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  1. I don't even have towing mirrors. If I had a camper or something, or towed more enclosed trailers then it'd be something I'd look into swapping out. I know what ya mean though, my dad got himself a 3/4 ton 2020 denali, and those towing mirrors are huge. He got a 3/4 ton diesel because my parents tow their 5th wheel camper with their boat behind the camper (good thing our state's max length for trailering is 75')
  2. Saw this on another post, a dude named Randy owns Seating Solutions and makes these seat lift kits. I ordered these from him (1-3/4" seat lift, the tallest one he makes) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Drivers-and-Passengers-Seat-Lift-2020-Silverado-Sierra-Truck-Full-Height/303669827414?hash=item46b421d756:g:Sx4AAOSwQoxdFAzs Anyone else looking for these, the guy's name is Randy and his phone number is 770-401-9307. Great guy! He'll definitely help you get the right ones for your truck. Looks like they just shipped today. I'll post pictures once I get them installed.
  3. A car pulled out in front of me a few weeks ago. I thought for sure we were gonna have an accident when all I could see was the roof of their car over my hood.
  4. Yep, I have the surround view cameras, but I still like to be able to see over the front of the hood better. Using my foot I can push myself up off the seat and I can tell it makes a huge difference. It might not make a difference for you since you're 6'1", but I'm 5'8"...you're already 5" taller than me
  5. This might sound kinda dumb, but I'm considered short by most standards (5'8"). I have a 2020 AT4 and have the seat raised all the way up (fully adjustable power seats) and it still feels like I can barley see over the front of the hood of the truck. I don't have a lift/leveling kit or anything on the truck to raise the front end or anything. I realize the body style has changed with a shorter & higher hood, but it still seems like I could see over the hood in my old 2010 Chevy WT with manual sliding seats that couldn't even adjust up or down; I know the 2010's had the longer & lower hood. My dad used to have a 2013 or 2014 Chevy 3/4 diesel that also had a shorter & higher hood, and I could actually see over the front of that hood a lot better, not sure if the power seat was able to raise up higher in that one than these newer ones or something. Just wondering if there is any kind of kit to raise the seat in a 2020 AT4. I looked quick and saw some for manual seats; just wondering if anyone makes ones for power seats.
  6. Thank you!!! My friends kid set one of my presets to cool jazz, or kids bob, or something. I have all the presets I want, tried saving an already preset over the top of it, then my radio kept jumping around whenever I hit that preset. Been looking for a way to get rid of that one for a couple weeks
  7. I’ve checked out the Walcott website before. They don’t have much for newer model vehicles, and most of the stuff doesn’t look even close to factory. Appreciate the help though
  8. I’m sorry to hear that My parents just lost theirs last week, she was almost 14; she had a stroke about 2 weeks before she passed. My girl is around 14 1/2 and had a stroke about 3 months ago; she’s recovered pretty good. Not exactly back to 100%, but I’d say she came back to about 90% of her old self.
  9. Looks like a lot of people have checked it out, but not much input so far
  10. Looks sweet on the gray color truck. I went with black for body color, probably wouldn't look at good on mine; wouldn't even be able to see them.
  11. My only guess as to why they got rid of the turn signals on the mirrors is because of the blind spot indicators. Every time you turned on your blinker you'd be getting the same light flash from your mirror that you new get from the blind spot indicator. That's just my guess. Losing the adjustable peddles didn't bother me; it always felt goofy with the pedals extended. It felt like the heel of your foot wasn't on the floor like normally is, so whenever I drove one with adjustable pedals I always kept them retracted the whole way, like normal, and just slid the seat forward.
  12. In all the Chevys & GMC trucks I’ve driven in my life, I never noticed that the steering wheel wasn’t centered until I started reading about the next gen models (2019+). I had gotten so used driving with the wheel where it was that when I got my new truck I noticed a was always driving on or really close to the left line lol. I like the handle, just miss the sunglasses holder. Oh well, definitely not a deal breaker even though everyone I tell it doesn’t have one, their instant reaction is “Seriously?!?” Lol
  13. She's my baby! She had a stroke a few months ago; ever since then I've been bringing her to work with me every day. That's why her legs have shaved spots, from IV's when she stayed 3 days in the ICU at the vet clinic, the hair just never grew back. Maybe the king size fitted sheet on the back seat, with the 2 small bungee cords around the head rests to hold it up, should be something to post on the MOD forum lol
  14. Definitely! Just looking at the 2020 build options on the GMC website, I think it was a $500 upgrade, or something like that.
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