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  1. Ended up going with Yakima and their 78" HD bars. I park in a parking garage and couldn't have the tent substantially higher than the cab of the truck. This works out and allowed me to place two bike trays on the side of it, all loaded. The truck still gets 17mpg on the freeway with just the tent, and 15.x with the tent and bikes loaded.
  2. bump in case anyone knows of a good alternative to some of the newer yakima stuff at about $700
  3. Ha ha, yep, Hank's shop is most definitely producing the pinnacle builds for these cars. I am doing a decent job of leaving the motor alone and doing incremental stuff as I get bored. Just put some billet motor/trans mounts and a set of BC Forged wheels on it, so it's driving and looking a little prettier than last week.
  4. Yessir. I have two other Audis competing for my mod budget so I couldn't justify anything forged on the truck, but it's nice knowing I'll never see a twin in this thing.
  5. Thanks for this post dude. I did the Readylift 2" under strut level and put some 285/75R17s on some Rotiforms and was having the reverse rub with very minor turning. Stuff like this keeps forums relevant. Nice wheels too, not many people do anything creative outside of all the cliche hostile and fuel stuff.
  6. Putco makes a super expensive bed rack..like $1300 or something. Seems crazy from my Toyota days but c'est la vie. Subbed in hope someone knows of cheaper, mid-rise racks for RTT use.
  7. Readylift 2" level up front Rotiform Six-OR 17x9 et1 Cooper AT3 XLT 285/75/R17
  8. Do you have any pics of the full truck? What is your wheel width and final offset? I have a 17x9 et1 with 285/75R17s going on the truck on Tuesday.
  9. Pointless bump. Been doing a lot of 17/18" research and had scrolled through this thread a bunch of times. Just wanted to compile all these into one post as a I settle on tires.
  10. Thank you. It's my RS3. It is on a very mild setup right now (APR Stage 1 E85 tune) with some very basic bolt ons and went 10.9 @ 127 on my one and only E85 pass. I have been daily driving it, but the fastest way to get tired of a project is to DD it. I am stoked to have a great truck that can also pull this thing around when I need to take it to a shop or the track. I won't tow enough to justify a diesel, but I also wasn't going to make the Tacoma mistake for a third time - I wanted something that could get it done out of the showroom.
  11. picked it up, looking forward to having a DD that can pull the 1/4 mile toy around 2020 RST 5.3l
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