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  1. My assumption is yes, but I'm not 100% sure. Why wouldn't they follow or use the latest updates?? I'm not sure why any dealership trying to resolve an issue wouldn't use the latest factory updates or protocol. They state no codes were tripped & latest software & relearning procedures were performed.
  2. And my truck was just in 2 days ago, so I'm sure your dealership doesn't have anything newer than that...
  3. No, they've been pretty free of debris. Initially, the tech thought rocks getting in the arms were causing it, but they would act up when completely clean. It's not sending any codes to read, and has been working great for awhile now, so it's hard to diagnose. They're is no reason for the dealership to lie about their findings, especially when they know they'll have to continually deal with it until resolved.
  4. Had my appointment yesterday at local dealership. They ran a scan for codes, made sure eveyrthing was "learned" & up to date but found nothing. The boards have only acted up a couple of times in the past month, and have possibly fixed themselves???? They've been working great for quite some time anyhow.
  5. Sorry, not yet as I had to reschedule the appointment. I will say that my boards have hardly done that in a while, been working great!
  6. You better feel lucky, because I've heard they are worse with snow & ice involved. Actually, I have heard of people just removing them and putting fixed boards on instead.
  7. I have an appointment in the a.m. to "re-learn" mine to see if that fixes the problem. I'll let you know if it works
  8. My tailgate is now dented also, right at the top center below the buttons. I hadn't even had a stinger in my receiver for a couple days, but do have a hitch plug that barely sticks up above the receiver, and my dogs use the multi-flex to get in & out of the bed as it's so tall. I have a feeling GM will be replacing a bunch of these as it's a horrible design for people who actually tow with their trucks. They either need to shorten the upper portion of the gate, or lower the receiver hitches about 3/4" of an inch so they don't collide. Just about every truck I see with that gate has a dent in them, or scratched from hitch or trailer jack contact.
  9. The sensors are the only thing missing on my HC that I ordered also, but I don't care if I have them anyway. They are a PITA, tall grass, ice in the winter make them beep annoyingly anyhow!
  10. Wow, that doesn't seem right. My truck sat at a railyard 56 miles away for about a month, waiting for transport to deliver to dealership, that was frustrating enough!
  11. Yep, exact same thing I'm dealing with! So, hopefully it'll get fixed with a computer flash then!
  12. Thanks for the info! It seems every time I mention something like this to a dealership, they act all surprised like I'm the first guy on the planet to have these problems! Anyway, this new truck purchase is the first vehicle I've ever bought the extended warranty for as I figured with all this electronic BS, that'll be what fails after the normal warranty period.
  13. Yeah, I debunked the rock theory myself and recently told that same tech it wasn't a rock causing them to do that. I just did a GM factory survey and let them know about it. Some days they work flawlessly, others I have to open and close the doors a few times before the deploy all the way. I'm sure there are others beside us having this issue. My truck started doing this on the second day I got it home, now approaching 4k miles
  14. Yeah, I went with the MBRP cat-back on my truck also. I've done my last 4 trucks, with Magna Flow, Gibson & 2 MBRP systems. Those stock mufflers are like a 35 gallon oil drum! My mechanic buddy has a collection of my stock systems. The MBRP system sounds nice imo, not too loud but wakes it up a bit, also in performance. I did ditch the ridiculous 5" tip they use though as my HC came with 4" chrome tip that slipped right inside of the tailpipe and I had my buddy tack weld it on. It looks way better!
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