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  1. I can't speak on the 8400 but the 8600 was a little finnicky to get the carplay to work but once it recognizes it I generally don't have an issue until I switch phones.
  2. Ayyy, you got to pay to play. I'm sure kenwoods are just fine for most people.
  3. Advanced auto had shell gas truck on clearance for 2/qt a while back, I bought enough to change the oil for the rest of the trucks life. Previously used Mobil one, i'm sure either is fine for a daily driver.
  4. retail is probably 4 grand. I got a lot of good deals when I was buying so not quite as much.
  5. I'll see if I can snap something. But in reference to to the XB's, the beam pattern and amount of light on those was just not what I was expecting out of a fog light. I think the SS3 is the better choice regardless of color, with the amber probably being a little more useful. I like that they basically pickup where my HID's let off, so seeing deer approaching from a field etc has been greatly approved. On a side note, haven't done enough testing to see if the beam pattern is obnoxious to other drivers yet... no one flashed me when I left them on but i'm sure they're blinding so I don't usually
  6. I used a panel to keep everything clean. Metra 99-3014G
  7. 2014 GMC sierra SLT non-Bose sound quality build This venture started out by simply wanting to add carplay to my truck and upgrade the speakers for some better overall sound quality. Because the stock navigation is absolute trash and I primarily use google maps on my other vehicle this was the most important consideration. I investigated the stock integration route of upgrading to a 2016 HMI but in the end I couldn’t justify the cost, in my case I would have to sell my Denali cluster and get a 2016 one to make everything work properly. The overall cost of remaining stock would be on par wi
  8. I have 3 usbs in the lower dash, untouched and fully functional. I have the adapter in the console and I think only one of the usb's is hooked up because the head unit only has one pre-out and I didn't want to try to get an adapter to the stock usb wiring at the time. I'm sure it's possible, but I just leave the one in there for wired carplay (when needed) and the other ones dead. The HDMI cabe on the head unit is a mini HDMI and it's near the top, so you'll need an adapter or a cable that adapts it. The problem being stresses on the cable when putting it in cause the
  9. I didn't mess with the dash usbs, I abandoned the one in the console and bought and adapter ( AX-GMUSBAUX-6 AXXESS / 2014 - UP GM USB HUB KNOCKOUT REPLACEMENT w/ 6 FT CABLE ) and ran a cable directly to the head unit. The only issue i'm having now is that I keep snapping cheap mini HDMI cables because everything fits so tightly in the dash. Also, when you go to cut the dash... BE CAREFUL you don't hit any stray wires with the cutting tool. I used a milwaukee dremel style tool and reached around where I could to make sure there was enough clearance that I wouldn't hit anything. Obviously, that
  10. Ended up doing the Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX 10" head unit with full JL / Focal system Very happy with how everything turned out. I installed new wiring throughout, just ran them over the top of the molex connector there was enough space to squeeze them in and then through the boot to the door. The sound is impressive but I'm sure bigger subs would sound better if that's your cup of tea. This has enough power to shake all the mirrors and retains space in the back, plenty of sound quality.
  11. Diode Dynamics SS3 pro Foglights Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX 10" head unit with full JL / Focal system Beam pattern and brightness blows the morimoto's out of the water, really fills in the ditch blind spots left by the projector retrofit. Easy install under ~30min. My only gripe is that they stick out of the bumper by about an inch, it used to REALLY bother me but now it doesn't really bother me much. I assume this is either lazy engineering or intentional to keep the heatsink fed with airflow. HID's only HID's + Fogs Fogs mounted
  12. Mines starting to rust pretty good but i guess when it gets bad enough I'll just trade it in and move on. They def did a shitty job with the frame undercoating on these trucks.
  13. To keep all that stuff you have to put in a meastro or pac unit. I chose the meastro. With the appropriate harness, gm3, it ties into all the factory functions. The only thing I don’t like is the obd2 plug because I’m already using that for my power steps but they do sell y adapters. But everything else is appropriately wired to “T” into existing wiring to grab the signal or a direct plug in. The older units are verry laggy and slow but some of these newer units are quite snappy. I suggest trying to get a capacitive touch screen like the pioneer or others, they use a screen much like moder
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