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  1. Not exactly an air freshner, But when I clean the interior of my vehicles, I use a bit of Murphy's Oil Soap in the water. Brings back that new car smell.
  2. Happened to me once, today. AT4 6.2L Wasn't exactly a super cold start, as I keep the truck in the garage. The temperature was probably around 5 deg C. I've been driving the truck for 7 months without issue. For the past few weeks its been as cold as -30 C and starting no problem. Has there been a solution or is the dealer still investigating?
  3. I upgraded to a 2020 AT4 from a 2008 Sierra All Terrain. Not sure what series that was but I think its the one before K2. The 2020 is an amazing machine, and its got everything I could imagine wanting, but man, that 2008 was a damn nice truck. I definitely miss it. If my 2020 serves me as well as my previous truck did, I'll be pretty happy. (it better for the price I paid lol)
  4. I prefer the sportier athletic look of the AT4 so thats what I bought. One thing I noticed right away was the suspension was a lot bouncier than my previous truck, an older sierra 1500. Of course, thats because of the off-road suspension that the AT4 was designed with I think another difference you will notice is the AT4 is a couple more inches higher to climb into. Which might be a concern for older people. Otherwise, I think the trucks are virtually the same, so its a matter of personal choice. I think if I hadn't gone for the AT4, I would have considered Elevation. Sure its a lower trim level, but GMC did a really good job on the appearance of the truck and the value of the packages included.
  5. Absolutely. I had a 2008 Sierra and totally loved the truck. Replaced it with a 2020 AT4 and its even better in every way.
  6. I agree. I think some colours of AT4s would look great with the 20" black wheel that's standard on Elevation trim. The wheel seems identical except for colour to the 20" AT4 wheels. I ended up with a pacific blue at4 with 18" rims and loving it. Black wheels would look awesome though.
  7. I just bought a 2020 AT4 last week Pretty happy I did instead of waiting for the 21's. Don't like what they're proposing for 2021 interior at all. As for seats, I find them super comfortable.
  8. I just picked up my 2020 AT4 2 days ago. I'm quite impressed by the audio. Music is bright, and bass is strong. By comparison, when I bought my 2015 Challenger, the audio was horrible. At 90% volume, the sound doesn't compare at all to my AT4 at maybe 50%. GM and Bose did a good job in my opinion.
  9. AT4 for me because I love the ruggedness and go-anywhere do-anything mentality. Even though I rarely offroad. But the Elevations with their black wheels contrasting with some great paint colours, are pretty sweet looking units. You can actually tow a little more with an Elevation too. I'm actually torn between the two. But theres a few toys on the AT4 that I want. I'd hoped that the dealer would have some 20" black elevation wheels leftover from someones wheel swap that I could install on my AT4 once I finalize the deal. For value, you probably can't beat the Elevation
  10. Elevation will give you better towing capability than AT4. On the website I can configure an Elevation crew cab, 5.3 engine, with Max Trailering package for 11,000 lbs. Best I can do on an AT4 is 9200. With Elevation you'd have to make a choice between Max Trailering package and X31
  11. Love the idea of the lettering. I also like the looks of these steps alot better than what the dealer wants to sell me. He warned me that these would be slipperier. The dealer's is a cheaper option so its not like hes trying to make an extra buck. I still might change the order if it ever gets accepted, and go with the offroad steps above. Then get some anti slip strips put on if necessary.
  12. Too bad theres leaking rear window issues. I have a 2008 Sierra, sliding rear window, and never ever had any leaks in the 12 years I owned the truck. I hate the looks of the sliding rear windows on the new Fords, which is one of many reasons I'm staying with GMC. Upgrading my 2008 to a 2020 AT4 so sure hope I dont get a leaky window.
  13. Great looking truck! What colour is this? Carbon Black Metallic?
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