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  1. nah it just started being normal again after a month same cord
  2. So i purchased a key fob online that has the remote start button. Looked online and says if you have the Code AP8 on the top of the sticker in the passenger glovebox your truck has remote start. Had the dealer program the remote and the locking doors work fin but the remote start does not. The signal is sent to the truck because the lights flash just like it does when it is supposed to start. I asked the dealer, they told me that i do not have the remote start feature but im reading everywhere online that the code AP8 means your truck has the feature. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  3. (2011 Silverado 1500LT) So i just connected my phone to my trucks blue tooth, then when i went to play music through the usb it was all loud static noise with distortion of the song playing quietly. ive tried unplugging the phone, turning of the truck and it keeps making that awful noise. Not sure if its an issue when connecting the phone to bluetooth and playing music or something went wrong
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