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  1. Selling my custom retrofit 2014-2015 sierra headlights. These were factory headlights that were converted to a D2S projector setup, which is required to get a clean line. Plug and play installation. These are only available because I've sold the truck. MAKE A REASONABLE OFFER - They are currently on an eBay auction starting at $650. This auction is for everything you need to change your factory headlights to the headlights shown in the pictures. 1 set of headlights as specified below 1 set of wiring harnesses for installation 1 set of bulbs as specified below Fitment: These will fit any 2014/2015 GMC sierra 1500 I believe they will fit 2500 and 3500 trucks as well, but I can't say 100% Specifics: Original GM 14/15 Sierra SLT headlights Fastheadlights Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 kit 5000k Morimoto D2S Bulbs 35w Hylux Ballasts Diode Dynamics Switchback DRL LED Boards Diode Dynamics Sidemarker LEDs Information: The backs of the headlights had to be cut to remove and insert the new projector, the projector is required to utilize HID bulbs, in this case D2S. The backs were resealed with black RTV sealant which is the best product I've found to date for this type of application. The front lenses need to be removed to install the switchback boards and those were replaced and resealed with butyl headlamp sealant to provide a factory seal. I left them in the truck without a bulb in the back overnight and so some moisture got inside in the morning, this is the one picture with a spot which is on the backside of the lens. I'm sure this can be cleaned off but just being fully transparent. The headlights are in excellent working condition and everything works. Anyone with a working knowledge of cars should be able to change everything in about an hour. All the electronics are plug and play connecting to the factory connection. The have been on my personal truck for approximately 30k without any issues, and in my opinion a necessary upgrade for visibility. Please keep in mind these are used headlights so the lenses have small scratches here and there from 30k miles of driving. Some people wouldn't notice, some people are going to pick apart the details so I just want to mention it. There's no major scratches or scrapes that couldn't be lightly buffed out. I would install and use them as they are but again... just being transparent.
  2. Are you interested in the cap? I have had a lot of tire kickers but no cash in hand yet.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234145008026
  4. This kit never came with them, as in they didn't even sell them when I bought them. Also those are square lights, these are round so not sure if they make them for the round ones? I honestly am not sure. At first I thought they looked weird because they stick out about an inch but after seeing how hot they get I don't think I'd want that airflow cut off.
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/234178327106 I can do paypal directly as well if that easier.
  6. Morimoto Retrofits includes everything to give you a plug and play headlight upgrade with a clean cutoff. Headlights have switchback boards installed also. Going to move these to ebay, looking for $1000.
  7. No problem I'll throw them up on ebay or consider putting them on my tdi. lol I too once had the XB's. these are no comparison.
  8. Regardless if you get mine or not, I HIGHLY recommend these over the XB's. They are significantly brighter and they illuminate the sides of the road. The pic below is with my retrofit HIDs (white in the middle) and the ss3's (yellow outsides). Includes the clear cover lenses which are a little dirty but they should clean up fine, they are replaceable if you don't like them or want another set and are cheap. The ones I have are: SS3 LED Fog Light Kit for 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500 SKU: DD6228
  9. Sorry for the late reply it been a hard two weeks with weather and other stuff, I did get the headlights out and I'll post pics this weekend. It's likely that these will go to ebay unless someone is seriously interested beforehand.
  10. Yea these parts are for 2014-2018 only.
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