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  1. I like my diablew tune also, really smoothed out the stock trans clunk and such. Truck is much peppier on the 93 tune.
  2. Best miles per gallon?

    Im not even remotely close to that currently my best was like 17. I have a hot foot probably, so it's normally 14
  3. In for clues. Tune helped. I saw online greasing the spline on the transfer case.
  4. A totally non biased opinion, I don't know that one is better or worse than the other with respect to a relatively stock or bolt on vehicle. If the vehicle was heavily modified I wouldn't be doing an email tune anyway. So, go with what makes you more comfortable. I have heard mixed reviews about the warranty thing, but generally if you can set it back to stock before you take it in I haven't seen any widespread negative feedback. Just for thought.
  5. After much internal debate about buying a Diablo tuner, I went with diablew. His customer service is awesome and for a daily it's a no brainier. We don't need to tuners and autocal on a daily like this. So the price point is more attractive. You?
  6. I dont know about the 8 speed, but the 6 speed shift kinda crappy stock. It's always lugging the motor and anytime you get on it more than 1/16th of throttle it studders around looking for the best gear. After the tune though, its very pleasant to drive. The gears are almost un noticeable yet firm.
  7. adding a cold air intake

    I went with diablew. I don't really care for the Diablo tuner but we're not tuning a street rod either. The tool is just a vehicle for Lew to get what he needs to your truck. It was a noticable difference adding an intake and his tune. There are more expensive options but I couldn't justify it for a daily. And Lew is great on customer service.
  8. Portable Jump Starter

    I would look at what lowes has and use a coupon. If you want I can try to find you one of their Schumacher's for a steal, there's some funny business with their website pricing. I like the nolo but I believe Ave (YouTube) reviewed it and didn't have nice things to say about it.
  9. adding a cold air intake

    Intake it is recommended, exhaust you should be fine until you add headers. Also, the tune might be the best investment over either of those, my trans really tightened up and smoothed out, noticeable power gain.
  10. OEM HID headlight fitment

    Youd need the brackets to swap your projector also, or you can buy the whole kit from fast headlights. There's a entire thread on retrofits where you can find pictures of mine and others. Not super hard on these trucks as compared to others, almost anyone with patience should be able to do it.
  11. Wireless charging

    Same, I dont have wireless charging but I'd like to add it and I assume I need the harness to do so, unless there's a plug in there. But I doubt they'd include it, that would be too easy.
  12. They are bright but it's important to understand that everything depends on the correct housing (or projector) for the bulb you are using. If you have stock headlights and projectors, nothing will light the road better than a good halogen bulb. If you upgrade your projector, it should be according to what bulb you plan to use. Pretty much the only way to get a good LED setup is to buy the OEM LED headlights. If you just put LED bulbs in there the light will be all over the place and not focused on the road, and maybe it "looks cool" to some people, but its a huge waste of money and your money is likely best spent on a quality conversion. Also, based on everything available, HID's are the hands down best I have seen and they provide the most light directed at the road evenly. There was no question when I was comparing, and for the price for a conversion kit... there's no reason not to do it.
  13. BG44K fuel additive

    The reviews on amazon are staggeringly good.

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