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  1. Comprehension is not your strong suit. Every single truck on autotrader is FOR SALE! It is not like nada, kbb or edmunds.
  2. All the trucks on autotrader are for sale! Every damn one of them you moron!
  3. It sure does. Rock solid. My way is actually an apples to apples comparison. You have no way of knowing exactly what options each vehicle you are looking at has on it. I do. With 100% certainty. Let's do it your way on autotrader.com. I'm sure you will have some sort of issue with autotrader but here goes. 2013 CC LTZ 4wd <100k miles within 500 miles of my zip code $17,995 - $27,890 - 48 trucks available 2013 EC LTZ 4wd <100k miles within 500 miles of my zip code $17,198 - $25,283 - 8 trucks available The EC is 5% - 10% cheaper. NADA said 11%. You have 6x as many trucks to choose from in the CC. Guess which truck sold more and which holds its value better. You do not have a leg to stand on buddy. I can keep proving you wrong all damn day or you can just STFU and go away.
  4. My most recent trucks are in my signature. All you have to do is read and comprehend. Identical trucks except for the cab size. I'll save you the work of clicking on the links. The CC has a higher trade in and resale value. About 11% higher. 2013 CC 4wd LTZ https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2013/Chevrolet/Silverado-1500-V8/Crew-Cab-LTZ-4WD/Values 2013 EC 4wd LTZ https://www.nadaguides.com/Cars/2013/Chevrolet/Silverado-1500-V8/Extended-Cab-LTZ-4WD/Values
  5. I use model TS10048B. Tri-ball - 5" drop / 5.25" rise with my 2020 Trail Boss. My boat trailer is just about perfectly level with the 5" drop. You can't beat the Tow & Stow!
  6. Used Opti Lube in my 2016 2500HD. Never had a single issue.
  7. There you go. Answered your own question. That is not meant to sound sarcastic at all. Please don't read it that way.
  8. It is not your place to question why someone is buying a truck to haul noting but people. Perhaps they simply WANT a truck. That is not at all the issue. My two previous trucks were both DCs. I currently own a CC but I haven't always. Pre 2010 is 10 years ago, not 5-7. "The same mistake others have made" from your point of view based on what you think they need. Get over yourself.
  9. People started buying trucks to use as family haulers about 20 years ago. That's when the CC became more popular than the DC. That can be seen in the growth in sales numbers of the CC vs the decline in sales for sedans. The short bed became more popular at that time as well because trucks were being used to move people more than anything. Bed space was a secondary consideration. Why do you think only one out of every 300+ 1500's has tow mirrors? Because people use them to move people, not do work. Further, why do you insist on insulting people by saying they "mindlessly buy a CC for the extra cab space"? If that is what's important to them and fits their needs then who are you to judge. If you want a truck and you are hauling 4-5 people daily and a few landscaping items a couple of times a year then a CC is the best choice. It isn't your money after all. As for resale value, crew cabs built in the last 15 years hold their value better. Period. The DC is much less desirable as a people mover, which is what trucks are used for now, therefore they have a lower resale value. As for looks, that is 1000% subjective. I prefer the CC standard bed then the DC standard bed and lastly the CC short bed.
  10. When adjusted properly, and that isn't difficult, they take some of the load from your rear axle and distribute it forward. It will make the truck drive and handle better with a heavier trailer. It will also squat less. Get one with an anti-sway feature and you will have very good control of your trailer in a serious crosswind. The only downside to the anti-sway is that you have to disconnect the sway-bar, which is VERY easy to do, before backing up if you will be turning at all.
  11. According to the owners manual, yes. What is your hesitation in using a WD hitch?
  12. I agree with swathdiver. Get a good WD hitch and not worry about it.
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