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  1. MZS-C2-3 Had these before I received the truck and ended up going a different route. They are brand new in the box with all included hardware, brake lines etc. Currently these are not available from Mazzulla at the time, they were priced at $1599.00 Looking for $1,100 OBO CAD designed and engineered Manufactured in the USA 2" Solid machined hub mounting blocks High strength fabricated construction MIG and TIG welded Provide 3.5" of lift and ground clearance Includes steel braided brake lines Powdercoated finish For use with cast steel control arms only For use on 2wd trucks only Maximum wheel backspacing is 5"
  2. 2016+ Silverado Mazzulla Offroad front tube bumper. Powder coated textured black. Removed to change the look up the truck, nothing wrong cosmetically or fitment wise only installed for a month or two. Designed to be used with skid plate system as seen in photos. Retail was $299.00 + Powder Coat Asking $225+ Shipping
  3. All brands are going to be within the same price point. Icon sells their kits in stages, more or less as recommendations of parts they would feel would be required as you go up in stages. This also makes it a lot easier deciding or figuring out what parts are needed to achieve what you're after. Fox & King shocks are progressively valved, being their background is offroad racing. Progressive valving is desgined for bigger, higher speed hits. Icon shocks are digressively valved, being a much more suitable application for any daily driven vehicle. Offroad, the performance will be the same as Fox or King. As far as brand reputably Icon as been around for the last 18+ years, all of their parts and manufactured and produced in Southern California. One of the biggest things I like about Icon, is with every vehicle they produce parts for they have tested the limits of the factory suspension in various situations and from that information their engineers find the means of improving.
  4. Depending on the lift height you set the coilovers at UCA's may not be required. One of the main benefits you're getting out of replacing the UCA's is getting rid of the ball joint that was not designed to be used at that angle. When at full extension you will hear/feel the ball joint bottoming out as well. The Billet UCA's are going to give you more adjustment on the frame side, but that is not necessarily needed within 0-3.5" lifts. It's mainly going to be an appearance thing for your application.
  5. I'm confused how your comment has anything to do with him complementing his new upgrades ? If he likes the ride quality where did you feel the need to comment how to negatively change that ?
  6. There is another option to the Uniball that Icon vehicle dynamics has came out with, eliminates the noise associated with uniball's and has longer maintenance intervals. Like a uniball this provides more articulation vs a Ball joint http://www.iconvehicledynamics.com/deltajoint/
  7. This is the only "issue" I see with running the spacer ontop of the Bilsteins. You will be making the shock to long for the application, and also like stated above cause CV angle issues
  8. Typically, a non adjustable coilover will be valved in the "middle" - with an adjuster you have the option to soften, or firm up the shock depending on driving conditions.
  9. Not sure if you would be able to source a replacement ball joint since it is serviced with the entire lower arm. 2nd thing being is the cost to pay someone's labor to do this would probably be a wash, not to mention you're also getting new bushings at the frame side as well.
  10. I love the Deavers but they are designed for ride performance. I removed the hitch so don't tow anything, but yesterday I had about about 650LBS in the bed with minimal squat in the rear. Adding weight definitely softens up the pack a lot so I did adjust the shocks firmer to compensate for that
  11. King 2.5/3.0 and Fox reservoir coilovers both have to be adjusted off of the vehicle
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