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  1. I have already installed the vette servo. My 1-2 shift before was sluggish normal driving if I got onto it, it wouldn’t really change. So I added in the vette servo and normal driving it shift quick but if I get onto now the shift hard IMO. I’m assuming if I replace the 1/2 accum. With a pinless accum it would resolve this issue or should I just have it retuned. This is my daily driver. I want to be able to romp on it and not worry that I’m going to kill the trans. I have a cai free flow exhaust on 33s.
  2. I was thinking about getting a transgo shift kit for my 2013 Silverado 4.8 4x4 4l60e. But I can’t seem to find much on the nnbs. Do anyone know if it will work. Also is it a bad idea to just install a corvette servo by it self?
  3. is there a different head besides a 706 or 862 head that i can just bolt on and not have to mill them down.
  4. Not sure if I want to keep the truck or just toss in some blue devil and sell it. If I decided to keep it any recommendations for heads I should switch to. I was reading If I switching to a 243 the truck would be a dog in low rpm. Did you notice a power difference at all
  5. if its bad is it worth it to replace just the one head. or should i do both and switch to a different head. if it wantsnt 11:30 at night i would go look now
  6. I just bough a used truck from auction and it blows a small bit of white some so i did a compression test and cylinder 2,4,6,8 were at 180 and cylinder 1-160, 3-165, 4-165, 7-180 . My question is do yall think it could be the head gasket or a cracked head. The heads are 862 casting with 142k on motor
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