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  1. So I just locked up a 2019 Silverado LT all star package. Both front doors interior have some wood pattern handle trim and aluminum door sill. But the rear doors interior handles are just black plastic along with some plastic door sill. I just seems odd to me, all I want to change it to match the front. Does anyone have the part numbers for those parts? I noticed on the RST, they do have matching interior accent for the rear doors. I got some pictures below to showthe difference between front and rear doors. Thanks!
  2. Sold my 16 LT All Star Silver Ice Double Cab (79K miles), replaced with 19 LT All Star Silver Ice Crew Cab. Sticker was $46K, got it for $32K. Just got to get some wheels.
  3. I installed a set of Falken AT3w 275/70r18 this past Labor Day, these are 10 ply LT tires. They are really quiet, not much difference between stock and these tires. Ride is good, at first it was a little bumpier than my stock 255/70r17 Bridgestone Dueler, it was inflated to 35 psi. I increase air pressure to 50psi, now the ride is about the same as stock, maybe a tiny bit bumpier. The biggest difference is MPG, my stock tires are 31", my new tires are 33.4" and weight 58 lbs. I used to be able to do 21 MPG highway @ 75mph (round trip LA to Phoenix), it was dropped to 17MPG on my last trip to Phoenix. Overall, I am still really happy with it, during my trip to Phoenix, my wife did not complaint once about the ride, she was surprised it rode like stock.
  4. I am also a first time truck & Chevy owner. I am very impress with the truck. I purchased a $42k LT, it actually got more features than my $90k bmw 6 series. Real world mpg and cabin noise is better than my previous Honda Odyssey.
  5. I think Method has a bronze version of the NV, but I was afraid it might standout too much on my silver truck. I had a Subaru WRX years ago that is silver with bronze rims, it looks good on that car, but not sure how it would look on my truck.
  6. Those side steps were made by Tyger, they are call Tyger Armor Steps. Here is my previous post with more pictures of those steps, reply # 6178.
  7. I think it would fit better, but I want a slightly more aggressive look, I wanted to make my tires almost flush with my side steps.
  8. Just got my tires and wheels installed today. Method NV 18x9 -12 offset with Falken WildPeak AT3 275/70R18 with 2" RC level. Came out exactly the way I want it, the front is about 1" outside the fender, the back maybe 1/2" outside. Slight rub when full lock reverse, so I will try the zip tie trick tonight. It is a lot quieter than I expected for E rated tires, ride is a little bumpier on highway, but still very acceptable, but right now I am think about upgrading to some Bilstein 5100. Before After
  9. Just got these today, Falken WildPeak AT3 275/70R18. Waiting for my Method NV, will get it install tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the info. I decided to stick with -12 offset, hopefully it will work out. If it looks like it stick out too much, i am thinking about adding the OEM fender flare. My wheels should be here this coming Wednesday, I will post pictures once I have it install. Thanks for all the help.
  11. I just pulled the trigger and got some 18x9 -12offset method nv from discount tires. They have the +18 offset version on sale for $100 less. Does anyone have picture of how they look with -12 or +18 offset. I want a slight aggressive look, would the -12 stick out too much. Any suggestion, please let me know, I can still change them to +18 offset since they are being order. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks for the info, the zip tie method would work with me. I got a great deal on those tires, just looking for wheels right now.
  13. Hi there, I am looking to get these Method NV 18"x9" with 275/70R18 Falken Wildpeak AT3, I only have a RC 2" level, do you think -12 offset would rub or not. I think +0 would be ideal, but these wheels are only available in +18 or -12. Anything information would help. Thanks in advance. - Kenneth
  14. It is a LG G4, I am currently running Android 6.0.
  15. Hi there, Recently, I have my dealer update my truck with Android Auto, it works good as long as no one call me. When someone call me, it would kick me out of Android Auto. Android Auto would not restart until I unplug the USB cable and I force quit all my apps on my phone. This would only happen with phone call, but not text. I am currently using the USB port inside the armrest. Anyone else have this problem?
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