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  1. Thanks I just tried that, but no dice. It’s going back Thursday. Just to clarify though, when you say “engage cargo lamps” which button are you pushing? The same one you use to turn on your bed lights? The below image shows the buttons I have. No fog lights or task light button which is different than higher trims. Maybe the task light button that I’m missing is the one that does it?
  2. Yeah they supposedly installed the new wiring harness.
  3. Anyone? Called the dealer and they told me those lights just won’t work... I think they’re probably wrong but want to confirm. They should come on with the cargo light button right?
  4. My local dealer just put a new set of tow mirrors on my 2020 Sierra SLE. The blinker lights on the back work, but I can’t get the front LED’s to light up. Anyone that have them know how they work? I’ve tried reverse and turning on the cargo lights. This is the first set the dealer has seen and they didn’t know. I’m guessing it’s going to need to go back, but wanted to check with y’all first.
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