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  1. I pick up my truck for the 4th time today from the dealer. This time just like the last time, they did nothing other than put miles on it. Social media team said they would coordinate and get others involved, and apparently went no where. I've wasted 8 hours driving to/from the dealer. Shared a video of the issue that i took on my way to drop it off before attempt #3 that showed all of the issues, and yet they "can't replicate it" so no issue fixed. I was asked a couple times to come in during normal business hours to chauffeur someone around to let it replicate. Not taking time off work to waste even more time than i already have on this issue. For those having this issue, I have reached out to a lemon lawyer after attempt # 3 and they have stated this is a valid claim if you're looking to ditch your truck and be reimbursed. I'm currently in talks with a few dealers about trading my truck in on a F150. Trade in is almost what i paid for it new (before taxes) so another option if others are looking to do similar.
  2. Email: [email protected] I found they were very responsive while my truck was in the dealer the last 3 times...Updated me a few times before the dealer did on a few things, but ultimately my truck is still not fixed and it was left at that.
  3. Got a call today from the dealer to come pick up the truck again (3rd time). Forgot to ask what they did while they had since i last posted until i got there. According to the adviser i spoke to, they drove the truck 100 miles and couldn't replicate the issue. I take the fact they gave it back without any fixes they have given up... Prior to the pick up, i ensured i deleted all vehicles tied to my carplay on my phone and did the latest update that popped up here recently. It did not crash on the ~45 minute drive home, which is positive but think it's just luck. Truck will likely sit until we head west on Saturday for a race so won't get a good long test on it until then. They are supposedly going to be extending my warranty on this particular issue, waiting on the email from GM to say how much it's extended. If it arises again, will be bringing it to another dealership.
  4. Didn't realize that was a judgeable offense... ? I don't like wires hanging all over the place, and didn't want to have to reach up to turn it on and off. I turn it on/off frequently if i'm going thru somewhere that sets it off, get stuck by a car with blind spot mirrors, etc.
  5. Truck is back at the dealership as of this morning. Volume wasn't working properly with music now. Make an adjustment and there was a huge lag where it would gradually change based on the previous knob turn. Was able to get a video of the issues that i need to send over to them before Monday. With 2500 miles left on my warranty, i'm going to keep giving it to them until it's fixed.
  6. Positive news. They replaced the radio on my truck and i was able to pick it up today. Unlike last time where i only made it 1/2 of the way home, today i was able to make it 2/3 of the way! My volume also goes in and out now as well while on the phone so that was a nice new surprise.
  7. Dropped the truck of Thursday evening and picked it up this afternoon. They did a software update... GM bulletin #20-NA-097. Made it half way home and the screen crapped out and restarted during a carplay phone call. Turned back around and left it for them to re-diagnose next week.
  8. 2019 GMC Sierra is doing this as well...This thread gives me a ton of confidence of this being fixed...
  9. Yes. Easy install. About $270 to buy all of the parts. Few threads on here that will give you part #'s and some instructions.
  10. For reference, here is my tire clearance with the RL UCA (Tire specs in above post). Note that the outter lugs on the tire are not offset in the image so clearance is less than shown. I've articulated the suspension pretty well to check for rubbing and haven't caught any marks yet but it is certainly close. I'm convinced on this size tire, it will 100% come down to actual tire selection and not all 285/75/18's will fit without wheel spacers.
  11. No good ones but here you go. 285/75/18 Nitto Ridge Grapplers Stock 18s No wheel spacers Zero Trimming. Zero way to go any wider of a tire without hitting the Ready lift UCAs unless wheel spacers are added, which will probably cause more rubbing issues. Only rubbing as mentioned above (Slight rub going over a bump at full lock) Truck has a 1 to 1.25" rake with the 2" SST.
  12. I'm on that size tire but have the 2" SST. Very minor rubbing when turned going over a bump. Normal conditions, nothing.
  13. The kit is designed for the AT4/TB trucks. Anything over 2" (stock TB/AT4 height) you need new UCA's. Facebook you'll run across enough posts with UCA failures where it's cheap insurance to do it once. Only have about 5k miles on mine since i did it last month, but so far so good. No issues/complaints. You will be limited on tire width if you want to run stock wheels with new UCA's. I'm on 285/75/18's that barely squeeze around the new UCA. TireRack has the 2" kit for $510 + Shipping. Lowest price by far i found any where. 2" will leave your rear high by about an inch. There is also a 1.75" kit if you want the truck level and not raise the rear.
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