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  1. How do y’all feel about stock UCAs on a 6” lift which maintains factory geometry with lift knuckles? Are upgraded UCAs mandatory or failure inevitable?
  2. Sort of both. The design is from the tattered flag decal on inshanedesigns but I didn’t like their vinyl material. So I took the image and had it custom cut onto Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Satin Black. I love it!
  3. Got my tailgate done! Wanted to spice it up after debadging it but didn’t wanna do the letters like everyone does.
  4. Its Mahogany on Black. The package number is K1778-100. https://katzkinvrs.com/Res/designPDFs/Design Deck - 2019 Chevrolet Silverado.pdf
  5. The RBP’s do not use the ODB port. One of the reasons I prefer them actually. Here are some more pics.
  6. You can’t even see it when installed. It’s way more subtle than the promo material leads you to believe. I have a 6” lift and I have to try to look under to see it. Can’t see it from the side.
  7. Check out the RBP Stealth Power steps. 2 motors per side and better warranty than AMP. I’ve had them for 5 months and love them.
  8. Just installed these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/3pcs-Smoke-Lens-Amber-LED-Center-Grille-Lights-w-Bracket-For-19-Chevy-Silverado-/133399163138
  9. FYI, to get a shop to install a full Katzkin package including the leather itself should be no more than $1,300.
  10. I had a custom fab shop do it. They do 4-5 complete installs per day due to agreements with local dealerships. I guess a ton of people are buying lower optioned vehicles and doing Katzkin. The quality, to me, seems to be as good if not better than OEM. The only thing they didnt do was the center console lid. They said they couldn't figure out out to get it off. I think they must just leave it trimmed in black leather because most people install OEM colors, so being as mine was different they didn't do. My neighbor (an auto interior refurb business owner) did it.
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