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  1. I ordered an RST Z71 on April 27th. TPW May 17th It was built on May 19th It was at the upfitter for the bedliner on May 25th. Now it says in transit, but nobody can tell me where it is. The estimated delivery date is June 13th. It was built in Fort Wayne, and I am an hour west of Chicago. Will it really take 3 weeks to get to the dealer?? I even contacted the the upfitter to confirm the truck was there to get the bedliner, which they did confirm. Funny thing is the day GM updated the code, the truck was already done at the upfitter and was not on the property anymore. So now im in limbo...
  2. I heard that the engines were having issues with the active fuel management and that the lifters were binding and bending pushrods. Better its happening now than after the warranty is up.
  3. Does anyone know how long it actually takes to get a truck you ordered from the factory. I know about everything going on with microchips, etc. Has anyone ordered a truck recently that can fill me in? I ordered the truck in late April. Dealer told me late May or early June to get delivery, but everything online says it could be 8-12 weeks.
  4. I ordered a new Silverado RST Z71 crew cab at the end of April, 2021. Does anyone know how long it's actually taking to receive delivery? Manager at the dealership I'm working with said that I should be getting the truck by late May or early June, but I have my doubts. He said he called someone before he ordered my truck to make sure that it could be built without being delayed due to the microchip shortage, and he said there should be no issues. I believe him, but I don't trust the system if that makes sense. I ordered this truck in April so that I would have it by the end of June for a family trip we are taking in early July. Does anyone have any insight on this?? Thanks
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