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Found 18 results

  1. Hello first post. I have a 2015 suburban with horrible FM reception. I have replaced the Radio, HMI and antenna booster. no change. I'm hoping to find out if anyone has had this problem and was able to repair. My next attempt will be to use an aftermarket FM window antenna to replace the OEM in glass antenna. Could there be another module causing maybe the control bezel?
  2. I started off with a search but most were for GMT800s. Just yesterday my 2009 Silverado 5.3 started throwing P0300 codes. The only real change that's happened recently is it's gotten quite hot out compared to when I got it over the spring. It's always had a bit of a stumble at idle, but nothing serious. I noticed today going up a steep incline under load on the highway, the MIL was flashing. Seems like there's a lot of potential answers for this code as well: Bad spark plugs Bad ignition coils Fuel delivery problems collapsed lifters Crank Variation Relearn. I was wondering if there's a better way to narrow this down without simply throwing parts at it or bringing it to the shop. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I'm considering making solid motor mounts for my 2008 Sierra Denali. Its supercharged and pushing around 700hp to the flywheel. Stock hydraulic motor mounts can not handle the torque. Is there any interest in purchasing a set? I can run a large batch if there's an interest.....
  4. i am new to this forum so apologies if i am asking something "dumb" i am looking to buy a used gmt900 body style silverado. money is currently an issue and in order to afford the truck i want/need, i must buy one with high miles on it. i am skeptical about how many is too many. i understand it is more about how the previous owner treated the truck than how many miles. i am looking at 07-11 z71 4x4 crew cab with over 130k on them. is there any model year i should seek out or any i should stay away from within these years? i have read about checking transfer case and such when looking at trucks w high mileage but what other things do i need to pay special attention to? i plan on having my mechanic thoroughly check before buying. what expenses should i be prepared to pay at this mileage? i will use the truck as a daily driver ~50 miles roundtrip everyday but i am an avid hunter and will use to go down beaten up farm roads during duck and deer season as well as pull boat/atv/4 wheeler/etc. also, this is a truck i plan on working on myself and learning about to save money. are these model years generally user friendly for most repairs? i know these questions all have many different answers and many different opinions, but based on your knowledge, what do you think i should do? any suggestions or comments or recommendations are greatly appreciated. thank yall!!!
  5. Josh and I had a chance to go out and do some back to back to back comparison driving between Project Sierra and a 2011 Ford F-150, equipped with a 5.0L V8. Both vehicles were 2011 models, extended cabs, and featured the "mid-level" V8 engine offered. All in all, a good matchup between the two. We're working on writing up "comparison" article in the next few days. In the meantime, here's our general thoughts. Styling: Sierra is clear winner Chassis: Ford seems tighter but rides MUCH rougher. Tie Powertrain: Ford wins here, no debate. the 5.0L is an amazing engine Interior: GMC wins this round by far. GM's interior are more comfortable and softer. So, what do you think? F-150 vs Silverado/Sierra is a tougher comparison than most imagine.
  6. Hello. I need help with something, I had an accident in my 2010 Chevrolet Silverado LT, both frontal airbags deployed, I know I have to replace them both but I wanted to know if I should buy another part so I won't see the airbag service light on my dashboard. Thank you for your help in advance.
  7. New Guy From Maine Here!

    Hey all! Im a newb from Maine. Maine, where the trucks are all Silverados and they rot like a tuna can! I drive a 09 Silverado WT Ext Cab with a few extra nice things that made he happy to buy it new. It has a in dash brake boost for towing, power locks, floor shifter (duh...wt) rubber floors ( i wanted them, bad) factory dark tinted glass, Victory red, HD towing and such, and a yummy 5.3L. It does what I need it too, and it being bright red goes with me well as my salesman put it, Im a Vollie firefighter and this would be my POV for calls and to the station. From the time I bought it, I started to change things here and there, careful not to drill any holes in the truck, and keep it as factory looking as possible. Which included my able 1 sho-me LED light bar mounted with double side velcro to the dash. I have a Dewalt headache rack with a delta deep well tool box, and a set of 4 foot cb whips. I put down a rubber bed mat, and made a cargo organizer for the bed near the tailgate. From the start i had trouble with the garbage P tires GM puts on from the factory. A hole here, a leak there, until all but 1 tire had a slow leak in it, not please. So i went down to Town Fair tire and got a rim and tire combo with some 285LT tires and im far happier now. With that said, before I could install it, i put on a rough country levaling kit in the front. First side took over a hour, the other about 10 minutes. (I learn fast I guess, haha) Then the troubles set in. First I had a TPS go, dealer changed it. Then I had my brake light switch go, causing a whole mess of electracal BS to happen, changed that myself. And the best parts of all, with less than 55k on the clock my middle leaf spring broke. I promptly took it to the dealer, and they informed me it wasnt covered under the bumper to bumper. I said, OK, but its a lemon part. There is no excuse for it to brake with so few miles, and Ive had a trailer behind it twice. They still refused and GM, from the good of their heart, offerd me 100 dollars toward it. I told em to shove it. I got a letter just the other week, stating it may break. Excited I went back to the dealer, said I tried to get this taken care of years ago (Yes, It was still being driven with the broken leaf. Im low income at the momment, it was pay for the truck, or fix it and loose it. I still have it so you know what route I went.) So i said here, now fix it. They call GM, GM STILL REFUSED to pay for it all, this time giving me 200 dollars, and the dealer tossed in 100. Guys, this is my 3rd GM from this dealer. And from my parents, brother, and me we have purchased 15 or so GMs from this dealer over the years. I was a GM Loyal customer to the dealer, and they wouldn't eat the spring and do the work for free. I told them to shove it yet again, and went to get the truck fixed myself. So now its fixed, sorta. It has a older model chev spring slapped in between the two meaty ones (Its thinner, mine has the 3 leaf pack) and its still sitting a little low on the driver side, but I have a inspection sticker and 3 leafs again. I plan to get it fixed properly down the road, and maybe change both sides to the 5 leaf pack. And of note, my brakes in the front need changing. I have 78K on the truck. Im so confused. I bought a brand new truck so I could avoid all these problems, and here I am fighting them still. But have hope I shall. And I will be stubborn and prevail all these problems. Because I love my Chevy, it looks good, rides nice, and Its the first brand new anything I bought from a dealer all by myself. (Yea, I was 20 when I bought it, I was very excited) TL;DR Version: 26 year old Fireman from Maine who bought a 09 Silverado thats been giving him hell but he refuses to give up on the thing. And so far, wont give up on the brand, at least yet.
  8. Cleaning out the garage and have some parts left over from my previously owned 2008 Sierra and 2010 Avalanche. All prices are shipped...paypal preferred. GMT900 DL3 Mirrors, heated, power fold, turn signals, black textured caps. Includes "programmed" driver side switch and new bezel. Mirrors are in great shape and were fully functional when removed from the truck. $250 shipped. GM Accessories GMT900 Avalanche/Tahoe/Suburban molded carpet floor mats, front pair, ebony, with bowtie emblem. These were only used for one summer and are in excellent condition. $50 shipped. WeatherTech rear floor liner, black, fits 2007+ Avalanche. $40 shipped. OEM Avalanche bowtie emblems, front and rear, in used condition. Front emblem will also fit Tahoe and Suburban. $30 shipped. Empire Billet front bowtie emblem, black, fits Avalanche/Tahoe/Suburban, lightly used, only on truck for a week or so. $25 shipped. GMT900 pickup tailgate cap, HD-style, smoothed and painted Fire Red/Victory Red, new, never installed. $50 shipped.
  9. FS:GMT900 parts

    everything here is off a 2013 silverado ruby red metallic crew cab with only 6,000 miles for pick up only items i live in joliet IL 1. oem tonneau cover asking 800 OBO pick up only 2. center console 400 OBO pick up only 3. ruby red metallic door handles and mirror caps 120 OBO plus shipping 4. oem running boards 500 OBO pick up only 5. oem black mud flaps 60 OBO plus shipping 6. bed rug 300 OBO pick up only if you have any question about anything just ask only have pics of some of the item if you want to see something else just let me know
  10. FS: GMT900 DVD Headrest OEM

    have a used set of oem dvd headrest for sale black leather they are in new condition asking 850 obo plus shipping
  11. for what I would like to call the final change for a long time, I just ordered the split rear exhaust. after exhaustive research (keep it stock, muffler swap, borla, corsa etc) i decided to pull the trigger and just buy the damn thing. although i do love the stock sound, i have never been a fan of the blah appearance out the back. if people are interested, i will post a sound bite, after i get it installed. that was the most frustrating thing, was finding a similar truck setup with a nice video. the only one i found was a 15 second at idle or if they had a 6.2, they had cams, headers etc, so it wasn't good for my purposes!!,
  12. I have been following and seen how in-demand these consoles are. But I recently purchased an 2012 Silverado with the 3 cup holder jump seat because it was a deal I just could not pass up. So I am looking for an ebony black LT2 center console to trade for the jump seat or to buy for a reasonable price. Thanks!
  13. This article was an eye opener for me. I always thought that pickup trucks were one of the safest vehicles; for the most part they are unless you roll it and the roof is not strong enough to withstand the weight of the truck. Note, that only 1500 crew cab pickups were tested. HD's are feared to fair worse in this test due to their increased wieght. I have to commend Ford for being the only automaker that scored the best rating "Good". http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2013/09/iihs-rollover-test-and-pickup-safety.html I would think that the new 2014 K2XX would fair better due to the use of more ultra and high strength steel in the cab structure. We can hope....
  14. I have a Duraliner drop-in bedliner for a GMT900 with 6.5' bed. It is in OK condition with a couple of small holes worn in it. FREE to anyone who wants it. I am located in the Twin Cities metro. Local pickup only. This will fit any Regular or Extended cab with a 6' 6" bed. I know it will fit GMT900 but it may also fit others.
  15. I have a 2008 NBS crewcab 5.3 4x4 with digital dual climate control. I recently started having trouble with my ac not working right. Didn't think much of it at first as it was almost like a voltage type issue with the fan blower slowing slightly on occasion under different engine loads. Started getting worse, with a lot of sporadic panting, and now very seldom works correctly, sometimes even not at all. Does not matter if its on auto or manual. Seems like right when you start the truck it works strong and correctly for about 3-4 minutes, then it goes to panting and quits. If I turn it to manual and hit the max fan button it will come back on but not always the strongest level. Levels below 4 seem to pretty much turn the fan off. There is an odd light clicking/clunking that I get back in the dash, could just be an actuator motor. Sometime it sounds like a motor that is getting ticked on and off sometimes too. I did install a new radio a month ago, AC seemed to work fine directly after. I know some of the older silverados could get messed up with the harnesses that you used on them. I have installed a new blower control module (resistor). This did not fix it. I know there are at least a couple fairly cheap sensors that are involved, but I am leaning toward it being the actual head control in the dash. What do you guys think? Watch this video, and turn it up. Any help is appreciated. [media=560x315]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BGymxNl9y2w[/media]
  16. Just finished installing my dual exhaust kit from truckexhaustkits.com. I went with a Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow muffler, 2.5" mandrel bent pipes, and 3" rolled edge stainless tips straight out the back. It sounds frickin sweet!!! I'm glad I went with the 50 Series. I had contemplated going with the 40 but after hearing this one I am so glad I didn't. The 50 Series is moderately loud but it won't wake the neighbors which is what I was going for. As for truckexhaustkits.com...I'm not sure I would go with them again. The kit was not very user friendly to install. I am an ASE Certified Mater Technician and it took me 3.5 hrs to install. The kit came with no instructions at all. I think they need to give some more thought to the hangers. The kit comes with 4 "universal" hangers. However I could not find anywhere to put the last 2. I got 1 on each pipe way at the back but there was nowhere to even come close to mounting the other 2 that were supplied. I will have to crawl back under there this weekend and see if I can find a good spot for them. I realize they are trying to make 1 kit fit as many applications as possible but I think it would do them well to offer more specific kits. (or at least instructions that give recommended hanger locations for a specific vehicle) Overall I am happy with how it looks and sounds but next time I may go a different route.
  17. Up for sale is a pair of front EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads for your GM Trucks. Originally purchased for 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche but decided to sell truck and am parting stuff individually. Fronts are DP71742 7000 series - http://www.ebcbrakes...pads_7000.shtml These brake pads are literally BRAND NEW and never installed. As you can imagine, the rest of the hardware is green and would not go with my black on black setup. So i painted the backings of these sets black to cover the green. High heat caliper paint was used. This is why I couldn't return and am stuck with them. My loss your gain... Paid around $120 for them. Asking $100 shipped. PM me or email me at airomero83 at gmail.com for more info...really want to get rid of these so make reasonable offer. ...picture below includes Rears as well but they have been sold ...
  18. 2007 Chevy Silverado - LTZ

    Hey everyone, selling my 2007 Silverado. The pictures speak for themselves. Has been cared for very well! Let me know if there is anything I can tell you about the truck. I am located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, asking $23,900. PICTURES: http://littlerock.craigslist.org/cto/3385138769.html I will attach some pictures here as well, but for the moment I am too dumb to figure that out. Thank you for looking!

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