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  1. ^^This^^ my '08 is rusting bad, the frame is all but shot the factory hitch has 3 rust holes you can stick your finger in.
  2. "Is it possible" is kinda a relative question, people are putting LS motors in absolutely every kind of car/truck you can imagine, so yes it's possible. It's a whole lot easier/cheaper if you have the complete donor vehicle, you're going to need all the wiring harnesses and plumbing and ecm ect.
  3. Yes wrong hub assembly, happened to about 9 months ago when I returned it the correct one was $35.00 more. Different plug and sensor.
  4. I have pretty much zeroed in on these, but my leaking housings are my biggest concern. My originals started getting condensation in them when the truck was 5 years old, cheaped up and bought aftermarket housings from ebay, and started getting condensation in less than a year. So I went oem they stayed clear for about 18 months. https://headlightrevolution.com/2007-2013-gmc-sierra-led-headlights-upgrade-kit-ultra-series/
  5. The first question that jumped out at me was what cam was swapped in? If it is a "performance" cam that lopes at idle from increased the lift/duration it's probably a low vacuum problem. A vacuum canister or hydro-boost swap should straighten it out.
  6. Yes DRL's are a seperate circuit, if you turn the knob to the left (after you take it out of park) the DRL's go off and stay off. '08 SLE by the way.
  7. Explain exactly what you want the truck to do to him, and he will get it done. Literally a mail order custom tune. https://www.diablewtune.com/
  8. https://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/1405-best-bluetooth-car-adapters.html#s3 This is what I have in my '08 SLE non Bose stereo work very well for me.
  9. My '08 locks in drive and unlocks in park, but it's supposed to, I can change it in the DCIM. I would check the grounds for the lock circuit and check the BCM.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.autocodes.com/amp/codes/c0267_gmc.html
  11. I'm not sure if your current BCM will operate the new doors, maybe snag the BCM from the doner truck and reflash it to your vin.
  12. For what it's worth I have used Infinity speakers when replacing the speakers in my semi trucks, with excellent results. I haven't got around to doing my pick up yet but those will be Infinity also.
  13. Once the rust has started "rust proofing" does little or nothing. There are several rust inhibitive out there, POR-15 is the only one I have any personal experience with and I am very pleased with the results so far. It's been almost 2 years now and still looks like the day I got it done. I did all the work myself its not hard but it is time consuming, drying/curing time is pretty long. I had 6 days in mine but I did both frame rails inside and out except for behind the fuel tank and all the cross members and rear end housing.
  14. Never seen one do that. But I have limited experience with Dura max, I noticed in the video -9 volts per your gauge. Make absolutely sure the batteries are fully charged and terminals are cleaned. Also noticed the "Passlock" light flashing with the alarm sound, try unhooking both batteries at the same time for 30 mins, then with the key off reconnect the batteries wait 5 minutes or more to turn key to "run" position and wait 30 min. turn key off then try to start. that is the only procedure I've found to reset the Passlock. but Ihave never tried on a duramax, so just an idea.
  15. http://www.currentperformance.com/shop/ls2-ls3-ls7-stand-alone-engine-harness-bare-bones/
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