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  1. Dropped fuel tank, and welded a large patch in yesterday. Now to start cleaning and painting
  2. My guess would be a throttle position motor sensor. They typically through 2 codes ,1 an aftermarket reader may miss.
  3. It appears as though something rubbed on the first 2 photos, if you look closely you can see minor abrasions ☹
  4. Before doing any more work on the 2013 , I would drop the fuel tank cover and look closely at the frame in that area . I am enclosing photos of mine at 100800 miles
  5. GM frames¿¿¿¿ this is a 2013 1500 frame rail at 100800 miles . Washed underneath twice weakly until October.
  6. Lucky you folks just have noise . My 2013 missed warranty by 4 months and 400 miles. Huge hole in left frame rail at 100800 miles . Wanna trade
  7. This was washed twice a week inside frame as well. After 16 Gm products 8 of which were brand new, may be the last. The 2008 is in much better shape .
  8. The body is in good shape ,a bit of paint flaking. GM offered me a $100 service voucher, as I missed warranty by 4 months and 400 miles .my 2008 is in much better shape than this .
  9. My 2013 Sierra-1500 has extensive rust between the fuel tank and inner frame rail. Probably 20 inch long area
  10. This is after pressure washing 20 inches long:(
  11. I have a 2013 Sierra with a little over 105000 miles . Body is rust free does have some paint flaking. In March at 100800 miles I we underneath for a gas tank sensor. I found a hole in the left frame rail, approximately 4 inches x 1 inch . I contacted GM . There answer was you perforation warranty expired November or 100400 miles which ever came first after several week they offered a service voucher for $100. I declined, I am going to keep fighting. The whole frame is in terrible condition. My 2008 has surface rust but nothing like the 2013. I pressure washed the underneath the other day to make a repair. I found the rust to be much more extensive nearly 18 inches long. Disgusted with GM this is my 16th and 8 brand new GM product, probably the last
  12. Regrettably almost all vehicles require this amount of removal to get to the heater core, and evaporator. Disgusting
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