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  1. Pulling up this old thread, Planning on getting a set of Don Thuren Custom valves. Any issues with UCA's on 20" factory wheels? https://www.thurenfabrication.com/products/chevrolet-gmc/gm-1500-trucks/gm-1500-suspension/07-gm-1500-custom-kings.html
  2. It's perfect. It can be growly on startup and down low. While I'm driving I barely hear it in the cab. When your in a tunnel or something you can hear it. Nice tone. Your going to get that chopper sound no matter what unless you get a delete on the v4 mode, which is better in theory than practice anyway. I think the best mod I have done so far besides the exhaust was the diablew tune, really woke the truck up and smoothed her out. I'd say if you are looking for. Damn now that's an exhaust. Touring isn't for you. If you want. What a clean and agressive factory esque tone. That's the tour
  3. I just put on a corsa touring, i'll try to get a vid up soon. Its got a really nice tone, not super loud at all, can't even hear it in the cab unless your getting off the line or really get on it. I think maybe some would prefer the sport, but for me it's just loud enough to add a bit of sound without pissing everyone off at 5am,
  4. Reklez UCA's

    They seem very expensive compared to camburg and other brands. I'm probably gonna do the camburgs.
  5. I just bought a touring, might be able to get it on this weekend. Based on the videos I saw, the touring is just a touch quieter and I plan to add headers later, so don't want it to sound like my old camaro. When I get it on I'll try to post a video. I think the sport was borderline for me, so I went more conservative.
  6. A video on youtube would be very helpful to those inquiring about that same setup Are there any noticeable power or fuel mileage gains with that setup?
  7. Or, you could just do a fastheadlights kit and have hid brightness with a smooth cutoff. Led's are cool, but they aren't quite there yet.
  8. Cold air intake

    The sound is throaty but not overbearingly loud. Some will say it's too loud, some might say it's not ear deafeningly loud... but it's quiet until 1/4 throttle then its kinda loud. It sounds good and i like that its kinda quiet down low. quality was great, the bolt holes were pretty tight on the base of the installation, i had to ream them out a little but snug fit is a good fit.
  9. I think I'm going to go with one of the JL stealth boxes, I like that it doesn't use any space in the back. I might have to get one of those alpine restyles also to round it out. Decisions.... Decisions...
  10. Cold air intake

    Volant is ok, I like the S&B better. Minimal power gains from all.
  11. Fumoto, the appeal of magnetic never really held weight to me. Any shavings that get close enough to get stuck on that magnet are bound to rest down there anyway. Either way, the convenience of the fumoto is worth any exaggerated risk.
  12. I like my diablew tune also, really smoothed out the stock trans clunk and such. Truck is much peppier on the 93 tune.
  13. Best miles per gallon?

    Im not even remotely close to that currently my best was like 17. I have a hot foot probably, so it's normally 14
  14. In for clues. Tune helped. I saw online greasing the spline on the transfer case.

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