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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Toledo area here new Silverado owner as well
  3. Does anyone know how long it actually takes to get a truck you ordered from the factory. I know about everything going on with microchips, etc. Has anyone ordered a truck recently that can fill me in? I ordered the truck in late April. Dealer told me late May or early June to get delivery, but everything online says it could be 8-12 weeks.
  4. I'm in Wichita, just got my 2019 Silverado in March.
  5. SW Michigan here as well. Kalamazoo/St Joseph County. Sounds like we are all over the mitten map. Handful up north, a few partway in between, a couple in the capitol and some holding thing down out East in D-town. Happy new years to you all, let’s hope this one goes better than the way 2020’s shitshown played out.
  6. Anybody in KS wanting to meet up one weekend or two a month and just get together and hang out? Show of the trucks shine or rust?
  7. I'm from Lawrence KS, im now stationed in Ft. Riley.
  8. I had a caliper go bad and cause the left rear wheel to drag. I replaced the caliper but now the wheel is "doglegging" and causing the truck to shake. Any tips on how to fix this?
  9. Granite City here 2003 Yukon XL 1500
  10. I also carry a collapsible Snow shovel, and an axe in my truck as well as water and food that won’t go bad or need to be heated.
  11. All the above are great. I also like to keep a jump box and a roll or toilet paper in the truck also.
  12. Jumper cables/box, tow strap, gloves, hat, winter boots.
  13. Hey all. I’m moving to WI from FL, and am wondering what you all keep in your trucks every day. (Especially for winter). I am prepared for the major shift from FL, but I want to hear from you all that have been living it. Right now, I am planning on water, blanket, flashlight, sandbags, recovery gear (looking for recommendations), handgun, waterproof matches, flares, jumper cables, and I’m sure more that I’m just not listing. Thanks in advance- and feel free to tell me what your summer gear is too!

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