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  1. AC Issues with 2014 Silverado

    I ordered my condenser at Napa and had it the next day
  2. AC Issues with 2014 Silverado

    That would be the high pressure line for Freon, you can take the cap off and depress the needle inside and if it sprays then it’s likely your compressor, if It doesn’t spray high pressure then it’s most likely a leak in your condenser. My condenser was leaking at the line where it goes into the condenser, you could see it with a flashlight by looking through the grille.
  3. AC Issues with 2014 Silverado

    Very common, go check your high pressure line for pressure, if it doesn’t have pressure it’s likely a condenser ! I just replaced mine and cost $100 and $50 for it to be recharged but I installed the condenser myself. Not a hard job, had it done in an hour
  4. Buzzing noise coming from under truck

    The weird thing is I only notice it after I’ve been driving for a while and truck is up to temp, hopefully it’s something simple. I’m hoping it’s not in the trans or anything to do with oil/trans pump
  5. Buzzing noise coming from under truck

    Not sure man I’ve been under it and it sounds like it’s somewhere in the bell housing ...it almost sounds like a small gear grinding
  6. Not my video but exactly what I’m experiencing ! Odd buzzing noise coming from under the truck on drivers side, mostly noticeable at low speed or pulling up the driveway into my garage !
  7. Leveled 2016 silverado with 33s

    You’ll be fine, I ran 33/12.5 on a 20x10 -24 offset with no rub, I’m running a nitto ridge grapplers now 305/55 and has to trim just a tad to keep from rubbing
  8. Air conditioner failure

    Dealer quoted me the same !! I ordered one from Napa $100 and replaced it myself in about 2 hours and had it recharged for $60. Do not let the dealer charge you $1200 for something so simple they are worthless
  9. 15 AC not working

    Go and take a screwdriver or something and depress the needle in the fill to see if there is any Freon in it, I just had to replace the condenser in mine
  10. Crappy radio reception

    I am always listening to pandora anyway but some local radio would be a nice option lol
  11. Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks these factory radios are trash ! Mine is always searching for hd signal and static non stop
  12. Any Lifted Trucks w/ Shifting Issues

    I’ve just learned to deal with it until it just completely falls out ! These transmissions are junk if your looking for a smooth consistent ride from what I’ve noticed in my own truck.
  13. 2014 crew cab at the dragstrip

    No man they shut that track down a year or so ago, this was Knoxville dragway out in maynardville
  14. What offest will work with my tires?

    20x10 -24 would look good , anything with more offset and you are gonna end up having to cut on the truck
  15. Took the 2014 4x4 crew cab Silverado leveled on 33s to the 1/8th mike strip last night with just intake and exhaust running on e85 and ran 9.5 consistent ..slow I know but it’s faster than the 13 single cab rt ram 2wd !!!

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