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  1. I currently have a mbrp exhaust and a k&n cold air installed just wondering what peoples opinion on throttle body spacers are and what other performance parts people recommend thanks. 0
  2. Just wondering how much rubbing there is with 275/70r/18 with a 2.5" level on the front.
  3. Just looking to put a cold air intake on my truck, curious of whats the best brand out there.
  4. Just wondering if theres much rubbing with 33s that are 11.5 wide.
  5. I'm just wondering if theres much rubbing on 33s with a 2.25 level kit and offset rims
  6. Anyone got any pictures or suggestions on what to put on my truck. I'm in between a 6.5" lift and 35s or 4" lift and 33s
  7. 2016 silverado with 35s

    Do you have spacers on? And are the wheel wells the same on a 2015 and 2016
  8. 2016 silverado with 35s

    They would be 20x10 wheels and 35" k02s
  9. Just looking to see what's the best way to fit 35s on my truck, its stock right now looking to upgrade

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