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  1. Given the choice, I'd buy wildwoods over this kit. Thos look like cheap Chinese style calipers. But, for those that like the support from the factory it's probably ok. They go for 1500 on ebay regularly. There's a Cadillac kit up.
  2. I have it, works fine, small rub when turned all the way to the right on the left side, just the felt.
  3. I just put these on my truck. Significantly better than the Goodyear junk that came on it. They grip well, low noise, smooth ride. 275/60/20
  4. Yea but two comments. Wilwood is on a shit ton of racecars so that's factually incorrect. Its a good kit with alot of good reviews. If your trying to compare that kit to REAL brembo's, kit for kit, the Brembo is superior. Take off brembos from the CTS-V are good quality calipers. The GM kit is like the crappiest Brembo kit available with a shitty design. In for CTSV calipers.. I need a bracket! The calipers are cheap and are nice and I want them
  5. Never posted Pictures of my truck, so here's a few. Recently did the Denali Cluster, Amp powersteps, hellwig bars and Falken Wildpeak AT3's. Waiting on the 6112's to come in.
  6. This is not what is being discussed here, the caliper is bigger, which is more clamping force and therefor will stop better. And bigger rotors, combined with more force, will stop shorter. For some, a total waste, for some this is a good cheap alternative to a BBK.
  7. These days, you buy what makes sense for you and the seller will be forced to meet demand or die. Or, nothing will happen because others don't see it your way. Either way, make the best choice for you.
  8. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    I agree which is why I originally ordered there, and mostly the price. However, at least with 4WP, i know the warranty will be backed up. Who knows if the people with two websites that are identical and who didn't respond to my order until a week after I canceled through my CC, two weeks after the original order. Not my type of business.
  9. Yea I can read. I meant is it a few washers or machined out, a few washers i'd consider bolt on.
  10. I have the in channels, they're much nicer than the stick on in my opinion.
  11. What kind of spacers are required or is a direct bolt on?
  12. What does same difference mean? Link?
  13. Bilstein 6112 installed!

    Thanks for the write up, waiting for mine to come in. I also just picked up hellwig bars F/R and new Falken Wildpeak AT3's. I'd be a little cautious about ordering from BattleBorn/MRT. After a bad experience, I went with 4WP and I got an actual reply to my email (wow so difficult!) and they let me know actual ship dates. The peace of mind, customer service and warranty are worth the extra little bit of $$$.

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