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  1. I experienced the crank no start 2 weeks ago, took to dealer and dropped off same day. Got a call the next day for ECM update. Have not experienced it since. Crank time is definitely longer than before, but I thought these things always started up super quick anyway. If this is the resolution then I am happy. I cannot stand the idea of a cab-off surgery for the crank wheel issue on such a new truck.
  2. I experienced the dreaded crank no start. Truck timed out, but then started right up on second try. Drove straight over to GMC dealer, found ECM update regarding crank no start. Have no experienced it again, but it does crank longer by default now. Just thought I would share for others that have read about the bent crank wheel issue some are experiencing. If this resolves it and no other symptoms come from it, I'm happy with this resolution. I just could NOT get on board with a cab-off surgery on such a new truck.
  3. 2wd models will likely get the G80 locker in higher trim models only. The truck you're describing seems like a rare combo, but a cool one. Welcome!
  4. I did the first one myself at 5,500 miles a couple weeks ago. I did pickup 1mpg it seems using DexosD 0w20 and a upf66r filter
  5. My local ACDelco / Motocraft suppliers have DexosD in stock. I have not seen the Mobil1 ESP X2 in stock anywhere. PF66 is getting low inventory right now but UPF66R still good availability.
  6. There is a TSB for internal a/c condenser blockage with these, take to dealer.
  7. my 21' works well in certain scenarios. If it's long straight highway it does very well. If it's winding 2 lane roads with the sun on the horizon, it will disable itself frequently. I figure at least it is smart enough to know it can't work correctly. I also like that you can adjust the distance for spacing between the car in front. I'm sure they are still working out some calibration settings, but overall I like it's features. But I do not consider this autopilot like others may.
  8. Those tires need to be rotated twice as often as you all take them in for oil changes. 3-4k increments will be the only thing that makes them wear remotely even. They are great MUD tires. If I had a dollar for every time I saw someone complain about this and take one look at their tires and it tells this story.
  9. These engines for several generations have had hit and miss lifter failures. This is nothing new. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Every make/model has a pattern failure of some type. TSBs can make people paranoid, they are tools for technicians to be more efficient.
  10. I have a 2021 Denali Duramax with the 22" Bridgestone's, I was able to cure my vibration pretty easily with some match forcing. I own a shop and the Bridgestone's are great tires which we have very few problems with, compared to other brands.
  11. I am a Verizon user but this really just sounds like AT&T has better coverage in your neck of the woods. I would just switch cell phone providers and use your own data, hotspots as needed. and never look back to the trucks overpriced wifi
  12. I also have a 2021 Denali 1500 3.0 with the Alenza 275/50R22 - I find them to be very smooth tires, but just like all things - there can be calibration errors that lead to minor irregularities in manufacturing, i.e vibrations. There needs to be some verifiable results here, otherwise this is all speculation. If you are not taking the wheel and tire assemblies off of the vehicle, swapping to a known-good set. Then having the person who is not satisfied with the vibration level drive the car and say "ok it is fixed" Then this scenario will never end.
  13. What are the details on your truck? 6speed? 8speed? 10speed? 2 speed transfer case?
  14. There is a TSB for twisted up rubber transmission cooler line from the factory. You'll have to get under the truck and remove the plastic to see. if you find that the line is twisted, replace it.
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