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  1. I have these same sensors and a Autel Tpms tool. Can u describe how u came up with "generic" Id #s for each sensor? I just tried to program mine tonight but the scan tool wont seem activate the sensors since there is no info programmed in them. My problem may also lie in my truck as when I go in to start the programming I dont get the double horn chirp.
  2. I hear all the horror stories, I'm on my 3rd Leer and I have been pleased with the quality of all of them
  3. My Leer dealer was extremely wary of the plug and play harness. He said the old ones caught fire (can confirm this online) and the new ones worked spotty at best. He said they were very poor quality.
  4. No sir, my truck doesnt have that camera option. The problem lies specifically with the trailering app. More specifically it only affects the advanced trailering package. I picked up the CHMSL wire under the glove box. That is where the connector for the whole headliner plugs in at. I cut the CHMSL wire at that location and spliced a new one on, I tied another wire in to a existing ground about 10 inches away and used a body grommet that was in the floor. I ran those 2 wires ( in loom) to the rear of the truck. Dropped the spare tire and picked up a B+ wire off the 7 pin trailer connector. From there i took all 3 wires up through the left tail lamp pocket and up through an existing hole in the bedside. It works perfectly. No issues at all, and a very clean neat looking job
  5. I could do that no problem. They simply sent a pic of the plug on the BCM that houses the 3rd brake wire. I found a much more favorable location to splice the wire (in my opinion anyway)
  6. I did not get the keyless entry on the cap. I did figure out my wiring and could offer a detailed description to anyone in need
  7. I have a 2021 trail boss lt, I did the tow .mirror install and the 2 harness swap today. I'm pleased to find that the turn signal/ amber running light features of the mirror work fine without dealer programming. The only negative is that the task lights do not work. For my needs I dont imagine I'll spend the $125 to have them programmed just for task light function
  8. So I got a definitive answer. The harness is absolutely not a plug and play with Advanced Trailering option. Specifically it can not support the "pass through view" of the trailer, which is exclusive to the advanced package. If you plug the harness in and attempt to use it, you will supposedly get an error message in the DIC. I received a diagram of where Leer recommends the dealers pick up the stop lamp signal. I personally intend to run my own wire for the brakes. I will also have wires ready direct from battery for ground and constant power to use the dome light on demand.
  9. Hmm I hope I can utilize the plug n play, but not looking likely. The only available info seems to be a definite no for the short harness. I am hoping someone else steps in with a good answer that has already dealt with this. Thanks Blue5.3 for the insight and good luck with your cap install
  10. Via the leer dealer and the packaging on the harness, it specifically excludes the 20 and up GM models with "advanced trailering package" does your truck have this option? It's a specific add on. For what it's worth the leer dealer I'm using was aware of what I was talking about and specified that the harness doesnt fit 20 & 21 MY with the "advanced trailering"
  11. I read on a thread here that some people had issues with camper shell/cap wiring for 3rd brake light and dome lights in the cap. I have a leer 100xq on order and someone had mentioned that leer makes a plug and play harness.. The info I'm coming up with is that the harness p/n# 300100 isn't compatible with 2020+ advanced trailering package. Does anyone have a camper shell with advanced trailering package? Any insight as to how your wiring was hooked up? The last thing I want is to let some kid hack into my factory harnesses and get some dash lights or warnings. I would also like to be hooked to constant batt+ for the dome light, so I dont have to have the running lights on. Thanks in advance! 2021 Trail Boss LT 1500
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