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  1. Took to my local shop, everything with my level kit looks fine. They think its something to do with the electronic steering assist. Going to take it into the dealer to have them take a look and hopefully reprogram it.
  2. Noticed at 18k miles when turning slightly left when going around a bend on the highway around 11 on the steering wheel it is sticking and I have to push it back to center. Anyone else have this happen?
  3. Were you offroading or anything like that? I have the 1.5” motofab level on mine and I just looked and my ball joints look brand new after 10,000 miles and my angles dont look nearly as bad as your pictures. How many miles did you have on the blocks before it occurred?
  4. Thanks for the heads up. My tires are 295/70/18 falken wildpeaks
  5. Please send a pic and details of how you had it installed. Cant wait to see how it turns out!
  6. Anyone put on a functional or non functional hood scoop for a more aggressive look? Found the one below as well as the picture of a double scoop below. https://airdesignusa.com/2019-silverado-off-road-hood-scoop.html
  7. https://motofablifts.com/i-30558313-2019-silverado-trail-boss-or-sierra-at4-1-5-front-leveling-lift-kit.html
  8. I have a 1.5” Motofab level on my truck and have driven 10k miles plus (in 3 months, I drive 3000+ per month.) I have my local shop that installed it check it everytime I go in for an oil change or tire rotation to make sure the ball joints look good and the angles are fine. Just another attempt by a company with more expertise and knowledge than the average truck buyer to up sell you.
  9. 1.5” Motofab level put on with 295/70/18 Falken Wildpeak, 34.3” tires
  10. 1.5” motofab level for the trailboss put on today!!
  11. Another picture from today. Im betting they will fit on the AT4, im putting the 1.5” motofab level this weekend.
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