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  1. Nfab matte black podium steps
  2. No rubbing and no trimming involved.
  3. 1.5” Motofab level put on with 295/70/18 Falken Wildpeak, 34.3” tires
  4. 1.5 inch level kit

    1.5” motofab level for the trailboss put on today!!
  5. Another picture from today. Im betting they will fit on the AT4, im putting the 1.5” motofab level this weekend.
  6. Honestly the drive has been great. I do a lot of driving so I have already put 1500 miles on them. Ride smoother and quieter than the Duratracs, as for MPG’s only seen a .5 mile drop. Around town you will definitely notice it in stop and go traffic but on the highway the mpgs stay around 17ish. I will add more pics tomorrow.
  7. Calm down boss, 90% of the people on here are installing bigger tires for aesthetic purposes, not off-roading. They fill out the wheel wells better. Didn't realize we were upsetting a consummate professional off roader. Guess its a good thing its not your truck.
  8. If you got to Nfabs site they have them for the crew cab model as well. Looks like they are on back order though.
  9. No mods or anything, fits like a glove. Probably could go to a 34.5” but anything more than that and you would definitely have to do some trimming.
  10. NFab podium steps https://realtruck.com/p/n-fab-textured-black-cab-length-podium-steps/
  11. They are E-Load and so far (only had them put on this morning) the tire noise is not even noticeable compared to the Duratracs (haven't been on the highway yet) and they ride much softer than the Duratracs. This is with 40 PSI in the tires.
  12. Honestly more budget friendly. I paid $930 for the Falkens where as your looking at $1200 plus for Nitto and Toyo. I did a ton of research and the Falkens had great reviews, offer the biggest tread depth of all LT AT tires and a 55,000 mile warranty which is one of the highest out there.
  13. Ya its a trailboss, I just took off all the badging outside of the Z71 logos. This is the back with the Chevrolet insert. The Falkens ride super smooth compared to the Duratracs and way less road noise with a more aggressive tread.
  14. 295/70r18 Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires, 34.3” diameter with no trimming needed. No level as well.
  15. 295/70r18 Falken Wildpeak AT3W tires, 34.3” diameter with no trimming needed. No level as well.

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