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  1. Pretty much all I done to it so far. Replaced the AT4 badges, tinted windows 3M on front, replaced the muffler and changed the 18"to 20" Elevation wheels. I did order the red brake calipers. I hate the running boards on it wouldn't mind replacing it with some amp boards. Not planning on doing a whole lot more to it because it never stops LOL
  2. I found a take off place that gave me decent trade on my 18" for these 20". I like the looks lot better than I thought and no road noise now. I did like the looks of the Duratracs though. Thinking about putting the red caliper covers on to give it just little bit of pop.
  3. Where did you find best place to buy the RBP steps. I had the retractable steps on my 18 king ranch and really liked the clean look of them. I want to replace the ones on my AT4 as they are pretty much useless. Mounted too high to get out. On these are the AMP is there a way to have the steps open without opening the doors for cleaning going thru car wash?
  4. I have the 18" AT4 wheels on my 20 AT4 in Smokey quartz metallic and think the truck will look good with a black wheel. Might level or lift later but for now leaving it as is suspension wise. I've seen some 20" take offs that have been painted black that I think would look good on truck for now, but was hoping to get some pictures of similar setups. I've seen some 22" on here and they look great as well just wanting to stay with 20 for a little more sidewall. Thanks
  5. I was looking at Ram limited or longhorns for last 6 month. Really loved the interior but no kidding every time I would get close to actually buying one I would go to the Ram forum and see just so many issues they had in 19 but didn't seem to fix in 20. Now I know forum's are just a small sampling of owners and that most people get on them to find fix's to their issues. I also know that all brands have issues. I for the most part have drove fords for last few years and never had any major issues with any of them. Ram has done a nice job in their updates but really seems like quality control still lacks. I read thru these forums before I bought my AT4 and I seen some issues but not nearly as many as I seen at the Ram forums. I bought my AT4 because I like the 6.2, it gave me all the gadgets that I wanted plus I've always thought the NBS GM trucks look the best on outside. Lots of good choices when buying a truck now days.
  6. Totally my opinion but the factory wheels actually look good on that truck, especially if you put bigger tire on that truck. Trucks looks good with that lift.
  7. For those of you that have done this kit (BTW appreciate the tire rack price) How is the ride? close to stock? Any concerns about the not being able to use the auto 4wd as that's something I use in winter. If you do the rear block does the truck sit completely level or still little rake? Thanks
  8. How hard are these to install yourself. Are they just plug and play?
  9. I'm new here and just bought a 2020 AT4 loaded. I've had a lot of fords and never had any complaints but was looking hard at a 19 Rams. Liked a lot of things about them but you really want to see some issues go to Ram forum's. They literally scared me out of it. Crazy part is it doesn't seem like the FCA is fixing problems from 19 on new ones. So I've been going thru these forums last few days and not nearly as bad as ram forums. I know it was all new stuff in 19 on these trucks but I'm betting they will be quite a bit more reliable than the Ram would have been.
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