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  1. Yea, I saw that after I posted. TBH I'd like to have the entire mirror painted body color.
  2. They do sell colored matched ones, try this site https://www.shopchevyparts.com/exterior/2020-silverado-1500-rearview-mirror-covers-cajun-red-tintcoat-outside-set-two/84469252-p-92305865.html
  3. I doubt anyone would want this but anyway, I have the fold down center jumpseat black cloth for sale. It was taken out of my 2020 Custom, it DOES NOT have storage, also have the floor and dash piece. Prefer to sell it to someone who can pick it up in the Louisville Kentucky area.
  4. I went to the local dealer and they wanted $338 for the set, called the dealer and spoke to the salesman to see if he could get me dealer cost on handles. He quoted me $388, I said you are crazy and your company is screwing you over if that is your cost. Bought some the other day off one of the many gm websites that sale parts. Hard part was finding the keyhole part number, plus the website says it doesn't fit on a Custom. My guess is because it only comes with the cheap black textured where as the different models have different options. Paid $177 for handles, Thumb part was a separate part number, body shop around the corner is charging $250 to paint. Total is more than I wanted to pay, but hate the textured black. Funny thing is you can buy a complete set of the old style for 40-50 dollars all day long. They are suppose to arrive Friday, hopefully right parts this time. If it works ill start a new thread with the part numbers etc... I've asked several on this gm forum and no responses other than you. Appreciate your help, us southern Indiana boys have to stick together:)
  5. That's unbelievable. That back is just like what is on my Custom. Is that normal on an LT? GM are some cheap bastards.
  6. Would you happen to know the part number for a non-passive handle that has the key hole?
  7. Not sure, but you can see in the pictures I posted the difference. The black is off my Custom.
  8. You should list as much info as you can about your truck in your profile. Each model/style is so different it could be just one particular thing. Like mine has no power plug under passenger seat so I knew xyz...
  9. Maybe, the ones I bought the ebay had listed 2015-2020. I emailed and he assured me me that they would fit. Of course they didn't, and he is dumbfounded.
  10. Disregard part of my last message, it looks like we spoke and you threw away the box that had part number for keyhole. Question though, does the 13526759 handle come with the thumb part? Thanks
  11. Can you send me the part numbers you used to order the handles? Having trouble finding the keyhole part. I have the handles as 13526759, and the solid thumbs as 84496193. Can you break down what you paid. I have a local body shop quote me $250.
  12. Just bought them off ebay, guy said they would fit. Not even close.
  13. I didn't, I didn't care if it worked or not I just wanted to storage. But on the dash if you have the double USB evidently there is a place you can plug in and run it run it to the front of the USB. If you don't have the double USB you can buy it and swap it out and then run a cable from that to the front.
  14. It took me about a year to get my center console, looking when I had free time. Mainly on car-parts.com. Ebay has them running 1500-2000 with shipping. Most of the junkyards are not very friendly when you call them. Lacking in good communication skills. I paid them and waited a week, emailed and said I know you took the money out of my account. An update would be nice, next morning got a tracking number. Got it and installed last weekend. No power to console, but just wanted the storage.
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