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  1. LT Trail Boss brake problems

    Dealership fed me a bunch of bullshit saying that driving habits are likely the cause. Told me thats “just how brakes wear” typically bullshit from Chevy.
  2. Curious what did this do to your MPGS when you put them on?
  3. LT Trail Boss brake problems

    Ya I travel 80/20 highway vs. local miles and Im not braking all that much. Certainly not for the type of wear its saying.
  4. LT Trail Boss brake problems

    Thanks everyone, taking it in for my first oil change tomorrow so, gonna have them check it out while Im there.
  5. Anyone notice their front brakes wearing out super fast? I have 6300 miles on my truck and it says they only have 56% life left. Replacing breaks every 15k miles? Seems crazy.
  6. 2” front lift to level trailboss

    Anyone see a discernible drop in mpg with 33s and the 1.5” level? Been averaging 17.3 stock currently.
  7. 2” front lift to level trailboss

    Thanks everyone. Getting this done with fuel vapor 20 x 9 wheels with 33x12.50x20” nitto terragrapplers. Will post pictures when done.
  8. When you say you went with the 1” motofab lift, was that just on the front or front and back?
  9. Has anyone gotten just a 2” lift on the front of the truck to level it out with the back? Does it make it truly level? Shop I dealt with kept telling me it would be “close enough”, any advice is appreciated!
  10. Trailboss oversize tires

    Did you have any issues putting the 1” lift on here with the stock 2” lift? How did that all work out?
  11. Got it direct from Chevy $200 installed. Had a $100 accessory voucher so only ended up being $200
  12. Anyone put the below bull bar on their silverado yet? Curious if it affects the parking sensors. Any insight is appreciated.
  13. Anyone put a bull bar with LED light bar on their Silverado yet? Would be interested in any recommendations.
  14. Black Chevrolet Decal with silverado and LT emblems removed on LT Trail boss
  15. Black tailgate lettering on cajun red lt trail boss. Emblems coming off next!

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