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  1. going to be a delay on the install, heavy work load currently, and NO shop locally will install this for me because I bought the parts... wow...
  2. Thank you Naughty Donkey. yes, alignment afterwards. release all other connections for slack. The steering rack tho had me questioning it. RC says it does something to the steering rack when disconnecting the tie rod ends. I`ve never heard that before. I`ll update when I`m finished. Thanks!
  3. Hello Folks, been awhile, boating season is over here, except for another sbc engine build. Gives me a bit of time to focus on the Silverado. A few questions for you good people: I am installing a set of loaded front struts, and new upper control arms: Why would I need to disconnect the battery for this install? Why would I need to disconnect all 3 connectors for the electric steering rack? Now what exactly happens later when you disconnect the battery on these new vehicles? Will I lose my radio settings or need a code to turn it back on. Ive done many suspension upgrades on other vehicles, just not a newer 2019 Silverado LT. Thank you in advance!
  4. I have the Range on my 2019 LT, always plugged in and no issues so far.
  5. Thank you everyone, since posting this I have researched, read, and watched on info pertaining to this. You guys said it the best. I understand now what's going on. Awesome
  6. Hi fellas, been awhile, busy with commuting for work. A few days ago, the voltage gauge dropped to what looks like 12+ volts 1/2 way home during a 70 mile commute. usually the gauge always sits at 14, or just a hair over 14V. Today on the way home it did it again. Now in the morning when I leave its a steady 14+ for 70 miles no issues. On the way home today it dropped and stayed there. The gauge will ocassionally come up to 14V but not stay there very long and back down to 12. When I got home I checked the system while the truck was running and saw 12.5 - 12.7 when the gauge was low, and 13.7-14.5 when the gauge was high. With the truck off, the voltage drops steadily from 12.71 down to 12.2 whats happening here, it the alternator having problems or a bad battery? history, 2019 Used Silverado purchased a few months ago with 3060 miles. truck is 3+ years old original battery. Truck now has 8500 miles and this just started... everything else looks good. is this from intelligent voltage control or similar? Thank you.
  7. Will be picking up a Pace Edwards Switchblade retractable cover in a few days. Will update when installed.
  8. Here it is installed. Nice match. Had to trim the GM floor liners.
  9. I can not completely comment on the drone, as I have not towed with the truck as of yet with this new exhaust. I do run the Range DFM delete module, you could have tried that before removing the exhaust. As far as the drone, different engine loads, different roads and speed have any drone in different rpms and gears. does it have some, yes, but I`m quickly past that point. I would suspect it would be worse when low speed cruising, however I have not experienced it yet even with varying speeds, hills, curves, ramps, etc... Ill know more when I hook up the trailer in a few months.
  10. Thank you, for the info. Last time I used a Sprint booster was on a 2011 FJ Cruiser and it worked as intended. True, when you get on the Go pedal she does drink. I also like the other modes that came with the truck, Sport, snow, and trailer. Finally someone got it right. I am running the Range DFM module currently and the truck just runs so much better. As far as flashing software, all depends on what I do with this truck down the road. I am familiar with Tuning. Right now the truck was purchased to tow when I need it... and commute to work. Thanks
  11. Looks like AFE 77-14009 is the part number for 2019-2021 Silverado`s with 5.3, anyone using this?
  12. not the case here, prior owner put a cig burn in the drivers seat, yeah nice I know, not laughing. and between work, Dogs, and hobbies I just don`t want to trash the seats.
  13. I`ve read a lot of reviews and saw a good amount of customer pictures, they seem to fit pretty loose. So I opted for the Carhartt Seat Saver covers which look like they fit pretty decent. My seats are not mushed yet with 5300 miles on the truck. fingers crossed... a lot of complaints about a few seat cover brands was the strap buckles...
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