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  1. The ball joint was separated using the bfh method, no fork. And who knows, maybe it could be a freak accident for all I know. If the ball joint is at an angle though people should be made aware so that they check the boot. I’m trying to thing of what could have done it but I drive pretty normal. At least I’d like to believe that I do.
  2. That’s odd. I figure people may have different results, but I wasn’t off-roading. I had approx 1200 miles on the blocks.
  3. Either way, it wouldn't hurt to get new upper control arms because this way you ensure that your angles aren't maxed out whether at full droop or compression. It's piece of mind for me. Just be cautious with any leveling kit that doesn't include UCAs. Check the ball joint from time to time.
  4. Hey everyone. So I had the 1.5 inch leveling blocks installed underneath the struts on my TrailBoss. After 3 weeks and 1200 miles the ball joint boots were torn. My ride was the same and unaffected, but still. The angle of the ball joints were not good post-level. This caused me to purchase new UCAs. I went with ready lift and got their plus 2 kit. Overall I’m happy now because the UCAs fix the ball joint angle. Now the ball joint sits straight, and allows for more lift. With the plus 2 kit I’m getting a total of 4inches in front, and 3 in the rear which gives me a half inch rake still. Not bad, half inch isn’t bad at all. See the attached pics and just be cautious when adding leveling blocks to the trailboss.
  5. any update on this?? my radio is doing this all of a sudden. 2019 trail boss lt with 5k miles. it does it every time i start the truck.
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