its received by then) at the same time. If not, I'll have to push to next week and see if I can get it all done same day. I'll keep you up to date.
  12. Agreed! I really wanted the power assist steps, but didn’t realize that they are a factory install only thing. Thought I’d be able to buy and swap them after. Are you replacing your steps with anything else?
  13. I've done a lot of research and have sold myself into buying the GM performance exhaust for my 2019 Chevy HC 5.3. I can buy it right now from the official Chevy Accessory store for $1321(with the 20% discount) and then get it delivered to the dealership and installed for an additional $75. Alternatively, I can buy from ShopChevyParts.com for $1170 and shipped to me (dealership not available to ship to) for an additional $65. When I called the dealership to ask about installation labor costs, they told me 2 hours at $112 per hour. Does that seem right? Am I smarter to buy from official Chevy Accessory and pay more up front but utilize the pre-sold $75 installation? Would I void my warranty by having someone other than the dealer install?
  14. I go thru Mikes Car Wash on basic pretty regularly. I fully know that even with the dryer I’m going to have to use some Meguiars quick detailer and micro fiber to clean up water spots. i know I could go to a full service wash and towel dry place, but I thoroughly enjoy cleaning my truck!
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