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  1. WForrest, that could be a possibility with the OnStar, although I no longer subscribe. I stopped by a local dealership & talked to the lead tech, and he's never seen or heard that issue before. All systems are functioning properly as of now, including my fob with the same battery. "Things that make you go Hmmmm"
  2. Ha, yeah doesn't sound very sensible does it??? Typically, I do not leave the keys in it, but I live in a very rural, mountainous are where my private driveway is about 1,000 yards long from the main county road to my house.
  3. Turned out my hydro boost went out already at a mere 60k. Funny how my '07 went 200k+ miles without replacing anything but a battery & 1 axle due to a torn boot, but I've went through a PS pump at around 24k, & now the booster at 60k. Discouraging when you special order a truck to your desires...
  4. Last night while I was in bed, my truck started up by itself briefly, & then died. It did this like 3 times. I thought someone was trying to steal it, so as I ran outside with pistol in hand, I saw the dash lights come on, and it tried again, but shut off like it was shutting down the fuel system. My keys were in the ignition, and I'm wondering if it is a weak battery in the fob causing this?? I manually started it, shut it off & pulled out my keys and it never did it again. It has been fine today, along with functioning properly with the remote start. Anyone else have this issue??
  5. Well, I'm pretty sure the 1st photo's are a Ford. You can see the Oval under the grill covering, the wheel wells are round, & it doesn't have the satellite antenna on the roof. Not very hard to tell those are two different trucks...
  6. This past winter, I slid into a parked truck in a convenient store parking lot. As I was sliding toward the parked truck, I hit my brakes pretty hard. Ever since then, I periodically experience a binding feeling when applying my brake, like their is something blocking the petal for a brief moment, then it'll function normally and the brakes will apply. This has cause me to nearly run into objects several times, and when pedal finally depresses, it's like slamming on the brakes hard, sending me forward as the truck stops abruptly. I looked up under the dash while manually depressing pedal with
  7. I'm wondering why the remote wire from the deck to the amp wouldn't turn on the kicker??? I may call their tech support again & pic their brains. Thanks for the info starman!
  8. I'm sure this question has been asked before, but I cannot seem to find the topic in my searches, but has anyone hooked up the sub only to a non-Bose system w/aftermarket deck?? Kicker tech says sub needs 6 volts of power to turn on sub amp, and most aftermarket head units only supply 2-4 volts. I would think one could add a voltage line off the head unit to send more volts, like 12v to the Kicker to power it up & work??? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Ha! Consumer Reports.....I quit reading them 20 years ago when they constantly ranked Japanese vehicles #1, & US made as junk. I've always said that Toyota owns the publishing company, they are so BIASED!
  10. The SD slots are in 2015 HD's w/bench & fold down console, along with 2-USB's, & aux cable plug in socket. Can't see why GM would change that in the '16's...
  11. I'm not aware of any other storage from GM, possibly some after market bins though. I took a grinder & cut mine off at the sub, then I cut the very end off of the piece I cut off, matched it to the bin as close as possible, ground & cut it so it fit the best it could, used some 60 second epoxy to attach them together, then caulked the inside and filled the small gaps on the outside with some bronze silicone. I then drilled a hole in the rear lip of the bin and zip tied it to the seat belt tower next to the sub and used the GM supplied mounting bracket for the bin on the drivers side of
  12. No, Sorry it's not. 19303114 is the actual part number of the unit I have. I need the 19303118
  13. Hello, I have a Kicker Sub w/200 watt built-in amp that mounts under right rear seat for 2007-13 1500 & 2500 crew cab's. It's GM pn-19303114. It comes with a new wiring harness, it just plugs right in with only a 2-wire tp into factory wiring, along with power & ground leads. I was mis-informed when I bought it for my 2015 HD Crew & it's the wrong kit, so I'm trying to sell it to get the proper one. It works great & add's nice thump to the factory Bose systems. $350 shipped to your door! PM me or call 406-439-4276. I'm in Montana ***Sorry, I corrected the part number abov
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