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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Illinoisains?

    I am in Naperville. What are you looking for from a 4x4 shop? Lift etc? Kevin at One Stop Truck Shop in Lemont is AWESOME. I've used them for yers as el as many other's I know. For "Mods" like vinyl graphics and such Eddie over at Symbolic in Joliet does good work.
  3. Illinoisains?

    Anyone else from western Chicago suburbs? I'm in Oswego and also looking for a decent and reputable 4x4 shop
  4. Illinoisains?

    Rochester, IL here. On my 5th truck in the past 9 years. It's an addiction! Waiting for the redesigned HDs in 2020 or 2021! 2004 2500 HD 4x4 SWB CC LT 6.0 bought used in 2008. 2012 1500 LT 4x4 SB CC 5.3 bought used in 2012. 2014 1500 LT 4x4 SB CC 5.3 bought new in December 2014. 2016 2500 HD 4x4 SWB CC LTZ Duramax bought new in June 2016. 2017 2500 HD 4x4 SWB DC LT Alaskan Edition 6.0 bought new in July 2017. My least favorite was the 2012 1500. Most favorite is the 2017 2500HD Alaskan gasser.
  5. Kansans Sound Off!

    Another group, lol , Kansas City area, Overland Park Ks.
  6. Kansans Sound Off!

    Another Kansan here, I'm from the KC area.
  7. Illinoisains?

    Transplanted Chicagoan to Southern Illinois--live in De Soto Il--wife is from Gilman --BowTie man--just bought 2015 Silverado Lt---hope it does me well--and I don't have buyers remorse
  8. Illinoisains?

    Thanks it needs to warm up so I can take it out Ryan B.
  9. Illinoisains?

    Hey Ryan, Love that new 1LE
  10. Illinoisains?

    And the blues brothers Ryan B.
  11. Illinoisains?

    Hey Guy`s I`m in Joliet home of Chicagoland Speedway!
  12. Let's get this party started!!

    KENOSHA, WI here!
  13. Let's get this party started!!

    Hi Guys, from Joliet IL.
  14. Let's get this party started!!

    Rural northeast Nebraska here
  15. Let's get this party started!!

    5 of 24 with 3 of those new to GM-Trucks. I guess the rest are shy...or...worried we'll show up on their door step.
  16. Let's get this party started!!

    Green Bay WI here!
  17. Let's get this party started!!

    What's up guys. Platteville, Wisco. Just took advantage of the balmy 40F weather today lol. Finally sprayed the salt off the truck and fixed a rattle that's been driving me crazy for 2 months but its been too cold to bother with until now. Gotta love those 4 screws below the steering column haha.
  18. Let's get this party started!!

    Hey everyone! Chiming in from Anoka, Minnesota.
  19. Let's get this party started!!

    Black Walnuts are easier to husk than this group! Come out of your shells boys.
  20. Let's get this party started!!

    178 miles straight south of me. Not too far.
  21. Let's get this party started!!

    Hi! I'm from Decatur, Illinois. Also surrounded by cornfields.
  22. There are only 12 of us and I'd like to not have to search everyone's whereabouts. I'm from Kingston Illinois. That's between Rockford and De Kalb in a cornfield.
  23. Kansans Sound Off!

    Kansas City! Surely there are more Kansan's than this on this site.
  24. Kansans Sound Off!

    Marco? I know of at least one other, Strykers_Inc here in Kansas.
  25. anyone else from Illinois?

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