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  1. I run this routinely in my 2015 5.3 - I actually take off my intake tube and spray it directly at the throttle body in bursts, the truck will not run correctly with the MAF plugged in and intake not hooked up so I unplug the MAF and the truck will idle good enough to run it through. I have a second person hold the idle a little under 2k rpm while I run the service. This method is not for everyone, and unless you know what you're doing I do not recommend this.
  2. Was the tires the only thing you changed when they got put on?
  3. While I do agree we are splitting hairs here, The idea that tire OD is no longer accurate once it is on a given vehicle seems a little far fetched. OD is OD, the entire market is built around OD - the manufacturer modifying these figures in our tables to account for "squish?" While this might be your opinion, this is not a fact. It was not my suggestion that this would have any effect on shift feel, only the scaling done to correct scheduling as you mentioned. In the end I agree that getting it close enough IS all that matters, And I was just surprised to see how many p
  4. Food for thought. The trans logic worked better after this correction.
  5. From what I've gathered, that 30.87 figure is the same OD used on all model programming. That 265/65R18 is somewhere around 31.5~ And the 22" option sits near 32.5~ in some cases. so there is a wide discrepancy. This single setting made a better suited starting point for trans tuning, since we literally tune around this figure(MPH) in lots of cases it only made sense that I was using an accurate starting point. My specific setup is a little strange and could be why I have success with it, I use a 33" tire and a 3.08 gear, 6th gear is tuned out until about 60mph on light cruise
  6. Just out of curiosity, Have you set your tire height correct for your specific tires/size with the wizard...? If not, doooo it.
  7. Yes, In my post I mentioned I bought this truck new.
  8. I'm original owner, L1 Master tech. It has always used 0w20 Pennzoil Platinum w/ PF63E - (a few time I did use 0w20 Mobil 1 AFE) General service interval 5000-7000 miles. Always monitored level, Almost no consumption. 1st occurance: 55k~ miles - lifters were never noisy. Had my AFM deleted for about 15k miles, loaded stock tune prior to a visit to the dealer for recall, lifters would clatter very noticeably during V4 mode, both banks of lifters replaced under warranty. 2nd occurnace 60k~ miles - AFM disabled / lifter gets stuck one day getting on highway
  9. Might be best to start a new thread for trans tune stuff, don't want to go too far off topic here. =P
  10. I agree, the transmission settings make a huge difference. Mine was terrible, and had been my number 1 complaint since I purchased this truck new. I'm going to send you a PM about the PE stuff...
  11. Thanks for the post. I've been working on transmission tuning lately and was just about to do this on my truck, 60% seems like a good place to start!
  12. Sadly, this is a necessity with our direct injection engines. I run the CRC GDI intake cleaner about every 10-15k miles.
  13. Basically. Fluid change is still helpful of course, but this is beyond a fluid issue.
  14. supercharger will take away from reliability due to the extra moving parts, extra stress, heat etc. Larger numerical gear ratios will have thinner teeth on the ring gear, making them ultimately weaker than lower numerical gear ratios. Pick your poison. If it's a daily driver just save the money for when they 6speed takes a shit lol
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