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  1. SW Michigan here as well. Kalamazoo/St Joseph County. Sounds like we are all over the mitten map. Handful up north, a few partway in between, a couple in the capitol and some holding thing down out East in D-town. Happy new years to you all, let’s hope this one goes better than the way 2020’s shitshown played out.
  2. From the first two viewing angles it almost sounds like your driveshaft was installed upside down. Common mistake, but you may have already checked that out. The last viewpoint makes me wonder if you have something going on in, above, around the frame area near the body. Are you running with a spare tire hanging in the rear? Have you checked up in that area to see if you can hear anything. Tried using a compressor with an air wand to see if you can duplicate the sound while parked. Could you have part of your “honeycomb” rattling around inside the exhaust (a piece broken off from inside the cat)? I’m just pulling at straws here to throw ideas out there of similar things I’ve found. Originally I would have thought the same thing you did...a loose heat shield. Let us know if you ever found the problem.
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