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  1. Does this list have duplicates? The F block kit looks like it has the battery cable in it in one of the images. Trying to get a clear part # list, seems every list that's been posted has different quantity and different part #'s required so a bit confused. My truck is a Black push button GMC.
  2. In theory, it should function no different than a lowered truck. Now if the aftermarket components work in harmony or not, that's another story and where a (good) suspension shop is needed. What i don't know is if the Rough country provides a full 6" cross member drop or a 4" and then act as if they have a 2" leveling kit via the spacer above the strut to get the 6" that was the popular thing to do in recent years by the suspension companies.
  3. They aren't the same. The spacer height will have to be different above the strut due to the factory TB/AT4 stock lift. They aren't replacing the strut assembly so they have to compensate for that with the spacer. End result (i.e. 6" over a base 4x4 truck), yes is the same. The cross member and many of the parts are probably the same but they are different kits.
  4. Yes I'm aware how the lift works. If you remove the 6" spacer above the strut, and put a 4" spacer above the strut, the truck WILL LOWER. As a result your control arms will angle up as if you lowered your stock truck.
  5. Those are NOT the same kits! The spacer (Edit: Above the strut, not the cross member) is going to be a different height as it has to compensate for the factory 2" kit.
  6. I mis-read the OP's previous post. I read it as Rough country does offer a 4" kit with a drop bracket, not just the cheap leveling lifts. Didn't care enough to go stalk their website. I at no point said delete the 6" spacer, i said look into utilizing a spacer from a smaller kit (aka 4" kit from another manufacturer) Either way, your end recommendation to work with a shop matches mine...
  7. I suspect (and i could be wrong as i'm not as familiar with GM products) the 4" and 6" kits are likely the same minus spacers, blocks and couple odds and ends. Ask Rough country the question to see if that is correct and if so, what part #'s would be required if you wanted to convert your 6" to a 4" That will give you the best answer to help decide which way to proceed. There are options, just need a good truck shop that can help you navigate which route is the best to get your desired results.
  8. I've always stuck with the if i'm willing to cut the frame the lift ain't coming off, but it is doable. OP, if that's the route you want to go, work with a suspension shop to get their scraps next time they do the job on a 2019+ truck and then have a competent shop do the copy and repair the removed parts. No way i'd consider buying a truck with this work done for the record and i suspect many other buyers would not be interested as well.
  9. They use a spacer on top of the strut instead of a coil over. Spacer below and to the side of each rear shock.
  10. I don't see them going 2" wider. My 12.50's were not 13.5" wide. Keep in mind, depending on the wheel width being used, the tire may be wider or narrower once installed.
  11. Chances are, you can use a spacer (i'm assuming you have a spacer lift not coil over) from another brands lift kit to drop the strut assembly height. May take some trial and error but no reason it shouldn't work as long as some homework is done. You could always look at how the trucks are lowered and potentially put a lowering kit on the truck depending on how the aftermarket does the drop. Adding back the metal ain't going to cost you $10k (it's just 2 cuts out from the install instructions I believe, i could be wrong on this), but isn't the desirable route either way unless a good fab shop does the fab and welding. Anyone that quotes you $10k is giving you the go away price we're not interested.
  12. Has anyone got rid of the chrome and put the grille color (grey chrome) on the badges and exhaust tips? Have a black truck and not wanting to black it out, but the chrome has always looked out of place.
  13. Can you not just pull the switch and either leave the circuit open or close it?
  14. Interesting that the 2" SST material for the AT4 & Trail boss doesn't state this...
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