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  1. How much does it actually squat? Did you measure it? Your initial post said "it doesn't look right". That is pretty vague as looks can be deceiving.
  2. So how much does is squat? You can also take it to a truck stop and put it on the scales. It will tell you the total weight, weight of each vehicle and how much is on the tongue or pin. I had 1,680lb of block in the bed of my 2020 trail boss. It had just about 2.25" of squat. My max payload is 1,626lb. I didn't think 2.25" was bad at all.
  3. What he said! I have the TS10048B. 5" drop / 5.5" rise and all three balls. Perfect for everything from the 5'x8' utility trailer to the ski boat.
  4. The tune is what will get you. HP Tuners is the only one available and as I understand it, is north of $3,000. You still can't tune the TCM.
  5. Keep in mind that a code certain code for a Silverado can be for something different on a different model.
  6. The one thing to keep in mind when ordering is that any rebates or special pricing you may qualify for are those that are available when you take delivery, not when you order. $6k off when you order may only be $1500 off when you take delivery.
  7. Doesn't work that way. The L84 is NOT E85 compatible. The L84 (5.3L w/ DFM) doesn't have an alcohol sensor. It can't "learn the fuel". I haven't checked yet but I bet the injectors are different as well. E85 requires a higher flow injector. It contains about 30% less energy therefore requires 30% more fuel. Why would you spend $40+ grand on a truck and put fuel in it that it isn't designed to run on. If you have the L83 (5.3L w/ AFM) then it is E85 compatible and should not have caused a CEL. From your signature you have a 2019 LT which should be the L84. The Custom trims still use the L83.
  8. I've had both and I can honestly say I don't miss the 6.2. Don't get me wrong, it was absolutely fantastic but the 5.3 does great as well and I don't have to feed it premium fuel. If I want to stop light race I'll take out the 2010 RS/SS Camaro.
  9. Use the e-break before putting it in park. Doesn't move a mm if you use the e-break first.
  10. Put a clear bra on the bumper, horizontal grill bars and fender wings when the truck had less than 250 miles on it. Just spray it with a good detail spray like you would the paint and the bugs come right off. If your chips aren't too bad maybe you could touch them up then put the bra on? My 2018 looked like it had taken a load of bird shot to the front end. Body shop wanted almost $2k to fix all of the chips (bumper, grill, fenders, hood) then I would have to wait 90 days for the paint to cure before I could have a clear bra put on.
  11. But the fantastic part is that the paint is not damaged. Peel it off when you go to trade it or sell it and you have a pristine front end or if you are going to keep it, just put a new one on every 3-4 years. MUCH cheaper than a respray.
  12. check out whiteautomedia.com. They may be able to help.
  13. After I wash the truck I use Ultimate Quick Detail spray or the new Hybrid Ceramic Detail spray. Bugs and everything else are very easy to remove the next wash or just use the spray again to loosen them and wipe away.
  14. I put Duratracs on a 2004 2500HD and lost about 1.5mpg. My buddy has a 2020 Trail Boss wit the 20" wheels and tires. My 2020 with 18s and Duratracs gets about 1mpg less than his truck. Both trucks have the 5.3.
  15. It was raining so hard I couldn't see. + I continued driving anyway. + I jacked my truck up. = GM trucks have bad build quality and the fuel mileage sucks.
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