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  1. I did another mileage check, this time I ran Regular 87 octane and the 64 miles from camp to home on the highway at just over the 55 MPH speed limit with the cruise control set at 57MPH and got 29MPG. My best mileage posted a few pages back was 28MPG and I have concluded that there is no noticeable difference between running 91 octane over 87 octane when driving economically. I did notice after the fuel mileage check when i strapped on my lead filled shoe, that the motor slightly knocked when pushed hard and the power was not the same. Back to premium fuel.
  2. Did another mileage check returning home from camp. Last time got 28.4MPG with a tailwind at 55MPH. This weekend had a very slight head/crosswind and got 25MPG at 60MPH I have the CAI and Cat Back exhaust running 3.23 gears and 91 octane and 50PSI in my Duratrac tires.
  3. I picked up my 2019 AT4 one year ago today. It was built on Monday June 24/19 in Fort Wayne Indiana and has the E2 Fuyao rear window. It has been parked inside a garage every night (heated in winter) and I was camping this past weekend and we had some rain. Rear window was leaking on both sides. Truck only has 9,000 miles on it and already has needed the FWD actuator replaced, transmission control module and one O2 sensor, ECM re-flash and has been in for 4 recalls. Add me to the window leak club and I would not have looked for the leak if i hadn't seen this thread. While at camp, we looked inside my son's 2019 Elevation and his rear slider was also leaking. I like my truck but i'm not impressed with the problems after just one year of ownership.
  4. When i built my truck online, i picked the optional CAI and performance cat back exhaust. The option codes are on my build sheet are: 5W7 - PERFORMANCE AIR INTAKE SYSTEM (LPO-DEALER INSTALLED) and WBC - CAT-BACK PERFORMANCE EXHAUST (LPO-DEALER INSTALLED) and another line shows: PDM - PERFORMANCE UPGRADE PACKAGE * CAT-BACK PERFORMANCE EXHAUST SYSTEM * PERFORMANCE AIR INTAKE SYSTEM (LPO-DEALER INSTALLED) As it says, the dealer installs it and is supposed to calibrate the ECM. Turns out that the dealer i purchased from (out of town) forgot to re-flash the computer,. After a few months of driving, I was getting check engine lights and it was idling rough. Took it to a local dealer who said I needed a new O2 sensor according to the code. They changed one then got the engine light again. They finally figured it out by contacting GM Corporate who verified that the dealer i purchased from forgot to do it. Local dealer did the ECM calibration and also adjusted the fuel banks. The first pic is the service order when they thought it was just the O2 sensor. The second pic was the fix. My suggestion is to order and have it installed at the dealer and they can do the re-flash and you will not have to worry about having your warranty possibly voided.
  5. I call mine the 'Scratch of Shame'. It now reminds me every time i activate the step to check that the hitch is out. Mine only made a scratch because i quickly realized what i did before i opened the step and got up, which definitely would have turned into a dent or worse if I would have stepped on it.
  6. You need to choose it as an "info page option" in the DIC settings and check off "fuel economy" then you can view it in the DIC information tab by scrolling on the steering wheel right thumbwheel
  7. Forgot to mention that my 6.2L AT4 has the 3.23 gear ratio and the tri-fold box cover if that helps. I included pics of the dic. First one is in metric 8.3 Litres per 100km for 111.4km (70 miles) distance on the highway which converts to 28.339 US miles per gallon.I just changed the units to US and snapped the second pic of the dic and it shows for 129 miles, (1st 70 miles highway and 59 miles city) I am getting 21.8 MPG. This is driving the speed limit and feathering the throttle. Third pic is from May and is combined hwy/city and is 400km (250 miles) at 11.8L/100km which converts to 19.9 MPG.
  8. 2019 Sierra 1500 AT4 with 6.2L Factory Performance Cold Air Intake Replacement Filter GM Part #84428120 Cabin Air Filter GM Part #13508023
  9. I use the same one as Jav_eee. It works good and great value for the price.
  10. I am getting exceptional fuel mileage. I run Premium fuel only and keep my Goodyear Duratrac tire pressure at 50PSI. My AT4 also has the factory cat back exhaust and cold air intake (435hp & 469ft/lb torque). I generally drive it aggressively and love the exceptional power. On Sunday, I decided to see what the best fuel mileage i could get. I drove home from camp , distance was 70 miles all highway and i drove it conservatively at 55MPH and got 28MPG. (wind was at my back). I typically get 24-26MPG on the highway driving the speed limit with tail wind and 23-25MPG with headwind. I also did a 250 mile mileage test combined Highway/City, using the auto-stop function and got 19.9MPG.
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