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  1. So you installed a catch can after you started having CELs? I am truly sorry for the issues you are having but you didn't do yourself any favors there. They may not be able to get away with voiding your warranty but they can make things might difficult.
  2. What was your mileage before adding the air dam?
  3. Can I ask how much this cost (seats, controls and WAMS services)? There are only 2 things I wish my 2020 LT Trail Boss had. Power folding towing mirrors and cooled seats. Neither are options available on an LT.
  4. Yep. Just push the button. Sucks but it is simple and FREE. On my wife's 2017 XT5, stop/start cannot be disabled unless you spend $200 on a Range device. That SUCKS!
  5. You are expecting DFM to be garbage. That's not a good way to start out with a brand new truck. Why in the heck did you buy it expecting problems? It hasn't been available long enough to determine if that is the case or not. I never had an issue with AFM and neither have hundreds of thousands (quite literally) of others. As you said in the OP, generally speaking, only folks that have trouble post in the forums. A VERY VERY small percentage. Just like the 8-speed trans issues. Never experienced that either. Not saying there were not AFM and 8-speed issues, they just never happened t
  6. To each his own brother. You make it you spend it any damn way you see fit. I'll never say otherwise. I'm sitting behind a desk with a DAC, EQ, tube amplifier and headphones that cost more than I paid for my first car (1975 Camaro LT) back in 1985.
  7. Simply the cost to charge a single device. Just put one of these in the back seat for the kids and you can charge whatever you want. $15 - problem solved. https://www.amazon.com/Updated-3-Socket-Cigarette-Splitter-Charging/dp/B07G8Y94PJ/ref=sr_1_46?dchild=1&keywords=car+lighter+usb+adapter&qid=1610724825&sr=8-46
  8. After reading every post in this thread it appears that the "issue rate" for these things is very high. Too high for a $400+ device! I wouldn't quite call them junk but it doesn't seem like they are too far from it.
  9. Are you certain? When I shut off and then restart mine is back in normal mode. It does not stay in sport or off-road modes.
  10. I think the last year for power extend was the old body style 2007's. My '04 2500HD had them. They were nice. Would love to have power folding tow mirrors on my '20 Trail Boss but they weren't an option on an LT and they are way to expensive to add. New mirrors, harnesses and BCM programming.
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