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  1. It was large Autel diagnostic scanner, he said he had checked these trucks before. The first few days the light would actually flicker on and off leading me to think it was a connection problem. The other thing is that my seat belt warning light and chime has been completely inoperable since the light came on, is that normal or could it be part of the problem?
  2. Recently had the airbag light illuminate on my truck. I had a mechanic scan the truck but his scanner could not connect to the module. He said this meant the module has gone bad. Does this sound correct? I really don't want to spend $130 for the dealer to scan and tell me the same thing. Is the SDM still under the drivers seat on a 2011 like the 2007-8 that had the recall? Truck is a crew cab. I can't seem to find anything under there.
  3. I cleaned and lubed everything both times with ceramic lube, new clips etc. I did not use "cheap" parts.
  4. I had replaced my OEM bulbs with Xtravisions when they burned out, I think I got about 2.5 years out of them. I decided to try Philips CrystalVision Ultras this time, nice white light and rated for longer life than the Xtravisions ans Silverstars. I'm happy with them so far.
  5. Looking for other owners of these trucks with rear disc brakes for some insight. I have owned my 2011 Silverado since new, my OEM rear pads and rotors lasted 95000km before needing replacement. i used what I thought were quality Canadian made replacement parts, these lasted about 35000km before the inside pad wore down to the backing plate on both sides with the outside pad still looking new. Everything was free moving when I took it apart to change the pads. I replaced the pads again with a set of Wagner Quick Stops, now these have worn the inside pad to the backing plate in about 10000km. Th
  6. Buy IronX by CarPro, just spray it on, let it sit a few minutes, agitate with a sponge or wash mitt, and rinse off. Rust spots gone. http://www.carpro-us.com/iron-x-500ml/
  7. Curious if you ordered this from a Canadian distributor, and if so who?
  8. So how can the peeling paint in my tailgate jamb be explained other than poor adhesion? I believe GM knows this is an issue as the new K2 trucks have rockguard on the rockers and behind the tires from the factory.
  9. So do you guys think I should be going to the dealer and complaining or are they just going to tell me to go fly a kite?
  10. I know this has been discussed here before, but I would like to hear from other owners to see if what I'm seeing is 'normal' for these trucks. My 2011 Silverado has 77,000km (48K miles), I take great care in the appearance of my truck, no dings, scratches etc, still looks new when washed. I feel the amount of paint chipping/flaking/rusting in this short amount of time is completely ridiculous. I'm attaching some pictures of the worst spots, this doesn't include the endless amount of chips on the bumper, behind the tires, and along the door bottoms. I don't have mudflaps but I don't drive o
  11. In case anyone hasn't noticed the OP is from Canada. Eclipse2004 I can tell you my dad just bought a 2014 Denali 6.2 Z71, every option but RSE, sticker was $66K. After getting supplier pricing and about 1K in GM card points it came to $54300 plus taxes, then an additional $1750 in after tax rebates, plus the $.40 per liter off fuel card. BTW I just checked the GM Canada website now, it looks like the Denali base price has jumped from $58890 to $60240 in the past few weeks.
  12. Does anyone have a definitive answer on how to pop the glass out? Seems to be a bit of confusion on how its done.
  13. I suppose I can check for a loose connection. Glass will be expensive as I have the turn signal mirrors.
  14. Just noticed driving today that my passenger side heated mirror has stopped working. I assume I must replace the glass to fix it? Is there any other potential cause for one side to stop working? I won't be too happy having to replace a $200+ mirror glass 6 months out of warranty.
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