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  1. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    Thank you ! Yes I do
  2. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    Pre-Drilled holes for Power Tank mount and full size floor jack mount in between the two spare tires.
  3. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    Picked the truck up from Inyati Bedliners
  4. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    New updates- Will be getting the spare tire/bed organization handled. This will be a production item built by SDHQ Offroad, the design will be very similar to their other chase racks currently available for other platforms. It will give me room to mount two spare tires, a floor jack, additional fuel etc. One of the best parts is it's entirely bolt in !
  5. SDHQ in Gilbert is an authorized Icon shock service center

    With 4:56 gears and 295/70/17 tires I average 17.5MPG city and hwy combined, I could definitely get better but that seems to be my happy medium of still enjoying the truck and maintaining decent fuel millage. That being said, around town the added power back I can easily get 10-13 MPG if I don't stay out of it.
  7. Thank you ! Icon RR Coilovers w/CDC, CST 3.5" spindles, Icon 2.5" rear shocks w/cdc, Mazzulla Shackle/hanger with Deaver U182 Springs, SDHQ A pillar Mounts with Baja Designs XL80 lights, SDHQ Aluminum Skid Plate with Mazzulla front tube bumper & Rear plate bumper
  8. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    Thank you really appreciate it ! Currently these are 295/70R17 (34x11.9)
  9. If you're looking to accomplish all of those points I would really recommend going to a larger diameter shock in the correct length rather than shock extenders to get you back in the "ride zone" of how the shocks were designed
  10. BigRed811 - 2018 Silverado Build

    For 2wd it did awesome in the snow. I love this truck
  11. DECKED Truck bed storage box

    Brand new DECKED Storage system in the box. Purchased and never used, and now the new truck has a different bed length.... I've personally used these in friends trucks and they work awesome. Just unfortunately won't work for my application. This is the info straight from their website: https://decked.com/ This DECKED system fits a Chevrolet Silverado 1500 pickup truck manufactured from 2007 to 2018 with a 6'6" bed length. It also fits the 2019 Classic (older body style) Silverado 1500 with a 6'6" bed OR This DECKED system fits a GMC Sierra 1500 pickup truck manufactured from 2007 to 2018 with a 6'6" bed length. It also fits the 2019 (Classic body style) Sierra 1500 with a 6'6" bed. https://decked.com/products/decked-chevy-silverado-1500?variant=13513126019138 2,000 LB Payload 200 LB Payload per drawer

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