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  1. What's new in this club
  2. New member here. Medina area
  3. Migrated to Monroe Michigan from Northeast Georgia almost 7 years ago what’s up fellas
  4. New to the forum. From South Dakota, west river. Bout a 21 new to me Silverado Custom.
  5. My 2017 lifted Silverado on 33/12.50lt22s
  6. My 2017 lifted Silverado on 33/12.50lt22s
  7. Grain Valley Mo here. Got a 2011 2WD LT (Red) and a 2021 4X4 LT (Black).
  8. Wisconsin here as well. West Allis area. Nice to see others from Wisco. Hell lets try and set up a meet for all who can make it to the Waukesha area.
  9. Delafield here, just sold my 2019 Raptor and bought a Sierra.
  10. Started a topic on rust protection here: I thought I should let the Midwest Owners Club know, since we deal with a lot of corrosion. Thanks!
  11. Old topic, but new to the site, South Bend here
  12. Got a set of 4 275 55r20 cooper plus tires are fairly new. ultra Motorsport 20x9(10) wheels have tpms. Looking for cash. northern Wisconsin.
  13. Toledo area here new Silverado owner as well
  14. Does anyone know how long it actually takes to get a truck you ordered from the factory. I know about everything going on with microchips, etc. Has anyone ordered a truck recently that can fill me in? I ordered the truck in late April. Dealer told me late May or early June to get delivery, but everything online says it could be 8-12 weeks.
  15. I'm in Wichita, just got my 2019 Silverado in March.
  16. SW Michigan here as well. Kalamazoo/St Joseph County. Sounds like we are all over the mitten map. Handful up north, a few partway in between, a couple in the capitol and some holding thing down out East in D-town. Happy new years to you all, let’s hope this one goes better than the way 2020’s shitshown played out.
  17. Anybody in KS wanting to meet up one weekend or two a month and just get together and hang out? Show of the trucks shine or rust?

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