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  1. AF5314 is a Fram part number. For your truck the ACDelco number should be A3181C. A Wix filter would be 42487 for light duty and 42488 for heavy duty.
  2. Do you remember which one went where? lol I changed my battery a while back and don't remember the bolts being different lengths.
  3. I had a similar problem. System was slightly low on freon, I was also getting vapor coming out of the dash vents. System was refilled and noise went away for a while but returned. Further inspection found a pinhole leak in the condensor. Replaced condensor and refilled system. Problem solved, no issues for over a year. When I put the claim in to the extended warranty company they indicated that the leak in the condensor was a common problem with these trucks.
  4. You indicated that the sensor has been replaced before. In that case I would check the wiring and connectors and replace the sensor if it is bad (use an OEM sensor).
  5. You might consider this or something similar to adhere that panel. https://www.oreillyauto.com/detail/b/3m-4307/paint---body-repair-16614/sealers---adhesives-25204/panel-bonding-adhesive-25320/3e6756f6e8a0/3m-200ml-adhesive/08116/4462061/2011/chevrolet/silverado-1500?q=panel+bonding+adhesive&pos=0
  6. I had the same issue with an 06 crew cab I had. My issue was caused by the floor liner mats I installed and the area where the door perimeter weather strip ends are butted together at the bottom rear of the drivers door. Melted snow and ice would pool in the mat and flow to the groove in the door weatherstrip and back to the butted ends, and then flow threw the butted ends of the weatherstrip into the channel under the sill plate, then when the brakes were applied the water was forced to the front and overflowed into the foot well. The bad part of this was the water contained salt. I removed the door weatherstrip and replaced it so the butted ends were in the area between the fuse panel access and the floor. I also replaced the floor mats with ones that had a lip on them to stop the water from draining to the door area.
  7. Chevy Direct Parts is showing 17801236 being available you could call them to verify. https://www.chevydirectparts.com/oem-parts/gm-remote-start-17801236
  8. It turns out that they are not interchangeable and are not the same for all cab configurations. I ended up using a piece of one from a junk yard and welding it to my damaged one.
  9. Can you post some pictures so we know exactly what you are talking about? Is it rust through or just surface rust?
  10. With the dustless blasting I don't believe you would need to remove the tires, so after blasting you could spray on a clear coat.
  11. Check in your area for someone who does "Dustless Blasting" they should be able to remove the failed coating and the corrosion. Or check with someone that does powder coating they may be able to clean them up and then clear powder coat them.
  12. Take it back to the alignment shop and tell them it is still pulling to the right and see what they have to say. With those miles you should also check for worn suspension parts.
  13. I bought my 2011 in April of 2017 with 2,500 miles on it. I bought a Diablo Tuner that allowed me to disable the AFM and then got a Diablew Tune to help with shifting and performance. I'm very happy with it! Congratulations on your find! Post some pictures.
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