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  1. Sorry, don’t know how I missed this response. I’ll grab my vin when I get home today. I’d like to bring this thread back, as I finally got around to ordering the inserts yesterday. My question for you is (excuse my lack of knowledge here) if it’s the leaf spring inserts, why does the creaking sound persist when I suppress the brake, even when in park and on a flat surface like my driveway?
  2. Yeah I’m definitely with you there. Everything really is a guessing game. Ive got the same readylift block and I dont think I got the full 2.25” either. I’ve also heard of people with bilsteins on the top level that “should” get 1.77” getting closer to 2”. I think 41-42” is the sweet spot to fit 33x12.50 without rubbing.
  3. Love that anniversary blue! It's funny how these trucks work. The 3rd bilstein setting states "average lift" 1.26, so logic would say, I'm technically 2.26" front. We also have the same 2.25" block in the rear. Your's should technically be close to .5" taller than mine in the front, and the same height in the rear, yet mine sits roughly 1" higher all around. Maybe I got more out of my 5100 than advertised? Maybe slightly different components from the factory? Who knows. Virtually unnoticeable difference, but still interesting haha.
  4. Hey All - I'll start by saying I've combed through hundreds of threads about level/small lift kits. I've seen random posts of people asking for fender measurements, but haven't come across a thread really dedicated to it. Hoping I could start this one up and people could chime in with their setup (i.e. tires/lift size), including pictures AND fender height measurements. I'll start with my current setup: 2016 Silverado z71 short box Front - Bilstein 5100 set on 3rd notch w/ 1" top spacer Rear - Bilstein 5100 w/ stock 1.25" block replaced with readylift 2.25" 33x12.50r20 w/factory wheels + Bora 1.75" wheel spacers (slight fender liner rub at full turn) Fender measurements are 39.75" front/ 40.75 rear I'm planning on moving to the superlift 3.5" kit, so I can utilize the new moog UCAs and diff drop and keep my bilsteins.
  5. I'm sure you probably already got this figured out since this thread is like 9 months old, but figured I'd add my experience. I'm running 33x12.50r20 w/ the same stock wheels as you. It rubbed pretty bad on the UCA so I added 1.75" bora wheels spacers. It now rubs the fender liner slightly at full lock, but nothing crazy. No more rub on the UCA though.
  6. Thanks again for all the info - Like you said in a previous post, it is really worth the $570 for the kit just to get the UCAs and diff drop. Based on what I've seen (you mentioned this as well), it looks like this kit provides around 3" of lift. I'm thinking that if I run this kit with the spacer and my 5100 set at 0", it may actually improve my ride quality over my current setup of 1.25" spacer + 3rd notch @ 1.26". Plus it would give me another half inch or so in lift. I'm sure this is a shot int he dark, but do you happen to have any fender height measurements from either one of the mentioned lifts?
  7. Dude You aren't lying. That thing looks absolutely perfect! Just the right amount of lift. Just a couple follow on question if you don't mind. - Assuming the second setup with the eibach's and no spacer was an overall better ride? Any negatives with the first lift (full superlift w/spacer) that I should be aware of if i went that route? Looks like it sits right at level, is that true? I'd definitely prefer a slight rake to being nose high at all. Any rubbing with the 295/60? Thanks again for the info!
  8. I know this is a pretty old thread, so hoping you see this. Pretty much planning on doing your exact same setup. I'm leveled 2.5 inches now, with bilsteins front and rear. If i get the kit, i'll also be selling the superlift shocks, as I already have 5100s. I'd pretty much be buying the kit for the UCAs and diff drop, but the extra inch is just fine with me lol. Might even set my front bilstiens at the first notch to net around 4.25". who knows.... Anyways - assuming you still have the truck, how is the lift holding up? Any issues? Ride quality better than stock?
  9. Thank you! Yeah Your angles look a little better than mine lol, and that’s Wild you got 1.85” out of the 3rd notch. That’s what I’m on and it only got me around 1.25”. When you say ball joints look stressed, I assume you’re referring to the UCAs? I guess my goal is to keep from premature wear, while getting slightly better ride. Aftermarket UCA should help with both of those things I assume? appreciate the input!
  10. Here are some pics of My truck and the angles. Yes, truck was aligned by the off-road shop that installed my 5100 and spacer and truck seems to ride straight as an arrow. tires are 33x12.50r20 toyo MT, load range E, at 40 psi. They did rub the UCA at full lock when I got them put on, but I shortly after added 1.75” bora wheel spacers all around.
  11. Hey all - wondering if anyone has any experience with the differential drop kits for these trucks. I’ve currently got bilstein 5100 set in the middle (1.25”) with a top 1.25” spacer, totaling 2.5”. Ride is “fine”, but wondering if the billet diff drop kit sold by superlift (or alike) may help increase the ride quality by getting the CV angles closer to stock. Also, Im running stock UCAs, So would I need to couple the diff drop with new UCAs? Not trying to gain any height because I love how it sits, just trying to improve ride quality. thanks!
  12. Awesome, thank you. I'm going to order the parts and have my preferred shop that I take all my cars to do it. Hoping that it's covered under my B2B warranty, especially since there is a service bulletin about it. I'll pass this information on to my shop and I'll shoot you a PM if they think there will be any issues. Good stuff, and appreciated!!
  13. I appreciate the info! I googled and looked on Amazon and Dorman's site, but can't seem to have anything that will fit my truck. Do you happen to know the part number? order directly from GM? Assuming I need a total of (2) inserts?
  14. Hey All - For some time now, I've had a braking noise coming from the rear of my 2016 Silverado. Tried to pinpoint, and it sounds like it's coming from the axle/leaf spring area, but can't tell if it's the perch, the actual leaf springs, or parking brake cable tensioning something involved on the rear axle. This noise is NOT a squeak/squeal like you would hear driving on worn pads, etc - its more a creaking sound similar to that of stepping on a loose floor board. I notice it at lower speeds, however it also happens when I suppress the break while the truck is in park. The sound is consistent through the full brake suppression to the floor. Anyone seen this issue? Any ideas? (I'll see if I can get a video of the noise later today, however it might be tough to hear since I have exhaust)
  15. Subbing for updates. I've got a 2016 with the same issue. Pretty gnarly howling sound at anything above 35mph. I I've got mud tires and exhaust and can still hear it over that, especially when cruising @ 70 or so.
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