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  1. What do you think about getting some Denali housings and putting aftermarket bi xenon projectors in them?
  2. Hey y’all, long time no see! My 03 Sierra has got 297,000 on the clock now. Rusty, banged up, definitely beater status! Anyhow, I’m wanting to upgrade the original factory headlights. The adjuster are broken and froze up. Im thinking about buying thos “C” style LED headlight housings and retrofitting some bi-xenon mirimoto projectors and maybe some LED bulbs to boost the high beams(?). Im a newb when it comes to this headlight stuff. I’ve been trying to search and I haven’t came up with much. If anyone has done this or any retro fits I’d love some info or some links. Thanks!
  3. I would lift the front end and shake your wheels down. Sounds like you might have a bad wheel bearing.
  4. It was the fuel pump. My buddy came over and checked voltage at the pigtail well i cranked the engine over. it had plenty of power. The fuel pump ring was rusted the hell and I beat on it with a chisel and hammer And soaked it down with WD-40 and left it overnight. The next day I got it to come off with the punch and a hammer.I went and bought a new ring in the new filler neck because mine was rusty and broken. I went to Napa and got a Delco fuel pump and sending unit I hope it lasts. I wire wheel all the bolts that held the bed down game a good coding of copper antiseaze before I ran them back in. Pulling the bed sucked. 4 wratchet straps and a cherry picker made it possible by myself.
  5. I got a purple, a gray, and 2 black wires at the pump connector. I'm guessing I should see at least 12v at the gray wire? It's powered when primed but is it powered when the key is at aux or just cranking?
  6. Yesterday my truck died while exiting the highway. I tried the key a few times and I could not hear the pump prime. After a tow truck ride home, I pulled the bed. I wanted to do this for a while now. It sucked! 14yr old truck that has lived through Michigan winters its whole life. I only had to cut out one bolt. The other 7 took everything I had to remove them. I got the new pump (Delco from napa). The fuses and relay seem fine. I'm waiting on a buddy to check the fuel pressure and hopefully he can test voltage at the harness just to be sure the pump is bad before I have to wire in the new one. Is there anything else I'm missing that I should check? Truck has 225k on the clock now and the pump is original. Thanks
  7. Today I installed 4 new DENSO O2 sensors. No improvement. Then I took the MAF out and cleaned it. I cleaned the rubber connectors at the MAF, air box, and throttle body. Re-installed and snugged them down tight. No change. I checked wire connections and I didn't find a smoking gun. The one thing I forgot to mention was that I put a new pcv valve in when I did the water pump. I don't see how that could be related.
  8. Will do. I had the codes read but the guy didnt tell me what they were as far as code number. He just said random misfire from the right bank and the O2 sensor code. I will check the connections again. I can just spray carb cleaner around the connections? I've never cleaned the MAF.
  9. So, I have an 03 Sierra 1500 with the 5.3L 212,xxx miles. Saturday I noticed a coolant leak. I did some digging and found that my water pump (or gaskets) had failed and dumped coolant all over my driveway. I swapped in a new water pump (napa lifetime warranty) and took it for a shake down drive. Its running really rough. Check engine light is blinking and the engine is missing. I changed out plugs and wires today and there was no change. They were old and I figured they were due. I ordered a new coil pack. Just waiting for it to come in. I ordered 4 Denso O2 sensors (they might be original) I have yet to test the fuel pressure. Injectors might be dirty? Fuel filter was changed 2/3 years ago. Fuel pump is original. My wife needs to drive it to Chicago this weekend. Where should I start? Thanks for your help.
  10. So, I bought this really nice cap off a buddy. I didn't realize that it was not meant for my truck Ideally, I'd like to trade it with someone who has a similar cap that is meant for an 99-06 GMT800 extended cab with a 6.5' bed. This cap came off a 06 Silverado 4 door, crew cab. I didn't know that the the beds and cab shapes were different. Best case scenario is that some bought a spiral gray ARE insulated cap for their silverado and it doesn't fit. They are looking for a trade just like me. Or I will sell it for $500 but I'd rather trade.
  11. Pulled my broken vent shield off. Passenger side fender bubbly nasty door seam rust I got a nice cap...that doesn't fit my truck mmm rust belt rusty. I wish I was more vigilant with rust perfection when I got her in 07
  12. I had one of the camber bolts loosen up on me on the drivers side upper control arm. It made a clunk sound when I turned the wheel left and right. Had my wife turn the wheel back and forth while I watched. Kinda sounds like a bad CV. I know that when I had one go bad on another car, the boot split, threw all the grease and then I would click while turning. I'd start replacing what you already know is bad.
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