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  1. I will have to check my mpg at speed. I do not use the V4 option right now, I got one of those "Range" device to stop the engine from going into V4 mode. I read according to the TSB that I should remove the oil pan and put a cover on the oil pressure relief valve to prevent oil from caking up on the bottoms of the pistons and rings, causing it to burn oil. I just figured it was easier to put the Range on and my mileage has not suffered.
  2. When I bought my 09 Silverado, the sticker said 16 city and 21 highway. Well owning it for almost 10 years now, I was only getting maybe 17 driving to work on the freeway and figured even less around town. I have the 3:73 rear end so the towing package would affect my mileage and I was ok with that. A few weeks ago one of the two freeways in my area is having lane closures for the next 2 1/2 years to add lanes and they are telling people to take the other freeway, the one I use. Of course the freeway I use is already crowded and a 25 minute drive takes almost 45 minutes. There are 10 - 20 min delays showing on the GPS everyday. So I decided to take a 30 mile route which goes around all the freeways and it takes me almost 50 minutes to get to work. When I ride my bike, it is a nice relaxing ride. I have also noticed it is not a bad drive in the truck also. Today, I decided to check my mileage and driving at speeds between 40 and 60 mph I am getting 19.9 mpg. I think GM should have reversed the numbers on the sticker. I am all excited now.
  3. I talked to someone years ago about this and don't remember what exactly the answer was. As I drive down the road and hit a series of bumps with one of the rear tires, the truck starts hopping and the rear of the trucks starts swerving to the right. What exactly is causing this and how do I correct it?
  4. I talked to someone years ago about this and don't remember what exactly the answer was. As I drive down the road and hit a series of bumps with the rear tire, the truck starts hopping and swerving to the right. What exactly is causing this and how do I correct it?
  5. As you can see by my truck photo, I have the 2009 with the 20" Chrome Clad wheels. I have been trying to inspect the front disc brake pad wear, with a mirror and flashlight. I can see there is some pad left, maybe 3/16, but can't really get a good look at them. Looking at the wheels from the inside even with a mirror, is about the same as looking from the outside. Any suggestions other than removing the wheels and then checking the calipers. Heading for 93,000 miles and the brakes work fine. No noises or pulling.
  6. So, you can tell by the pictures, I haven't been necessarily servicing the air cleaner on a regular basis over the last 45,000 miles. I do get oil changes done when it gets down to 25%. Oh I did change the antifreeze at 5 years. I was thinking, I have to have it smogged here in Calif. to register it this month and it's at 50% on the oil, it should be fine. Oh, I should at least change the air cleaner, that might help. I don't worry about that stuff anymore like I used to when I was young. I did all the work myself, had all the tools, I used to keep a notebook of everything I did, the date, mileage, where I bought the parts, even kept the receipts in case of a warranty return.etc. Now it is drive it and take it in when it needs something. When I get to the 100,000 mile mark, which the truck will be around 10 years old I was going to take it somewhere and have them do a complete service on it. Any ball park of what that is going to run for just the basics, as long as nothing is wrong. Truck runs fine, gets good gas mileage, 17.5 with a towing rear axle.
  7. Factory paint was starting to flake off so I had a client of mine, that is a body shop, remove the molding and repaint it without damaging the chrome strip on top. I think it looks good, and for $60.00, I can't beat the price.
  8. Well, It's time for more paint work. This is starting to look bad.
  9. So I had one of my clips break. Of course this would not be a problem if they weren't cheap plastic that rot out after 6 - 8 years. The dealer wants $11.00 each. I found some at a local auto parts store for 1.99 for one side and 2.99 for the other. Why they are different prices is a mystery. What I want is some metal clips. Is there any place that makes them in metal, so it would be one less thing I have to replace down the road?
  10. Well, as much as I try and take care of the truck, wash it, wax it, park it where it won't get door dings, etc. it looks like after 9 years, the paint has finally had it. I have already had the roof repaired because of paint blistering with rust and water leaking in the cab. I also have rust spots coming through the cab on the left and right sides of the cab now also. The thing that bugs me now is that though some of you remove the plastic door molding, I like the way my truck looks with it on and of course it is now starting to look like c**p. The paint is peeling off and now cracking as if it were caused by expansion and contraction of the molding, causing the paint to crack and flake off. I hate seeing GM vehicles going down the road where big sections of paint are peeling off....but I guess mine is just around the corner from being another one. Here is a picture I took of my side molding, and you can see the cracks in it. There are 2 sections, not in this picture where the paint has already flaked off. Just a matter of time before I either repaint these or come up with another type of molding that might look good. Anyone else have some ideas on what looks good on their doors?
  11. Does the emblem on the tailgate need to be that thick? WOW! I am concerned about the truck bed height. I have a Silverado now, and the top of the tailgate of my Silverado is the same height of the Colorado. Will the Ford Ranger will be lower. I miss the days of the S-10 where I could reach over into the bed and grab stuff out. Maybe the Ranger will address this?
  12. The only thing I liked about the OnStar was if my truck was stolen, I could report it, they would be able to locate it and I would possibly get it back. Other than that, nothing else seemed worth it for me. I cancelled it after the second year. They said if your check engine light came on, you could call them and they could tell you what the problem was. I did that late one night far from home when the light came on and they didn't know what it was. I asked them, will I make it home? They didn't know, and just said take it to the dealer tomorrow. Come to find out it was only the gas cap not sealing. I do have something similar on my wife's 2017 Subaru Outback. I want to make sure she is safe so I pay the money for the full system, whatever it is called.
  13. I was looking at an article on Classic Vehicles and came across this picture of the 1973 -87 Classic Trucks and saw my old bike on the right. It is the green and silver one, a 73 Honda Elsinore CR250M. The truck is really nice too. A friend of mine bought a 79 Chevy Silverado stepside that looked like that, only it was all black. It had the 350 V8 and I believe a 4 or 5 speed stick. If I remember correctly, they called it the "Big 10". He took the stickers off the fenders, thought they looked stupid.
  14. Just checked my owners manual. My dipstick does not look like the one in the manual. I wonder why? Oh, well!
  15. Mine is different. It does not have a hatched area and there are only 4 dots.
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