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  1. Radiator Fan Always Engaged...

    Like others have stated the truck being a 2003 will come stock with a fan clutch. The repair is not very difficult at all. >>>Remove the air intake tube coming from your air filter to throttle body>>>Remove fan shroud>>>Use a large crescent wrench and a good size hammer and it will break the nut loose>>>Spin fan off>>> remove bolts and put your stock blade on your new clutch. Based on my personal experience aftermarket flan clutches will stick and stay on at all times, I switched mine out for an original Ac Delco purchased on Amazon. Has been very quiet since.
  2. Yes they did! or sometimes they wouldn't come on at all. It was an intermittent problem but very frustrating. The encoder motor sensor is most likely the culprit. Let me know if you have anymore questions would be glad to help.
  3. I had the exact same issue on my 2004 z71. Random shifting into 4wd, sometimes would not shift out etc. "Service 4wd" was constantly showing up and after replacing the switch itself that did not solve the problem. If it is not your switch its most likely your encoder motor sensor, a factory sensor is around $50 on Amazon. Since replacing mine I have had 0 issues. https://www.gmtruckclub.com/forum/threads/how-to-encoder-motor-sensor-replacement.39654/ This is a link showing detailed instructions on how to replace the sensor. Pretty simple yet tedious job.
  4. Looking for some help here, I've got an 04 z71 crew cab with the 5.3 and recently it has been overheating when the truck is sitting at idle with the ac on. What I have done : installed a fan clutch last year, and cleaned the condenser and radiator out. While driving it sits at 195 but today it did jump to 212 even while moving and cutting the ac off brings it back down. When its sitting the fan just doesn't seem as loud as it should be in these 100+ temps here in oklahoma. The other day i left it running for 20 minutes to cool it off and when i left the house it was sitting at 250 with the engine coolant hot warning. Revving it up to 3K for about 2 minutes brought it back down to normal. It seems like an airflow issue, isn't the fan supposed to be pretty damn loud? I know my 94 z71 was. Is the radiator going to sh*$? thermostat sticking? water pump weak? where should i start to diagnose it? Thanks.
  5. How many miles on your Silverado?

    2004 z71 crew cab 5.3 with 149,000 perfect oil pressure/compression all original motor and trans haven't been touched. Just replaced the stock shocks, runs and drives like new.
  6. Brandon, Glad you got some justice with the dope kid, this guy was 19 and would seem to be that he was on his phone or something as it really didn't appear that he tried to stop until he was about 10 yards out. By then was too late on a solid sheet of ice. Accidents happen but it was just negligence on his part, literally speeding on ice and not paying attention. As I was moving at about 15-20 mph the majority of the impact was on the wheel...therefore the axle took the hit. The ice probably worked out in minimizing damage as the energy was able to move freely on the slippery surface. Insurance adjuster is coming Monday, I have done research and it looks like I need to appy for a diminishing value claim. This truck was a 1 owner no accidents, now it will have an accident on its record scarying any buyers if I do decide to sell or trade. Attached is some more pictures of the damage.
  7. thanks guys, got checked out today had slight bruising but thankfully nothing major. Will have the body shop make sure and check the driveline. Hopefully no frame damage!
  8. Thanks for opening the thread, I recently purchased my dream truck a mint mint 1 owner crew cab 04 body style z71 1500. Today we had an inch of snow and people were slamming into each other like bumper cars. I was almost home when some 19 year old kid came flying through the intersection and slammed into the rear cab and bed on the passenger side. Was hit with such velocity the truck did a full 180 and ended up facing oncoming traffic. No injuries and the kid didn't say much but sorry I'll call my mommy. The truck faired much better than his little Mazda 6, my question is this: is it possible to have frame damage with this type of collision? The truck is making a weird vibration while in 4wd that wasn't there before. All gaps seem fine and the brunt of the impact was basically the rear axle. What should I make sure the body shop doesn't overlook? Any advice? thanks in advance.

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