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  1. I was in the same situation as you exactly a month ago. I ended up going with a 2013 LTZ. I liked the idea of buying a model near the end of a cycle. I also am a fan of the 07-13 style, especially the later front end. I found a one owner with all service records, he even kept the original window sticker. I plan to keep this truck for a long time so we'll see how it turns out. That said, I have no issues with the 2014+ model, but the later models are still a bit out of my price range. Besides the updated infotainment, the 2013 has pretty much everything I'd want from a more modern LTZ/SLT. I was pleasantly surprised by many of the options in the 2013 high trim models. IMO, one of the biggest things is not to be hung up about getting the best deal. Paying a bit more now for the right truck could save a ton in the future. Good luck with your search!
  2. I just has an similar issue. When the ac was on I would hear an intermittent whistle. I had the system checked and it was low. It was purged and refilled with the proper refrigerant and works great now with no issue. As a side note, mine was also blowing condensation out of the vents. Apparently who ever topped up the system before I owned it used the wrong refrigerant and broke one of the pressure ports, which was causing the condensation.
  3. Awesome thanks. That's about the size I'd like to run. Having only a 55 sidewall makes me a bit nervous for working the truck and I have no desire to level it at this time. I drove the truck home a week ago and I gotta say I really like this rig. The Check engine light came on on the drive home and I scanned the code and it came up oil pressure sensor, which was no surprise. It went out the next day. I'm thinking I will leave it alone until it comes back on. The oil pressure gauge was a little low on the drive home in my opinion, but when I changed the oil the next day the pressure was where I'd expect it to be and has stayed in that range since. I wonder if the CEL was from the truck sitting on the lot for a bit. Anyway... thanks for the good advice guys.
  4. Thanks for the responses guys, I'll check out the Range AFM disabler. Glad that it sounds like MPG is not effected much if at all. As much as I would like decent MPG, this is a truck and long term reliability is way more important to me. Yes she has the 5.3. This truck has the 20inch rim option. The rims look really nice but I wasn't stuck on having such large rims. I'd like some more sidewall because I do use my trucks as a truck. Does any one know how tall of tire I can put these on these rims without any modification? I believe its a stock P275/55R20 tire now, can I go to 275/60 or 65? Thanks.
  5. Hi All, Its been awhile since I've been active on these forums, but I'm back. I've really enjoyed my Accord V6 coupe as my daily driver, but with a growing family being active outdoors it was time to get something else. I just traded it in for my 3rd GM truck and my first Silverado. I started with an 89 Sierra, my wife and I still have our 2006 Sierra and now I'm adding a 2013 Silverado LTZ to the fleet. The first two trucks were (and the 2006 still is) very reliable, I'm hoping this 2013 will be as well. It has about 70,000 miles and is a one owner truck. Clean carfax and service history, heck... it even has the original window sticker with it. I'm going to tune it to disable the AFM, and look into reinforcing the dashboard so it hopefully doesn't crack any time soon. Other than that i should be back to reading the forums more and participating in some conversations. If you have any suggestions for a new GMT-900 owner don't be shy. Oh... and since this post is worthless without a picture....
  6. Hard yes they should keep it. Push button start is OK with me, but no need to replace the column shifter. I wouldn't be too upset with a console lever, but thats it. Absolutely no knobs or buttons.
  7. I had a similar issue. Turns out a rodent made a nest under the fuse panel and relay box under the hood and was dining on my wiring. Judging from all the damage he did by eating wires I'm amazed that the overheating at idle because the fans were not kicking on was the only sign of the problem. This was earlier this week, I'm sorting out and fixing the wires as we speak. Best of luck sorting it out, remember to check for animal damage too.
  8. I have an 06 Sierra, it has spent its whole life here is Ontario. land of the winter salt. I've been very happy with the longevity of the truck body. I tend to wash it often in the winter, and for the first 5 or 6 years of its life it was undercoated annually. This past year the body has started to show that it needs attention. The Box has no surface rust but the bottom of the tailgate is starting to show some serious rust and I have a bubble above the front fender molding. If I repair these soon I should not have any serious issues. The main thing is the rockers and cab corners really need to be replaced next spring. But on a 14 year old truck that has spent its whole life in the winter slop and salt of Ontario I'm OK with that. With the price of new trucks being very expensive, it makes sense to me to put some money into the body of my old 06 since she still runs like a champ and has lasted this long with no major bodywork.
  9. Its been a while since I posted so here's an update on my 06 Sierra: engine: 5.3 with 3.73 gears, (tow package) I've replaced: O2 sensors, knock sensors, evap solenoid, brakes, tie rods. There's probably more but can think of it now. With only 130,000 miles its been a very reliable truck. I have some burned out lights on the radio and climate controls that bug me, but not enough to replace them yet. It has the intermediate shaft clunk, but as long as I disconnect it every 12-24 months and move it back and forth for a few minutes it goes away. I am planning new plugs, wires, trans filter and fresh oil for transfer case/front and rear axles within the next month or so. The rockers and door seams are getting rusty so I'm going to need to give them some attention as well soon. My other vehicle is a 2011 Tdi which I love but VW's offer to buy it back is too good to turn down. I'm trying to justify buying another GMT-800 to replace it, but the reasonable part of me is saying I need 2 trucks like I need a hole in the head....
  10. Happy Thanksgiving to our Southern GM Truck loving brothers and sisters from Canada!
  11. ^^ That's a beautiful truck right there!! I try to wash my two vehicles once a week, unfortunately I don't have the time to do this as often as I'd like. It get even trickier in the wintertime because I have to go to the coin wash. I really try to do it once a week when the snow flies to get all the salt and crap off of it. I really hate it when my cars are crusted in white salt
  12. I think Most Trucks these days are pretty reliable if properly maintained. I keep my trucks for a long time so I'm not sold on the little ecoboost engines ford uses. IMHO I can see potential reliability issues coming once they a lot of mileage on them. I'd prefer to work on a V8 or a N/A V6. I also find everything about the new F150 ugly, but that is subjective. My Dad is currently looking a buying a slightly used truck and the 2014 Ram Laramie is the leading contender. There is more availability in our area and we both like the looks and interior a lot. I hate the shift dial, but I guess that can be overlooked. But, to be honest it won't see much work, more like a daily driver that hauls a trailer occasionally. My current rating of trucks: 1) GM 2) RAM 3) Nissan (older Titan, not a fan of the new one) 4) Toyota Tacoma 5) My Mountain Bike 6) An Old Lada 7) Current gen Ford
  13. Hi all, First, I appoligize if this has already been covered. I searched and didn't find anything. I have a 2006 Sierra, I want to replace my jump seat with the full center console, this is my main objective. BUT...it got me thinking, If I get a used console with the Bose amp and sub already in it, and I get a Bose head unit, would I be able I be able to hook them up and make use of the bose hardware or do I need a new wireing harness and other craziness? I don't needing a super awesome system in my truck, but if the sub and amp come with the console, it would be nice to use them if I can! Thanks!
  14. I had a similar problem with my 02 Tahoe. In my case It turned out to be the ABS pump was continuosly running and killing the battery. When I charged the battery the Gauges would go crazy and the speakers would emit a poping sound. Once I pulled the ABS fuse all was good. Installed a new ABS pump and all has been good for months now.
  15. I'm not blown away, but I do like what I see. I just hope those stupid LED whatever headlights on the GMC are optional. I can't stand them and IMO they ruin the whole front of the truck. I like the Chevy front much better. In fact, I've always owned Sierras, but based on the lights alone I would buy a Silvy. The Interior looks decent, again I'm not blown away, but I think it will look much better in person. I think as more pictures and details emerge I'll like these trucks a lot.
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