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  1. if your going to do it yourself get a car jack and put it under the tank after you get the traps off do not bend those straps it will make it hard to bolt them back in. and also dont lower too far down their is connectors and hoses attached to the sender unit. you will have to disconnect the big feed hose that goes to the tank first along with the big connector thats on top of the tank it will take sometime to do they arent easy just dont break anything and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
  2. Yes it will you will not able to have it on, not enough clearance
  3. Dang not saying there is an issue but thats weird one cant say ive ran acrossed one like that might just be normal all my chevys make some noise but do notice the new ones make a little more noise
  4. i work at a gm dealer and in any kind of transmission the fluid is supposed to be in cold on the dip stick when the trans warms it goes to hot thats why its there if you over fill it will start dumping out of the vent tube there is over 10 qs in that trans. i have only worked one allison trans and there was a valve body issue
  5. Scott does your truck have the auto option on your 4X4 option???? because if it does and you leave it in auto you just blew out your locker in your front axle its warrantied if your still covered pass it along only use auto 4X4 in wet conditions i know this becaue i work at a gm dealer and we have to fix it all the time people dont listen.
  6. im a technician at a gm dealer and yes they are horrible we have to replace the pump/reservoir in the tank a lot because the heaters that heat the fluid go bad a throws a code and they absolutely suck step bars dont help either. hope what i said doesnt stop you from buying but the engines are the best. and the design is here to stay for a while unfortunately....
  7. i work at a gm dealership and yes there are issues with the steering, the gears to be specific so i feel your frustration those dealers should be hadling it better.
  8. get both packages for sure the offroad will give a rancho shock suspension system i have them on my chevy and they are great and the plow prep i have also on all my plow trucks it comes with a bigger alternator because the plow uses so much of thats so it helps your amperage.
  9. very typical to get that gas mileage that engine is the v10 of fords and thats why people buy them for the power of towing they are gas hogs thats kinda of a chevy guy warning light much like and lb7 engine you dont buy it because of where the injectors are but yes thats the kinda gas mileage you will get a tuner might help.
  10. broken exhaust bolts usually wont cause misfires DO NOT over look a cracked intake manifold i know you said you replaced the gaskets but they are known for cracks spray the shit out of it sometimes they are hard to find but even the smallest crack can cause a miss check your egr line that goes into the intake they like to leak too 6.0 engines can be tricky.
  11. ya torsion bars will do it just like they said there is so much angle on the front axles it puts stress on them and will cause it.
  12. i see what your saying still unsure i might try and due some modifications to make them fit. nice truck by the way
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