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  1. What is the warranty issue? Can you not remove the tune? The only experiance I have had was a super chips programer in my 7.3 ford. That one I could go back and forth if needed. Scott
  2. Got any Pics of your truck? That is the direction I am headed. Would love to see yours Scott
  3. Now stay off the board cause it will only make you spend more money Seriously, congrats on the new truck! When you get a chance, post pics! Scott
  4. being a '16 should have 4.10's. That thing should not feel that trailer. I can tow my open car trailer with a jeep on it and it does fine.
  5. That is the pump going in to pressure relief. normal on all cars/trucks
  6. which kit did you get? I have been looking at them but unsure which one I will go with. Looks to be a great company and installs look good. The only down side would be if you had Amp power steps. Scott
  7. Thanks for the compliment on the looks of the truck! You cant see all of the bug splats! I did not use the cruse at all. I probably could have in virginia, but I like the driver input. There as a 6 mile down hill on Rt 77 going into NC and the hill decent worked good. I actually had to step on the gas to keep back up with traffic. Man this truck rides quiet! Scott
  8. Jut got back from the longest road trip I have ever driven. Massachusetts to Charlotte NC. 15 Hours each way with a few stops for fuel, coffee/food, and a few traffic delays. 1720 miles in 5 days with the average of 14.6 MPG (unloaded just a few items 2/300lbs) with my foot fully stuffed in it rolling 73-82 mph. This truck ROCKS!!! No chevy shake, no lack of power and not a gas guzzler by any means. If anybody has driven through the PA mountains, you know where you need the power! Rockin Pandora with no bad reception, bluetoothed through my phone. Only complaint is we need an update to get Waze on the screen! The factory nav kept telling us to turn around when we got off the highway to do a pitstop. Thought I would share.....my butts a lil sore Scott
  9. Looks perfect! how about a pic of the whole truck from the side? Scott
  10. If you do this can you measure how long the new bolts are? I want to do this but want to have the bolts ready. Thanks Scott
  11. is the scoop black or chrome? Do you have part numbers? I WANT ONE!!!!!! Scott
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