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  1. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. This is a quality heavy PJ trailer but it should pull easier that what it is. The Chevy has the factory brake controller. I though maybe the controller was malfunctioning and applying some brake. So I jacked up the trailer and spun the wheels (with the truck running and in drive). Not the brake controller.
  2. I have a Chevy 2016 2500hd 6.0 gas. Regular cab. 4x4 . Its a work truck, not a decked out luxury truck. Let me start by saying I had a 2006 Dodge Ram MegaCab 2500 4x4 5.7 gas. I used the Ram to pull a newer PJ 16' landscaping trailer. I though it pulled it very well. Now the Chevy. Its a regular cab...so smaller and lighter. Its new. It has a slightly bigger engine. But It really struggles to pull this trailer compared to the Ram. There is no doubt that there is a trailer behind the Chevy. I'm really disappointing in it!! I have to keep my foot heavy on the gas. And the trailer might only have one zeroturn mower on it, not 10k pounds of dirt. The truck is still fairly new, only 2800 miles. I thought at the beginning that it need a little breaking in. I wouldnt dare pull a camper or something tall with lots of surface area. This trailer is low and really has no wind resistance like a camper would have. I bought the extended power train warranty so I dont want to tinker with the engine and void the warranty, unless there is something the dealer can do and still honor the warranty.
  3. yea, I dont think Hendrick greased the front end on mine either. I greased it up
  4. so 0w20 to me seems a little thin for a work truck whos engine gets a good workout. So I'll go the route of the heavier oil, the 5w30 I'm all for full synthetic. . Now this Gen 1 and 2 Dexos?? Not sure of the difference. I generally use Mobil 1 full synthetic. Any issues with Mobil 1?
  5. Anyone lift their Sonoma? Wondering what kit works best for this year/range Sonoma. A 2-3" lift, nothing radical. Got any pictures of your lifted Sonoma??
  6. Does the factory use conventional oil or synthetic at the factory? Got a 2016 Chevy 2500HD with the 6.0 gas. Nearing its first oil change soon.
  7. Can a key maker make this key? Or do I need to order it from gm? I just need it to unlock the door.
  8. My 2016 has these black bed rail protectors on them. But the cut-outs for the stakes on the middle and front are closed off. The rear holes near the tailgate is open. Can I knock these out so I can have access to the stake holes?
  9. For those who have added custom wheels for their 4x4 2500/3500s lets see some pics and let us know what make/model/offset/...etc
  10. Is Line-x the only spray in liner out there? I have a chevy 2016 longbed, What should it cost to have it sprayed? I see they offer different levels of coating. Perhaps the PRO for me since it will be a work truck...if the PRO is worth the price difference over the standard. Whats your take on Line-x? Whats your take on Line-x?
  11. I ordered the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 from etrailer.com I contacted them to see if its not to late to cancel.
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