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  1. Removed the black plastic front spoiler below the bumper. Definitely happy with it. Shows the height off better and front wheels. Haven’t noticed any change in mpg.
  2. Just installed two LED Pod lights in my Silverado. They are Spot/flood lights and are wired to the reverse lights. 1- pulled out both tail light assemblies to access the reverse bulb and socket. There are three wires for the reverse bulb socket (green, black, black). Use the outer most wires (green is the positive and the outer black is the negative). 2- I welded two angle iron pieces of steel, with a hole for the pod light bolt to attach to, on the left and right of the tow hitch assembly (square tubing). Then spray painted it flat black as it was originally painted. 3- I rain Red/Black 12gauge wires down from the tail housings over to each pod light. The left pod light is wired to the left reverse tail light and the right pod light is wired to the right reverse light. There are many other ways to bring power down to the led pod lights but this was the way I chose for my set up. 4- On the reverse tail light socket strip the wires mentioned previously about 1-2 inches down from the socket itself. Strip away about a half inch or less of wire. Then solder the wires going down to the the pod light to the wires that you just stripped from the reverse socket (green to red) and (black to black). Do this for the left and right reverse light sockets. 5- then pull your wires through the back of the tail light house and through the bumper bracing over to where the pod light will be mounted. 6- leave about 6-12 inches of wire and cut the excess. 7- strip and solder the wire to the led pod light wires (red to red) and (black to black). 8- make sure your positive and negative wires are separated and try them out by simply clicking the unlock button on your key fob. The taillights and reverse lights will flash and come on and your led pod lights will come on as well. This will work whenever you unlock your truck and exit the vehicle at night and also when the truck is in reverse. Attached is pictures of the look and reverse bulb wiring that you will see.
  3. Yea the front valance piece too about 15 to 20 minutes to remove and just wire ties a wiring harness up since I had removed a bracket that it was originally tied too. Was simple.
  4. I hear ya. I spent about a hour and a half on this start to finish amd was free. Just depends on the look you want I reckon. I popped the whole air dam out amd then used a sawsall, a cutting wheel, metal shears, and a palm sander to smooth everything out. Was roughly 6-8inches of plastic taken away.
  5. Here's my 2017 Silverado LT Z71 4x4 crew cab. 4" suspension lift. 22 x 9 wheels with 35 x 12.5 x 22 Toyo Open Country M/T tires. Front windows tinted to match rear tint. Black Bowtie Emblems. K&N Cold Air Intake. Removed fromt spoiler and cut out chrome
  6. There was a support bracket from the frame to the bottom of the black plastic spoiler that had to be removed. The chome piece after I cut away the black plastic went right back as it came off woth clips amd screws holding it. It is only about 5 inches and sturdy as is.
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