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  1. I put a Thinkware X1000 in my truck and the F200 Pro in the SUV. The X1000 has a higher resolution but a larger camera body, and I like the wifi interface of the F200 better because I can pull up the footage on my phone.
  2. I've got a Thinkware X1000 in my truck and the F200 Pro in the family car. Both have parking mode. You can watch and download the videos to your phone with the F200, where as you're stuck watching them on the screen of the X1000 unless you pull the SD card.
  3. That's steep for new batteries, plus the cost of install.
  4. Still on the original battery? Are the batteries replaceable? There was another thread going around, and no one had the answer.
  5. I was doing some digging because I'm interested in a cap for my LTZ. I think the second link is for the tail gate back up camera, not the rearview mirror camera.
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