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  1. Is that the incentive GM is offering or is it 4-5K on top of the incentive? Sometimes you gotta watch how those are listed on websites because there are many incentives that many people wouldn't qualify for.
  2. They're being bought before delivered in many areas. Demand outstrip supply. So many dealers aren't budging from MSRP.
  3. Hi All, Have a 2021 Northsky Metallic Blue LT Trail Boss with 6.2L being delivered this week. Looking forward to picking the brain of the community as I make the truck my own. As a side note not new to the 6.2L crew; also have a 2016 HW SS Sedan that will be living an easy garage life now that I will have the truck.
  4. YMMV based on big of a net you cast. Lara Buick GMC sells at a great price but you'd be hard pressed to buy something from them. I was in their showroom last weekend and every truck on the lot was sold or waiting delivery. Everything shown inbound on the website had deposits. Every single truck. You could order and get a good price still but you'd wait 8 weeks (according to them). If you are playing the incentive game that makes it a wild card. I just bought a truck below MSRP but not much below it. 2021 LT TB with the 6.2L. Within a 6 hour radius of me ther
  5. The High Intensity LEDs are in a projector whereas the normal LED lights are in a reflector housing. That is why the higher trims with the High Intensity lights put out a wide beam with even lighting and a defined cutoff.
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